Walkthrough for Baldur's Gate 3 (BG 3) features a comprehensive guide that focuses on helping players get past all the locations and areas, as well as guides on enemies, bosses, NPCs, and items that are encountered in the game. This page will mainly focus on providing a detailed walkthrough for the main campaign or story of Baldur's Gate 3. For guides on quests, click Here, if you want to check an overview for a recommended progress path, you may visit our Game Progress Route page.

Is BG3 a sequel of Baldur's Gate 1 and 2?

Yes. The story takes place 100 years after the events in Baldur’s Gate 2 and shortly after the events of Descent into Avernus (a 5e Tabletop campaign.) 

How is the BG3 storyline linked to D&D?

Baldur's Gate 3 takes place right after the events of Descent into Avernus. The holy city of Elturel disappeared from the Forgotten Realms and descended into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. In our canon, it was saved by a party of heroes. The game is based on the 5th edition ruleset of D&D and was created closely together with Wizards of the Coast.


Understanding the Opening Cinematic

When you first begin Baldur's Gate 3, you will be treated to an intense cinematic depicting a Mindflayer and its ship, and their assault on the city. You will then see a group of Dragon Riders teleport into this space to attack the ship, which triggers a chase scene across realms. Those new to D&D lore will be confused by the events, so this is an "executive summary" of the key points you must understand:

1) Mindflayers "reproduce" by infecting other races with "tadpoles" - after a certain time the creature will take control of the host and convert it into a Mindflayer. They are also known for their great psionic power that allows them to control and enslave other creatures - whose brains they consume.

2) The "Dragon Riders" that appear are the Githyanki, a tribe within a race that used to be enslaved by the Mindflayers. After successfully emancipating themselves from the Mindflayer mind control, they set up in the "Astral Plane" and created a pact with deity Tiamat that a small group of Red Dragons would be their mounts. The Githyanki despise and wish to annihilate all Mind Flayers.


Baldur's Gate 3 Walkthrough

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Act 1 Walkthrough


Escape the Nautiloid

  1. Find a Way off the Nautiloid
  2. Reach the Helm
  3. Connect the Nerves of the Transponder

You will begin the game after escaping your pod during the commotion. Check the other Mind Flayer Pod and you realize that you are not the only survivor. (Pass the intelligence check 10 and you will find Nursery is very unstable, keep touching it will create an explosion.) On the second level, there are several cartilaginous chests that contain some Potions and other misc. items.

When you explore this region, you can use jump Action to cross gaps and fires to loot bodies on the other side. If you caught fire and need healing, interact with the Restoration to regain your health. (Remember, falls may cause damage to your character's health. You can use the Alt button to highlight surrounding objects.)

Moving forward, in the next room, you find more potions and scrolls on dead imps. Use Jump to reach high ground, there's a victim named Myrnath you can interact with. You can choose to free the Intellect Devourer, destroy it, or leave it be. (You need to pass a skill check in order to further investigate, break the skull, or prise the brain out of the skull. A D20 die will be cast when you perform a skill check, if the result is higher than the target, the check is successful.) You can use Strength, Dexterity, or Medicine (10) (if you succeed in the investigation) to help the intellect devourer get free.

If you passed a dexterity check of 15, you can cripple the intellect devourer without been noticed. 

The newborn intellect devourer can provide you some information about the situation, you are now trapped in Avernus, the first level of nine hells. Allow it to accompany you so you can have some help with this adventure. Without it, the coming battles will be much harder to deal with.

Keep venturing forth, use the Jump action to cross the gaps. You will meet Lae'zel on your way to the helm.  She is a female Githyanki Fighter and one of the potential Companions, join her to fight the imps in front.

Baldur's Gate 3 features a turn-based combat system, meaning you have to plan carefully at each encounter. (See Combat for more information)

This time, you need to face 3 imps. Try luring them out and take them one by one, and use the Intellect Devourer as the tank. Don't let your character been surrounded by these fiends or you may not have the chance to heal. If you are a mage, use familiar to help you in combat. Unlike BG1&2, the death of your familiar won't cause permanent decrease of Health. (Be careful, Imps move fast and has ranged attacks.)

Loot the items and heal yourself using the Restoration, then move forward to the deck.

The Dragons' attack and the fights between imps and thralls have lefts tons of bodies on deck, you can loot golds, potions, scrolls, and all sorts of items on them. Some of the thralls here are still alive and they are beyond saving. (Attacking the thralls will provoke the intellect devourers, and the thralls only worth 1 exp.)

On the upper deck, you defeat 2 imps and more thralls. once you are done looting, use the entrance on the opposite of the enthralled student to the interior.

Shadowheart, a Shar priest and a potential Companion, is in one of the Mind Flayer Pod in a chamber. Dispel the rune won't work, press wrong buttons on the nearby control panel will release thralls that attack you. Unfortunately, killing them only grants you 1 exp, so no use for farming.  (If you tried to free her, she will thank you later at Ravaged Beach)

In the next chamber, interact with the control panel will transform the woman inside the Mind Flayer Pod into a Mind Flayer, luckily it is trapped inside the pod and cant attack you. You can find a key on a dead body here, use it to open the elaborate chest.

Inside the helm, you will see the mind flayers fighting devils. Fight your way through the helm, you can focus on the imps and ignore Commander Zhalk, the later will focus on the mind flayer only. Once you reach the other side of the helm, more imps will appear. Once you clear the imps and connect the transponder, the Nautiloid will leave the Avernus.

(Note: Though very hard, but it is possible to kill the Commander Zhalk and the mind flayer at the helm. You need to collect all explosive objects on the Nautiloid, place them around the two, then ignite. May take several save/loads.)


Chapter One

Removing the Parasite

  1.  Find a Way to Remove the Mind Flayer Parasite


Explore the Ruins

  1. Find a Way into the Ruins
  2. Investigate the Ruins


After escaping from Avernus, you find yourself on a Ravaged Beach. Loot the bodies nearby and head your way north, you will find Shadowheart at the gate of an ancient ruin. Let her join your team to fight the Intellect Devourer nearby. (Shadowheat is a Shar Priest, as a half-elf she has Dark Vision, allowing her to see more clearly in dark places.) If you are a Rogue, you can lockpick the door to that ruin right now, but it's unwise to enter it before explore the surrounding areas first. 

