Location the entrance of Sunlit Wetlands
Act Act 1
Quests Save Mayrina

Johl is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Johl can be found at the entrance of Sunlit Wetlands. Johl is a human male looking for his sister.


Johl Information:

  • Johl,  along with his brother, can be found acussing Auntie Ethel of kidnapping her missing sister Mayrina


Where to find Johl

Can be found at:


Johl Quests


Johl Dialogue Options

Auntie Ethel insists she hasn't laid a finger on Mayrina, and once she notices you, you can step in the conversation. You can choose between.

  • Ask everybody to calm down, and inquire about what is actually going on.  Doing so, Johl will tell you that Mayrina went to  see Auntie Ethel and hasn't been seen since. Auntie Ethel defends herself saying she doesn't know Mayrina. You have 3 more options.
    • Tell the brothers you won't let them hurt Auntie Ethel.
    • Tell them that you are not getting involved in this.
    • Ask Auntie Ethel what did she do to Mayrina. Selecting this option offends Auntie Ethel, who threatens you if you go visit her and then vanishes. After that, you can ask what's going on or leave.
      • Asking what's going on, the brothers will give you a more detailed story of what  has happened to their sister. Decided to get them back, you can tell the brothers the following.
        • Offer your help on the matter. If you offer your help, Johl tells you that they barely know you and don't trust you enough to let their sister on your hands. Once you entered the Putrid Bog, you'll find Johl and Demir dead.
        • Refuse to help them.
        • Wish them luck and leave.
        • [Ranger] Hags are unnatural and dangerous. This then prompts Demir to tell Johl to listen to you.
          • Save their lives and stop trying to find their sister. This option prevents their death in the swamp.
          • Let someone more experienced solve their problem.
  • Tell the Johl and his brother to lower their Weapons, that you know Auntie Ethel.
  • Tell them that you have nothing to do with them, and leave.


Johl Notes and Tips


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    • If you are a Ranger and choose the option "[Ranger] Hags are unnatural and dangerous...", the next choice is:

      1. Walk away. Live.
      2. Trust a more experienced soul. I'll find your sister.

      If you choose option 2, Johl acts as though you weren't a Ranger and offered help. The brothers take off downhill and you find their bodies near the Hag's hut. If you choose option 1, Johl says "Knew it. You're full of it." , then Demir says "Thanks for the... erm, advice, but we'll find our sister on our own." (or similar).

      I'm not sure if Larian is changing this quest to make the brothers impossible to save or what, but it's encouraging that you don't automatically find their bodies at the crossroads near the Hag's hut. I'll come back and reply to this comment at the end of this playthrough to determine if I find their bodies or otherwise learn of their deaths.

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