Locations in Baldur's Gate 3 covers the different areas that can be explored in the game. Players can encounter and discover various EnemiesBossesNPCs, types of equipment, and much more for each location. This page covers a list of the various areas that can be discovered in the game.


Baldur's Gate 3 Locations












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    • Anonymous

      21 Nov 2020 17:42  

      On the Druid Grove map, there is the "Sylvanis' Grove" waypoint to the south-east of the map, just east of the "Overgrown Portcullis." Almost due south of where "Nadira" is marked on the map.

      • Anonymous

        13 Nov 2020 10:24  

        HOW are these maps connected? Could you mark which paths/roads lead to which maps? I.E.: Goblin Camp this way, Blighted Village that way, etc.

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