There are 3 intellect devourers at the crashing site, let Shadowheart Cast Shield of Faith on herself, and focus on one enemy at a time. After the battle, search the bodies for gold and other items. If you are hurt or run out of spells, take a short rest to restore health. (You can find a thief's tool in a wooden crate at the southwest of the crashing site. Use it to lockpick locked chests.)

On the west side of the crashing site, a Rogue named Astarion called for your help. But what he really plans to do is to ambush you from behind. If you succeed in a perception check you can dodge the ambush, or use a Strength check to break free. Whatever you do, in the end the tadpoles will connect your mind and Astarion agrees to join the team.

ravaged beach bg3 wiki guide min

(On the west side of the Nautiloid wreckage, you can use Jump to reach this cave area. If you pass a perception check you will discover a Scuffed Rock, move it to reveal a hidden chest.)

Deep inside the Nautiloid wreckage, there's a wounded mind flayer and three enthralled fishermen trying to help it. You can persuade them that they are being controlled, otherwise, you will have to fight them, or kill the wounded mind flayer. If you have Astarion in the team, you will need to pass additional checks to shake off the mind flayer influence.

Approaching the wounded mind flayer is extremely dangerous, for it will try to mind control of your character. You must pass multiple wisdom and intelligence checks to avoid it. If any of these checks failed, it will kill the one approached it, regain some Health, and fight the rest of the team.  If you want to save the trouble, just kill it when fighting the fishermen.

After you deal with the wounded mind flayer, to the east, there is Roadside Cliff's waypoint and Gale is waiting for you there. He is a Wizard from Waterdeep and a potential companion. Not far north, Lae'zel is trapped in a cage by two Tieflings. Use Deception or Persuasion to let the Tieflings put down Lae'zel's cage, if you side with Lae'zel and kill the Tieflings, she will join your team. (Shadowheart will disapprove of traveling with a Githyanki. Also note that you can only have 4 members in a team, the rest of the companions can wait at the Camp.)

When you reach the Chapel entrance, there are two bandits arguing about the crashed ship. Successful persuasion or deception can avoid a fight with them. You can then use deception or performances to trick the bandit inside the ruin to open the door for you. Or shoot the hanging rock, open a crack on the ground, and jump in.

explore the ruins bg3 wiki guide
(You can jump through the hole to get inside the ruin. If you find the ruin too dark, switch your controlling character to Shadowheart, as a half-elf she has Dark Vision, allowing her to see more clearly in dark places.)

If you get in the ruin through the chapel entrance, you need to kill the bandit Andorn, and find the key on his body. After you loot the valuables in this hall, open the locked door, and prepare to fight the rest of the bandits.

explore the ruins2 bg3 wiki guide

(You can move some crates to block the door, even create a bunker and use ranged attacks to put bandits down, if you have a wizard in your team, you can use the Grease spell to create a surface of oil and then lit it up. Burning can deal lots of damage to enemies, especially when they stand close.

explore the ruins3 bg3 wiki guide

Keep exploring the area. Behind the altar, there's a hidden lever to open the door without a keyhole, which leads to a deeper area of the ruin.

dank crypt bg3 wiki guide min

In Dank Crypt, the above Sarcophagus contains an uncommon weapon and an engraved key. Opening it will trigger the traps. However, you can place some objects like vases or crates above these vents to prevent them from producing unfavorable terrain. (There is a button on the center pillar to the left of the crypt. It will turn off the fire trap. You will need to pass a perception check to see it.)

explore the ruins4 bg3 wiki guide

On the other side of the sarcophagus, in one of the rooms, there's a chained book called the Book of Dead Gods.  If you managed to open it by passing strength, dexterity, or intelligence checks, you will get some scrolls. Succeeding in a religion check will reveal more information about this crypt.

dank crypt2 bg3 wiki guide

Now make your team combat-ready as, once you have found and then pressed the hidden button at the left corridor, all the dead scribes will rise to fight you. After putting them down, you can find a very rare amulet (THE AMULET OF LOST VOICES, which has Speak with Dead ability) in the hidden room, along with a hooded undead, who claims to be the caretaker of this place. Luckily for you, he does not wish to fight, so loot the area and leave. (That Hooded Skeleton will later show up in your camp, and provide resurrection service.)

dank crypt3 bg3 wiki guide

(You can leave this ruin using the ladder)

(Note: If you learned the Speak with Dead spell and come back to Ravaged Beach, you can talk to the dead fisherman and learn more about Shadowheart.)

If you lost too much health and used all your spells, consider resting at Camp for a full recovery.  You can also interact with your companions at the camp, gain their approval/disapproval, or advance romance.

Your next destination, Druid Grove, is located in the northwest of the ancient ruins. Help the defenders kill the attacking goblins, loot their corpses, and enter the gate. Talk to Wyll, and he will join your team.

There are multiple merchants and quests in this settlement. Near the gate, on a hill, there's a Bugbear assassin. Kill this enemy and save Nadira, she may reward you with a soul coin. In addition to that, you can use persuasion skills to convince more Tieflings to stay here and fight goblins.

You can also get the following quests in this area:

  • Save the Refugees -- Talk to the leader of the Tieflings, he wants you to help with the goblin threat. (You can solve this by saving Halsin, or find the proof that Kagha is working with Shadow druids.)
  • Find the Nightsong -- Aradin, the guy who led the goblins to Druid Grove will give you this quest.
  • Removing the Parasite -- Find Zorru at Druid Grove and learn more about Githyanki Crèche. (This is one of the methods to remove the parasite. Letting Lae'zel do the interrogation may upset other companions.) If you turn to Nettie, a druid healer for help, she will instead poison you to prevent you turning into a mind flayer. You will have to talk your way out of this or fight a way out. (Edit: If you can't talk your way out, you can cure your character without killing Nettie.There is a hidden Door in the room Nettie locks you in. If you can find it and open the lock you can leave though a gas filled chamber and some ruins. You can then return to the grove and cure the poison. The recipe can be found in a book in Nettie's lab/hospital. You can pick up Wermouth from a desk and combine it with the stuff that is already in the kettle to create the antidote. Drink it and you are cured. Make sure the patrolling Wolf doesn't see you messing with the Nettie's stuff. You can also loot some health potions from the crates in the lab)
  • Save Arabella -- Talk to Kagha to free Arabella, you need Nature 19, or Persuasion 16 to succeed.
  • Investigate the Beach -- Fight harpies and save the Tiefling child at the beach.
  • Save the Goblin Sazza -- Cooperate with goblins.
  • Steal the Sacred Idol -- Help Mol steal the druid idol.

