Save the Grymforge Gnomes

Type Quest
Chapter Act I
Location Grymforge
Reward Gold

Save the Grymforge Gnomes is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Save the Grymforge Gnomes can be acquired during Act I. Completing  Save the Grymforge Gnomes will progress the story forward.


Save the Grymforge Gnomes Objectives

Free the Deep Gnomes

  • We spoke to some gnome captives. Their leader Beldron is trapped in the cave-in, and their friend Philomeen ran off with some explosives.
  • We found Philomeen — she wants nothing to do with the other deep gnomes. We should focus on helping the others.

Check on the survivors

  • We cleared the cave-in. We should check for survivors.


Save the Grymforge Gnomes Walkthrough

  • You can get this quest at Myconid colony. Save the wounded gnome (give her an antidote), to get BOOTS OF SPEED.
  • Talk to Lunkbug or Barcus Wroot at the Dig site, in Grymforge. If you helped Thulla previously, you can tell her she sent you. You will learn about Philomeen, (You can also learn about her from Brithvar, but not her name), running away with smokepowder
  • If you manage to convince Lunkbug to talk, he tells you about Philomeen's escape and points her possible location on your map.
  • Go to that location and obtain the Runepowder Vial from Philomeen. Return to the enslaved gnomes. If you don't fight Philomeen, she asks you to tell Laridda that she died.
  • When you return to the dig site and blow the rubble open using the Runepowder Vial (or other explosives, see Find Explosives), True Soul Nere will emerge from the explosion, and not too pleased with the Deep Gnomes. You can interrupt him.
  • After the confrontation, if you decided to save the Gnomes, Beldron will talk to you and tell you about the situation about their leader, Wulbren
  • You will earn Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers. Unlike the rest of the Deep Gnomes, Barcus Wroot is going to save Wulbren, you can invite him to your camp, and he will accept.


 How to unlock Save the Grymforge Gnomes

  • You get this quest by talking to Lunkbug, one of the Deep Gnomes being overworked by Sergeant Thrinn at the Grymforge.
  • If you saved Barcus Wroot at the Blighted Village, he can be found enslaved here, you can also get this Quest from him.
  • You can also earn this quests by saving Thulla at the Myconid Circle.


Save the Grymforge Gnomes Rewards

  • You receive gold once you save Beldron. You can decide to decline the offering, stating that he and his people will find it more useful than you.


Save the Grymforge Gnomes Notes & Tips

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      Pretty sure I bugged the quest because I cleared Grymforge before talking to Thulla lol. I mean I did kill all the Duergar (like excessively: the beach, the boat boarding, grymforge) and True Soul Nere. But my journal says talk to the deep gnomes (the ones you freed) and I distinctly remember them all scattering during the fight with Nere and Thrinn. Nobody came to thank me after the fight and now hours later I visit the Myconid colony for the first time and meet Thulla lol. No idea where the gnomes are now; teleported around grymforge and underdark looking for them.

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