If you saved the Tiefling kid at Secluded Cove (quest Investigate the Beach), talk to Doni, and he will show you the entrance to Tiefling Hideout. Inside the Hideout, Mol will ask you to steal the druid idol. But be careful, once you got caught, the druids will turn hostile and fight all the outsiders.

Or, you can just ignore the quest and save Arch Druid Halsin, once he returns and tensions between druids and Tieflings will ease. If you decide to steal it (especially when you decide to side with goblins and want to start a civil war to weaken the defenders), you can simply put a chest next to the idol, put the idol in that chest, then add it to your inventory.
steal the idol bg3 wiki guide min

Note, once the Goblin Leaders are killed (Save the Refugees), the Tieflings will leave the grove.

druid grove bg3 wiki guide

(Outside the Druid Grove, on top of a hill x149, Y362. There's a hidden spider nest, pass the skill check and you can get a pouch of gold)

removing parasite bg3 wiki guide

At X144, Y441 there are 2 people tending to a dying man. If you tell them you are a survivor from the crashed Nautiloid they will attack, so pretend to be the True Soul and you can order them to leave. Observing and then crushing the tadpole of that dead man earns you approval of your companions. 

The owlbear mentioned by these two can be found in a nearby cave (Owlbear Nest), inside the cave there is a chest in front of the Selune statue which has protective magic on it. Find the prayer sheet behind the statue (Perception Check), and read it in front of that chest to remove the magic. If you have Shadowheart in your team, you need to persuade her to get her approval of opening that chest. 

The Owlbear is a formidable foe for an lv3 adventurer. If you succeed in the animal handling check, you will have a chance to turn back and leave peacefully.

The blighted village lies on the other side of the bridge, but before you cross the bridge, there is a dead boar that needs your attention. A careful check (Medicine check) shows it was sucked dry. Next time you rest in camp, Astarion gonna try to suck your blood during sleep, allowing him to continue earns a lot of his approval. But don't allow him to continue too long or you will die.

Before you enter the blighted village, to the north, there's a dog named Scratch mourning his dead master. Pet him and pass the persuasion check, and he will follow to your Camp. (Pet him at campsite gets additional approval from your companions. When you wake up at the camp, press the camp button again to leave.)

Using the tadpole's psionic power or good persuasion/deception can avoid the fight with the goblins in this village. Otherwise, try using the path on the left of the front gate to ambush them,

The village is filled with goblins, but luckily, there are also tons of supplies and potions. Dividing the enemies using the terrain and performing sneak attacks can be very useful in this area. (For example, put crates together so you can climb up to roofs and ambush these goblins from behind.)

At the windmill of Blighted Village, there is a deep gnome tied to the blades of a windmill. He's being tormented by a group of goblins. (Quest Rescue the gnome)

You can defeat the Goblins by force (carefully place your characters on the roofs helps a lot), or persuade them to leave. (Persuasion checks, Or you can use the tadpole)

rescue the gnome bg3 wiki guide
(Pull the brake lever to stop the windmill, release means throw him away in goblin language.)

blighted village bg3 wiki guide

In the doctor's basement, there is a hidden lever behind three chests. Pull it to reveal the hidden passage behind the bookshelf. ( Be careful when you explore this area, undead hide inside the coffins. Open them will trigger a fight.)

blighted village3 bg3 wiki guide

To open this mirror, you need to make it believe you are an ally of its master. Tell it you despise Szass Tam (A legendary lich and leader of Red Wizard of Thay.), and you seek survival and power. If you give the wrong answer, this mirror will send an exploding construct to destroy you. Search the lab behind the mirror will grant you quest Search the Cellar. (The book is placed on a pressure-sensitive trap, put something else on it before taking the book or you will trigger the fireball trap.)

Beneath the village is the Whispering Depth, there are 2 ways to enter this area. Either by using the well, or through the basement of the house on the right of the village front gate.
whispering depth2 bg3 wiki guide
Break the wall to enter the Whispering Depth.

whispering depth3 bg3 wiki guide
Be careful when you exploring Whispering Depth, there's Phase Spider Matriarch near the waypoint. Defeat her and you can get Poisoner's Robe (Uncommon clothing). 

search the cellar bg3 wiki guideThe Dark Amethyst needed for quest Search the Cellar can also be find in this area.

With the Feather Fall spell, you can directly jump to Underdark from this area.

finish the masterwork weapon bg3 wiki guide

In blacksmith's house, pick up and read Highcliff's Journal to acquire the quest Finish the Masterwork weapon. You can find the blueprint in the basement. However, the key ingredient, sussur bark, can only be found at Underdark. Once you finished exploring the Underdark, you can return and use the furnace in the basement to create one of the sussur weapons. (Sussur DaggerSussur Sickle, or Sussur Greatsword)

To the north of Blighted Village is The Risen Road. If you enter the area from the village you will need to fight Hyenas and Gnolls on the road. If you jumped from Druid's Grove, the fight is avoidable.

There's a wounded Tiefling near the river, succeed in persuasion check (Persuasion 8) and she will ask you to kill the hunters. (Quest Hunt the Devil) The hunters mentioned by Karlach appears to be a group of Tyr's paladins, you can find them in the toll house on the north. If you cast the Speak with Dead spell on the dead refugee. You will learn that they are actually servants of Zariel.

Kill Anders and report to Karlach. (You may place your character on high grounds and use sneak attacks to gain some advantage. Anders has a Rare Two-handed sword on him. )

In the basement of that Tollhouse, you found the body of a dead tax-collector, along with traps and valuables. Place some object on the vents, and let two of your teammates to sat on the stone chairs will unlock the hidden room. You can find a +1 Greataxe inside. 

At Waukeen's Rest there are 2 quests, Rescue the Grand Duke, and Rescue the Trapped Man. You need to break the door and get inside the burning building to find the survivors. Unfortunately, the Grand Duke is already been taken by Drow raiders. However, you can still manage to save Benryn.

trapped man bg3 wiki guide
Benryn's wife Miri is in the bottom left building of the inn. You can jump inside from the window, Miri's body is at second floor.

Cast Speak with Dead spell on Miri and learn what happened. She will ask you to find her sister's dowry.

trapped man2 bg3 wiki guide
The dowry ring is hidden in the barn.

To make him believe Miri is really dead, you may need to throw her body right in front of him.
trapped man3 bg3 wiki guide

If you persuade Salazon, the guy hide in the winery, he will let you enter his hideout (through the hatch). Or, you can complete the quest Find the Missing Shipment first and learn the password. (Or if you have Detect Thoughts spell, you can read the password from his mind.)

find the missing shipment bg3 wiki guide

In order to defeat the gnolls (Quest Find the Missing Shipment). Place your characters on the nearby high grounds, you can also use the tadpole's psionic power to turn the gnoll warlord against the pack. (And force her to devour herself after the fight) Or, you can reach them from another side of the cave, just neet to dodge the boulder and move the barrels.

Inside Zhentarim Hideout, you can talk to Zarys to receive your rewards. If you want to free the artist Oskar, pay Brem 1000 gold. (Quest Free the artist)

To the west of the Risen Road is the Githyanki patrol, however, even if you have Lae'zel in your team they will accuse you as thieves and attack. Defeat them will progress Lae'zel's personal quest. But you still need to find other ways to cure yourselves.

  • After defeating the Githyankis, loot their bodies, you will find an Elaborate Plate. Use it to learn the location of Crèche.
  • Note: If you place enough explosives in that area, you can actually kill that dragon and its raider (As in Early Access). Simply place one of your teammates on nearby high grounds, switch to him/her during the conversation, and ignite the explosives. Sadly, the dragon doesn't have any loots.

To the south of the Blighted Village are the Sunlit Wetlands. At the entrance of it, you saw two brothers accusing an old woman of kidnapping their sister. (Quest Save Mayrina) There is also a monster hunter in this area called Gandrel, he is hunting Astarion. (Quest The Pale Elf, If you bring Astarion with you, a fight is imminent.)

The Sunlit Wetlands is a creepy place, at first glance, it's peaceful and full of sunshine. But once you talked to a sheep, and succeed in Animal Handling Check, you will release that everything around you is an illusion. The real Sunlit Wetlands are rotten and decaying, and the sheep are actually bloodthirsty red caps.  If you have Potion of Animal Speaking (can find one in hag's teahouse), you can talk to Addled Frog, and learn some info about Auntie Ethel. Return to her when you killed the hag for her present.

At Aunt Ethel's house, she offered to help you remove the parasite in exchange for one of your eyes. However, if you really agree to do so, she will fail. Due to it been tainted by strange shadow magic.

Once you have talked to Ethel in her house, she will teleport Mayrina away. If you search the house and figured out the fireplace is an illusion, Ethel will reveal her true form and stop you from finding Mayrina. 

save mayriam bg3 wiki guide
You may place your character on the second level of the house and sneak attack the hag (Also, try put some chests and other objects to block the staircase, that won't trigger the fight. You can even build yourself a bunker and shoot enemies safely.). Once the fight started, all the red caps will also rush here to protect their mistress. Use pushing attacks and Grease spell to make sure no one can reach you.

The old Hag will escape when she lost more than half the health. You can either follow her through the fireplace, or lockpick the back door and use the portal on the beach to infiltrate her workshop.
save mayriam4 bg3 wiki guide

In the old hag's basement, there are multiple people down here trapped. You can cast the Speak with Dead spell to learn some of the stories of Ethel's past. To open the Gnarled Door, persuasion won't help, you need to pick up the Whispering masks on the ground and put them on. (Remember to take it off afterward, or you will be controlled by the hag.) Or, if you succeed in a hidden Arcane check, you will notice that the door is not real, and can simply be walked through

Behind the Gnarled door, you need to fight 4 of Ethel's pawns first (They keep rolling for wisdom checks to prevent fighting you, but the masks compel them to fight). Then jump over the waterfall.
save mayriam2 bg3 wiki guide

The tunnel is filled with poison and explosive plants. If you can spot gas pits cover them with something heavy. Or run through this area, or burn the poison then put out the fire with water. (Shadowheart has a spell to create water) You may cast Feather Fall on Lae'zel and use her special jump skill to pass most of the poison clouds.

Ethel is waiting at the Ancient Abode. Although she now restored full health, it's actually very easy to kill her. Just  sneak behind her and push her over the cliff:
save mayriam3 bg3 wiki guide

If you want to fight Auntie Ethel fair and square, be careful that she will clone herself three times making it difficult to know which one is real. Dealing a little bit of damage to a clone will destroy it. (Only the real one has debuffs on.)

Shortly after Ethel's first cloning, she'll pull Mayrina from the cage and clone herself as Mayrina. The real Mayrina will say that she's not Ethel.

The last time Ethel clones herself, she may turn invisible. You can see her dash to one spot where no clone appears. This is how you know that’s where she is invisible. She’ll likely stay in this spot until her invisibility buff is over. You can take advantage of this or use an AoE skill or arrow to reveal her. 

If you manage to kill Ethel with enough damage, she won't have an opportunity to beg for her life. This will lead to a disappointed Mayrina because of a deal she had with Ethel. However, if you get Auntie Ethel to around 10 health and then end your turn, she’ll try to convince you to let her go. She promises you any kind of power you'd like in exchange for Mayrina and letting her go. (Succeed in persuasion or intimation and you can have both.)

Taking the power option will give you an item called Auntie Ethel's Hair that you can eat. 

Loot the hag's workshop, there are plenty of valuables (including an Uncommon amulet - The Ever-seeing Eye, and a rare staff - Staff of Crones). Among these treasures, there's a wand called Bitter Divorce that can raise the undead.

Use the portal in hag's workshop to leave the tunnel. Talk to Mayrina again and use the wand. Her husband will be raised as a zombie. You can either keep the wand, put it down again, or give the wand to Mayrina. She will travel to Baldur's Gate to find a way to bring her husband back. If you destroy the wand, Mayrina will be angry at you. 

And lastly, you can not tell her about the wand, and pick some miscellaneous choices to make her feel better. 

After dealing with the hag, you can come back to the Overgrown tunnel and check the trapped people. Some of them have had recovered their sanity. 

On the southeast corner of this Sunlit Wetlands. There are some Wood Woad and Ancient Mud Mephit.

investigate khaga bg3 wiki guide
(If you passed a hidden perception check, you will notice a crevice on the tree. Inside it, you find proof that Kagha is working with Shadow druids. Quest Save Arabella, Quest Save the refugees)

The Goblin Camp is at the west of Blighted Village. To infiltrate the goblin camp, you can have goblin Sazza to vouch for you. (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza) Use the passage on the right of the front gate. (Use jump to reach there). Or, you can try to persuade the goblin garrison, by using the tadpole's psionic power, or pass the Deception (15)/ Nature (10) / Intimidation (15) checks and obey the goblin's commands.

An Owlbear Cub can be found here in Goblin Camp. Pass Animal Handling checks, win the chase, deal with the goblins by persuasion (18), or psionic power and you can take it to your Camp.

  • If you want to kill these goblins, you can place your team on nearby high grounds, or simply add poison to their Booze Tub.

To enter the Shattered Sanctum peacefully, either uses the psionic power or pass Deception (15) check. Inside the Shattered Sanctum, you can rescue Halsin at Worg Pens, he transformed into a bear. Once saved, he will ask you to help him kill all the goblin leaders, you can let him wait for a while or start the battle. (Save the refugees)

If you pass a wisdom check (10), you can control Ragzlin's interrogation. However, if you let him senses your presence in his mind, you need to pass a persuasion check of 10 to talk your way out of this.

Goblin Priestess Gut claims she can remove your parasite (Removing the Parasite), but If you let her do her work you will be knocked out and imprisoned in Defiled Temple

shattered sanctum2 bg3 wiki guide
There's a guarded room in Shattered Sanctum, you can get in there use jump from the next room. There's a chest here contains more than 3600 gold.

shattered sanctum3 bg3 wiki guide
There are a lot of chests hidden in this area. You can jump onto the beams to reach them. It's also quite effective to stay on top when you fight the goblins.

You need to kill all three goblin leaders to save the refugees. or, you can side with them and raid the grove.

To solve the puzzle in Defiled Temple, facing towards the broken statue on the ground, then interact with the panels in the following order: Top, Left, Right, Right, Bottom, Bottom, Bottom, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Top, Left, Top, Top, Top, Left, Left, Left, Right, Top, Top, Top, Right, Right, Right, Top, Right. (See the embedded video if you need further help) Or, you can lock pick the eye lock by the end of the room.




You can descend into the Underdark through the Defiled Temple

underdark map3 bg3 wiki guide

(Underdark Map)

The Underdark is the most difficult area in Early access, filled with tough enemies and hazardous plants. There are multiple ways to reach Underdark. Either through the Defiled Temple, or jump from the phase spiders' tunnel using Feather Fall, use the Portal in Overgrown Tunnel, or use the elevator at Zhentarim Hideout.

If you descend to Underdark through Defiled Temple, you will appear at the underground fort, be careful of the guardian statue above the front gate. (Use Jump+ Feather Fall to get out of their range.)

On the west of the Underdark Fort, among a group of petrified Drows, there's a Spectator Beholder. Near the Underdark - Sussur tree, there are 4 Hook Horror and a wizard.

On the north of the Underdark fort, there are 2 minotaurs. One of them carries an uncommon amulet - Amulet of the Unworthy. Further north, there's the Storehouse and Myconid Colony. You can get the quest Protect the Myconid Circle from there. (They are really hard to kill, for lv 4 adventurers)

To complete the quest, travel to Underdark Beach and defeat the Duergars there. (Be careful, these duergars will reanimate dead villagers to ambush you.) One of the dreuger has an uncommon 2 handed weapon - Exterminator's Axe. Cast the Speak with Dead spell and you can get some information from a dead raider. On one of the dead villager, there's an uncommon 1 handed weapon - Shortsword of First Blood.

When you exploring the northwest corner of Underdark, there's a dwarf trapped in the field of Bibberbang. Save him for the quest Find the Mushroom Picker.

At Myconid Colony, there's a friendly mind flayer agrees to look into your problem. But you need to find him Tongue of Madness mushrooms and Timmask Spore from the Arcane Tower.

The tower is located on the southwest corner. However, its front gate is guarded by 2 arcane turrets. You can use Misty step or Feather Fall to climb the mushrooms on cliff near the arcane tower. 
arcane tower bg3 wiki guide

In order to Turn off the Arcane Turrets and activate the elevator, you need to reach the first floor of the Tower, and then combine Sussur Blossom with the generator. (You can find some in the backyard)

arcane tower3 bg3 wiki guide

To access the basement of the arcane tower jump down the gap of the wooden stairwell leading to the elevator.
arcane tower2 bg3 wiki guide

Inside the basement, there are some Tongue of Madness mushrooms and Timmask Spore. (Removing the Parasite)

On the top level of the Tower, there's the guardian. Chose "Or art thou friend, a rescue from my lonely wake?" so you can command him. (Found on a play in this tower)

  • There's a dog grove you can discover at the southwest of Sussur Tree (On a cliff of sorts overlooking the druegar beach), use a shovel to find the dog collar. After that, press button on the 3rd floor of Arcane Tower, and your character notices the dog collar vibrates. It can now be equipped as an amulet, wear it and press the button again it will dispense food.

Return to Omeluum with the ingredients, he will brew a potion for you to drink (Intelligence check 8 and 13). After the investigation, Omeluum finds nothing useful and fails to remove the larva. Instead, he is now willing to trade with you a Ring of Psionic Protection, to protect you from further damage from the larva. (Intelligence 17, or 850 gold)

Between the ruined tower and Underdark fort, there's a place you can jump to The Festering Cove

the festering cove2 bg3 wiki guide min

The Cove is populated by some Kuo-toas, and they all worship the so-called Boooal. Succeed in Investigation (15) or Arcane checks to find out the true identity of this Boooal, if you succeed in a Persuasion (15) or performance check, you need only to fight the red cap, otherwise, all Kuo-toa will turn hostile. 

Grymforge Walkthrough

grymforge map bg3 wiki guide


Reaching Grymforge

To reach this location, you can take the boats in the Decrepit Village, located at x: 19 Y: -208. You will be received by a Duergar, who asks you what happened to Gekh.

Once you reach Grymforge by boat, you will meet, you will find two Duergar there. Just near you, you can find the Battered Note and a Grubby Map. Take the stairs up to discover the Underdark - Grymforge Waypoint (X: -465 Y:385).

Once up, you can take the left stairs down to meet a Duergar torturer who has been killing a Drows. There's a small boat nearby, in which you can sail to the previous Underdark area. At X:-627 Y: 367. You can find a group of spiders “arguing”.

You can discover this by passing a Wisdom check  (10), if you pass the check, you learn that the larger spider is in conflict with the other three spiders. You can tell them to knock it off, don't do anything to see how it plays out, or attack the nearest spider.

Past the Duergar torturer, you will find two Duergar, throwing Deep Gnome corpses to the water (X: -610 y: 409). Ask for loot on the corpses, and If you pass a Perception check (10), you can find something valuable on the bodies. The Duergar will ask you to lend them a hand or leave.


The Dig Site First Visit

dig site grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

You can find Sergeant Thrinn in a room with a Scrying Eye (X: -627, Y:319 ), she is working a group of Deep Gnomes to free True Soul Nere, who is trapped under rubble. This will give you Free True Soul Nere. If you have the Boots of Speed from Thulla you can give them to her, to receive a reward. 

You can interact with the Scrying Eye, if you pass the Wisdom check, you will realize that you are being seen. You can kill the Eye. The rest of the camp won't turn hostile if you do that.

You can talk to one of the Deep Gnomes working, and tell him that you are there because of Thulla, he will tell you to try to find Philomeen., who has charges capable of blowing up the rubble.

If you interact with the rubble, you will contact Nere telepathically, he tells you he's trapped and asks you to get him out of there. You can attempt a Perception check to see what he is seeing. If you fail, you will only see a blur.

You will have to find the explosives in order to clear the rubble. 

Take the big gate, behind the Sergeant. You will find two Duergar talking, about how a "small one" escaped with a barrel under her arm. The male Duergar recognizes you as a True Soul and tells you that Nere owes them gold.

You can attempt to deceive him (DC: 10), if you manage to do so, he offers you a deal. Manage to Free True Soul Nere and when you do, he and his friends will help you deal with him for a fat cut of gold. You can attempt another check, asking half the pay. Finally, he gives you the Find Explosives quest.

Find Explosives

Behind two Duergar throwing gnomes into the water, there is a big double iron door. You have to unlock it in order to enter. 

secret door grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you pass a Perception check at the end of the room, you will find a secret door, activate the button on its side, to open it and take the set of stairs up.

Before the stairs, you will find a chest on your right, you can loot an Arrow of Ice among other things, and head to your left. At the end of the hallway, there is another Perception check. By passing it, you will notice the loose stone.

Head up and you will have take another Perception check, if you pass it, you will notice that an ambush is incoming.

ochre ambush grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px
Three Ochre Jelly will come from the ceiling. Once defeated, keep going up through the stairs. Upstairs you can find a Trap Disarm Toolkit, an Arrow of Ice and an Arrow of Lightning.

Turn left and continue along the catwalk, when you reach the end, jump through the gap to the otherside, you will reach a locked intricate door. Unlock it (DC: 10) to reach the Contemplation Chamber. You can loot a Hand-drawn Map from a nearby backpack, to update the Quest Find the Explosives.

Move deeper into the chamber to find Philomeen (X: -539, Y: 468), standing near a smokepowder barrel. She threatens you as you get near because she doesn't trust you. There are a few options to attempt to convince her otherwise.

philomeen grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you fail to convince her, she will blow up the barrel dealing massive damage and probably wiping your entire party out. But if you manage to convince her, she offers you Runepowder Vial, or you can simply attack her to attempt to take the whole barrel. If you kill her, you have to pass a Dexterity check (DC:20) when you interact with the barrel.

 There's a skeleton over a stone bed that can be looted to obtain a Pitted Key. (X:-534 Y: 476). If you head all the way to the opossite direction of where Philomeen was, you can find a Chasm Creeper (X: -566 Y: 468)

Return all the way back to the two Duergar throwing gnomes corpses into the water.

Past them, you can find a heavy chest that contains an Arrow of Darkness and an Arrow of Lightning. (X: -611 Y: 425).

Return to where the Duergar Torturer is, but this time take the first stairs you find, to your left. You will find two Duergar annoying a Deep Gnome (X -607: Y: 380), and asking for a drink refill. He tells you he won't be working to free True Soul Nere, and if you want to do that, you can do it yourself.

If you interact with the iron fence past the Duergar, the male will tell you that you won't last a second if you don't have one of Nere's Moonlanterns. Apparently, you will choke almost immediately if you attempt to go without one of Nere's Moonlanterns. 

However, you can decide to don't pay attention to the warning and head through the door. The Mysterious Artefact will save you if you attempt to do so withouth the Moonlantern.

If you decide to help the Deep Gnome, you can actually fight both these Duergar. You will earn a Wyvern Poison from the Gnome once you kill them.

Return to the waypoint, and take the stairs up, on your right there is a chest that contains some gold and an Arrow of Ice. (X: -650 Y: 367). Past it, turn right on the next corner, and meet two duergar interacting with what seems to be some crumbled statue. (X: -660 Y: 366).

Return to the Dig Site

Once you have the Runepowder Vial you can return to the Dig Site to free Nere. Throw the vial at the rubble and blow it off with a spell. Nere will come out and threaten the slaves. You can intervene, which leads to him doubting you and your reasons for doing that. Or you can  encourage him to kill them. If you do, he will taunt Sergeant Thrinn, and proceed to kill her if you don't support her.

nere free grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you talked to Brithvar previously, and made a deal with him, he will interrupt your conversation demanding to get paid. After this, True Soul Nere will ask you if you side with him or against him. 

Siding with Nere

  • By siding with Nere, you will have to fight Brithvar and five Duergar. Nere and the Sergeant are your allies during this fight if she wasn't killed in the previous interaction.
  • After the fight, Nere will attempt to kill the Deep Gnomes, you can do nothing, attack him, or attempt to enter his head to prevent him from killing the Gnomes (DC: 15). If you fail you will have to fight him.
  • After killing him you get 120 XP.

Siding with Brithvar

Stonemason Kith

Stonemason Kith, asks for your help. He asks you what you see in the rock and rubble surrounding the place. There are three possibilities to choose from,  each one tied to a different check that need to be passed. They are History (DC: 10), Investigation (DC: 10) and Perception (DC: 10).

After passing all three checks, you are ready to report your observations. After Stonemason Kith's speech, he gives you Infernal Iron. You can also trade with him after the conversation. Keep going past the the Stonemason and along a corridor you will find a few skeletons on the floor, clad in the same dark armour. You can attempt a History check (DC: 10) to learn more about them. If you manage to do so, you learn that they once were Shar worshippers. 

Turn left and up the stairs, where there's a lone skeleton, turn left again, and walk through the catwalk to find a locked chest behind two archery targets. (X: -666 Y: 401). Keep advancing and take the path to the right, you will find an abandoned camp. You can go down slowly through the rift, and can loot Chasm Creeper. (X: -694 y: 410).

Get back again to the place where you can find the skeletons. Turn left, to find three Duergar lashing at some beasts to clear some rubble. If you pass Charisma Check (DC: 15), he will tell you that there is Adamantine behind the rubble.

You can decide to fight the Duergar and his two henchmen, alongside the two Deep Rothe, if you want. To clear the rubble behind them you will need to use an explosive. To do so throw the Runepowder Vial at it and then ignite with a Fire Spell.

runepowder on rubble grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Head past the archway, you will immediately find a Metallic Mask (X:-672, Y: 459). Take the stairs up and continue among the bunch of skeletons, turn right and keep heading up the ladders.

You will eventually find a broken bridge on your left, beware there's a trap near the edge, you have to pass a Perception check to find it. There's also an Orb of Darkvision on the bridge. You can use Misty Step to reach the otherside, note that the other edge is also filled with traps.

To the right there's a long corridor filled with fire traps, midway through it you can take a ladder down, and interact with two levers that move a platform in the middle. There's also a chest containing gold. You can use the controls and the platform to move part of your team to the middle section of the level. You can find a Longsword Mould (X:-629, Y: 407).

Continue along the platform to find a skeleton that has a Dark Justiciar Mask (X:-625, Y:352), when you reach the end you will realize that if you don't have the means, you won't be able to reach the other side (Misty Step or improving Jump magically).

orb of darkvision grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you decided or were able to send a character to the otherside, walk alonside the corridor, jumping when necessary. 

otherside traps grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

There is a big locked door, that once opened leads to a hall. Jump to the right of the stairs to reach the little room to loot a Skeleton (X: -592; Y:395). You can obtain a Harper Key from it and an Undelivered Letter. Jump back to the stairs and keep exploring.

harper key grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Upstairs and to the right, you will find a large door, behind it there are Enemies, but it is locked.

On a hanging skeleton (X:-566 Y:407), you can loot a Rusted Silver Key and on another skeleton, at the top of the stairs, besides the rubble, you can loot a Shield Mould (X: -559; Y: 410).
rusted silver key grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

With the Rusted Silver Key, you can open the locked door. A Merregon Legionnaire and 3 Hellsboar will be waiting for you at the otherside.

Once you defeat them, you can loot the chest at the side of the room to find Firestoker. (X: -579 Y: 382). On the altar at the back of the room, you can find a Rusted Key and an Old Letter among other stuff. But there's nothing else to do here.

There is another skeleton here that contains a Dark Justiciar Mail (X:-604 Y: 347). You can find a Map of Moonhaven near the skeleton. (X: -611 Y: 344).

Continue alongside the stairs, there is another skeleton at the end. You can loot a Scimitar Mould from it. (X: -607, Y: 322). Next to it, there are two levers. Use it to take the other part of the party forward. Use the right lever to evelate or lower the platform and the left one to move the platform back and forth. Once you are in position, make the platform party jump.

Move forward to the edge, and jump towards the rocks on your left. You will find the Mace Mould (x: -613, Y: 285). You can also find a Waypoint near the wall. (X: -609, Y: 284). Thera are again, a few skeletons lying on the ground.

 Head all the way left, and past the small stair case turn left and jump towards the edge to find Splint Mould (X: -597, Y: 309).  Now turn back and head to the right, you will be attacked by 4 Animated Armour.

Once they are defeated, you can calmly loot the Scale Mail Mould at (X:-621, Y: 260), climb the ropes behind it to loot a skeleton to obtain a Dark Justiciar Helm (X: -622, Y: 258). Head back down, and take the small path that goes downward, behind the previous location of the Animated Armours.

Climb down, preferably with a single character, to avoid the molten lava. Jump through the gap. You will enter the Ancient Temple area. There is a giant Mithral Vein that can be found at the edge, get near and attack it. You will obtain Mithral Ore when you manage to destroy it. There is not much else to do, here, turn back to the entrance of the forge.

mithral vein grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Alternate Way to enter the Forge

You can find a defaced statue of Shar at the Dig site that can be interacted with (X: -614, Y: 314). From there, if you have it available, you can use Misty Step over the edge, to reach the other side. This leads directly to the Forge. You can find a Waypoint closeby to relocate your group.

Heading to the Adamantine Forge

This time, go down the middle set of stairs. Halfway there, you can Jump to the left, to a rocky platform. Many Magma Mephit will attack you. At the end of the fight there's another giant Mithral Vein.

second mithral vein grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Return to the main stairs, and head down to enter the Forge itself. Jump to it, before touching anything, head to the circle located directly on your right, and jump to the other edge. Continue along the path to reach a lava filled room. 

Lava erupts and deals damage to your characters if they are near the edge. There is also a powerful Lava Elemental patrolling the zone.lava elemental grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

On the "island" ahead, you can find a chest (X: -626, Y: 224), that contains a Sentient Amulet. When you grab the Amulet, it will talk to you. You will gain the quest Help the Cursed Monk. Return to the Forge

sentient amulet grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

 The Adamantine Forge can be used to create the following equipment:

  1. Adamantine Scale Mail
  2. Adamantine Mace
  3. Adamantine Shield
  4. Adamantine Scimitar
  5. Adamantine Splint Armour
  6. Adamantine Longsword

How to use the Forge to create Items

The Adamantine Forge can move between two different levels: High Level and Low Level. You'll need to move the Forge into the Lower level to be able to pour magma. To do so, place a mould into the chamber and a Mithral Ore into the Crucible. Interact with the Forge Lever and the anvil will hit, taking the Forge to the lower leve. Once you are in the lower level follow these steps to forge an item

  1. Interact with the Crucible and insert a Mithral Ore. This will allow you to use the Forge Lever to lower the Forge and start crafting. The Mithral Ore will be consumed when the process is complete.
  2. Interact with the Mould Chamber, and insert one of the Moulds you have: Scimitar MouldShield MouldMace MouldSplint MouldLongsword Mould, and Scale Mail Mould. The mold won't be consumed when you craft the item. You can extract the mold by interacting with the lever located next to the Mould Chamber, this will allow you insert a new mold.
  3. Pull the Lava Valve. This will cause the Forge to be surrounded by lava. Evade at all costs being caught up by the lava. Try to position your characters on the big surrounding circles to avoid suffering an immense amount of damage. Also notice that the first time you do this, you will summon a Golem called Grym
  4. Pull the Forge Lever, this will make a giant column to impact the mould chamber, forging the item you have put into the Mould Chamber in the process.
  5. Once the item is created, use the button located next to the Forge Lever, this will take the Forge back to the High Level area.
  6. You can repeat the process from step 1 by inserting a new Mithral Ore. Remember to swap the Mould if you want to create a different Item.

Fighting Grym

grym grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

As mentioned before, Grym, a massive  Level 8 golem will emerge once you pull the lava valve. It has a whooping 225 HP and can deal enormous amounts of damage. Your party earns 500 XP once you manage to defeat it, and you can loot the Grymskull Helm from its body.

You have to take into account a few things when fighting it:

  • When you activate the lava and Grym appears, your terrain will be limited to the Circles surrounding the "anvil" part of the forge. Avoid passing through the lava at all costs!
  • When Grym is standing on lava, it gains a status effect called Superheated. Only when this status effect is active you can damage the golem. This will cause Grym to become vulnerable to Bludgeoning damage, lower his Armour Class and make resistant to Thunder, Cold and Force. He will remain immune to all other elements.
  • Grym will attempt to attack the character that attacks it, (and hits it), first each turn and set it as "Prime Target". This can be exploited to use the anvil to deal massive damage to Grym
  • Position a character near the Forge Lever and,  another one near the anvil's strike position. Lure Grym there by attacking it with that character and, once the golem is in position, pull the Forge Lever. The anvil strikes down, dealing 100 points of damage aprox and leaving the golem Prone.
  • If the Lava is removed, interact with the Lava Valvle to refill the chamber and force Grym to walk over it.
  • Grym won't take damage from the Anvil if he doesn't have the Superheated status effect.

 grym baldurs gate 3 wiki guide


Return to where you found Stonemaston Kith, and take the path behind him. Turn right to the cliff, and descend the cragged rock. If you suceed at a History check, you will notice that it is a Harper rune there. Keep heading towards the cliff and you will find three chests. one of them, the one on the right is labeled as a Toy Chest (X: -699 Y: 375). Grab it, and a Harper Stash appears in between the three chests.If you interact with it. You will be ambushed by three Mimics.

Once defeated, you will find x91 Gold inside the Harper Chest, as well as Scroll of Evidence. Head back and climb the Cragged rock up again. This time take the stairs up next to you, and past a camp, you will reach a large wide area. 

Visiting the Dig Site after the Forge

If you took too long doing other tasks, like for example finding and working at the Forge. Eventually, the path will be cleared.

nere dead grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If this was the case and you took too long, you will find Nere dead, alongside two deep gnomes slaves. Among some important items, such as the  Disintegrating Night Walkers and the Sword of Screams, you can find a Broken Moonlantern.

When you grab the latern, you realize it has no flicker. you can investigate the Lantern to learn that the lamp doesn't use fuel, but magic.

Behind the poison fumes, you can find a big locked door. When you manage to open, you will reach the Ancient Temple, but you won't be able to reach any other place from there.

Return to the elevator (X:-600 Y:382), and interact with it. This leads to the end of patch #6





Companion Quests

Daughter of Darkness

  • Continue Travelling with Shadowheart

The Pale Elf

  • Continue Travelling with Astarion

The Wizard of Waterdeep

  • Continue Travelling with Gale




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All Quests in Act II

Chapter 2

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  • Daughter of Darkness
  • The Pale Elf
  • The Wizard of Waterdeep

Act 2 Walkthrough


Chapter Two


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Companion Quests

Daughter of Darkness

  • Continue Travelling with Shadowheart

The Pale Elf

  • Continue Travelling with Astarion

The Wizard of Waterdeep

  • Continue Travelling with Gale



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      A good trick to level fast, now that you can free more character on the Nautaloid ship. Of course after getting the Everburn Blade. If you let your companions besides your main character die and then rez them on the beach, you will gain 200+ experience each. This will get you knocking on the door for level 3 before you even run into your first fight once off the ship.

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        The prologue area was changed in update 5(?), so if you get the key from the body in the next room then open the chest in the area with Shadowheart in the pod, the relic in the chest allows you to access her nearby panel and free her on the crashing ship.
        Well worth doing early because with 3 characters + the intellect devourer, its possible and easier to kill Commander Zhaik (the main demon) on the Bridge and acquire his flaming Great Sword, Everburn Blade, making Lae'zel fairly powerful early on.

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          You can turn off the fire bolt guardian of the temple of selune using a switch that is over top the exit arch that goes into the underdark - there are a pair of ladders either side.

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              Correction for Matriarch drop. It is Poisoners Robe, not Prisoners. It adds poison damage to some one using poison attacks.

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