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Suggested Level 4

Grymforge is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about GrymforgeGrymforge was previously named Duergar Camp, and can only be accessed by performing a number of specific steps.


Grymforge Map

grymforge map bg3 wiki guide


Grymforge Walkthrough

Reaching Grymforge

While exploring the Underdark, you can find a charmed drow with some hooked horrors, and some petrified drows near a Spetator. After defeat them you can learn that they are searching for the Gryforge, and a potential weakness of Grymforge's guardian. (you can also get a legendary weapon MOURNING FROST by combining three icy items.)

To reach this location, you can take the boats in the Decrepit Village, located at x: 19 Y: -208. You will be received by a Duergar, who asks you what happened to Gekh.

On your way to Grymforge, a Duergar boat will stop you, you can fool them by showing them the mark of Absolute, or pass persuasion checks. Otherwise, you need to fight them (you can push Duergars out of the boat to kill them, but be careful, they can do the same to you).

Once you reach Grymforge by boat, you will meet, you will find two Duergar there (Fight them or persuade them you are with the absolute. No need to pay them 100 gold). Just near you, you can find the Battered Note and a Grubby Map. Take the stairs up to discover the Underdark - Grymforge Waypoint (X: -465 Y:385).

Once up, you can take the left stairs down to meet a Duergar torturer who has been killing a Drows. There's a small boat nearby, in which you can sail to the previous Underdark area. At X:-627 Y: 367. You can find a group of spiders “arguing”.

You can discover this by passing a Wisdom check  (10) or Speak with Animals spell, if you pass the check, you learn that the larger spider is in conflict with the other three spiders. You can tell them to knock it off, don't do anything to see how it plays out, or attack the nearest spider. (If you pass the Religion/Persuasion checks, you can tell them to abandon the Duergar, so they won't join Duergar's fight.)

Past the Duergar torturer, you will find two Duergar, throwing Deep Gnome corpses to the water (X: -610 y: 409). Ask for loot on the corpses, and If you pass a Perception check (10), you can find something valuable on the bodies (includes a very rare ring Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands). The Duergar will ask you to lend them a hand or leave.



The Dig Site First Visit

dig site grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

You can find Sergeant Thrinn in a room with a Scrying Eye (X: -627, Y:319 ), she is working a group of Deep Gnomes to free True Soul Nere, who is trapped under rubble. This will give you Free True Soul Nere. If you have the Boots of Speed from Thulla you can give them to her, to receive a reward. 

You can interact with the Scrying Eye, if you pass the Wisdom check, you will realize that you are being seen. You can kill the Eye. The rest of the camp won't turn hostile if you do that.

You can talk to one of the Deep Gnomes working, and tell him that you are there because of Thulla, he will tell you to try to find Philomeen., who has charges capable of blowing up the rubble.

If you interact with the rubble, you will contact Nere telepathically, he tells you he's trapped and asks you to get him out of there. You can attempt a Perception check to see what he is seeing. If you fail, you will only see a blur.

You will have to find the explosives in order to clear the rubble. 

Take the big gate, behind the Sergeant. You will find two Duergar talking, about how a "small one" escaped with a barrel under her arm. The male Duergar recognizes you as a True Soul and tells you that Nere owes them gold.

You can attempt to deceive him (DC: 10), if you manage to do so, he offers you a deal. Manage to Free True Soul Nere and when you do, he and his friends will help you deal with him for a fat cut of gold. You can attempt another check, asking half the pay. Finally, he gives you the Find Explosives quest.

Find Explosives

Behind two Duergar throwing gnomes into the water, there is a big double iron door. You have to unlock it in order to enter. 

secret door grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you pass a Perception check at the end of the room, you will find a secret door, activate the button on its side, to open it and take the set of stairs up.

Before the stairs, you will find a chest on your right, you can loot an Arrow of Ice among other things, and head to your left. At the end of the hallway, there is another Perception check. By passing it, you will notice the loose stone.

Head up and you will have take another Perception check, if you pass it, you will notice that an ambush is incoming.

ochre ambush grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px
Three Ochre Jelly will come from the ceiling. Once defeated, keep going up through the stairs. Upstairs you can find a Trap Disarm Toolkit, an Arrow of Ice and an Arrow of Lightning.

Turn left and continue along the catwalk, when you reach the end, jump through the gap to the otherside, you will reach a locked intricate door. Unlock it (DC: 10) to reach the Contemplation Chamber. You can loot a Hand-drawn Map from a nearby backpack, to update the Quest Find the Explosives.

Move deeper into the chamber to find Philomeen (X: -539, Y: 468), standing near a smokepowder barrel. She threatens you as you get near because she doesn't trust you. There are a few options to attempt to convince her otherwise.

philomeen grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you fail to convince her, she will blow up the barrel dealing massive damage and probably wiping your entire party out. But if you manage to convince her, she offers you Runepowder Vial, or you can simply attack her to attempt to take the whole barrel. If you kill her, you have to pass a Dexterity check (DC:20) when you interact with the barrel.

There's a skeleton over a stone bed that can be looted to obtain a Pitted Key. (X:-534 Y: 476). If you head all the way to the opossite direction of where Philomeen was, you can find a Chasm Creeper (X: -566 Y: 468)

secret door explosives bg3 wiki guide

There are other explosives at (X: -587 Y: 390), behind a secret door.

Once you have the needed explosives. Return all the way back to the two Duergar throwing gnomes corpses into the water.

Past them, you can find a heavy chest that contains an Arrow of Darkness and an Arrow of Lightning. (X: -611 Y: 425).

Return to where the Duergar Torturer is, but this time take the first stairs you find, to your left. You will find two Duergar annoying a Deep Gnome (X -607: Y: 380), and asking for a drink refill. He tells you he won't be working to free True Soul Nere, and if you want to do that, you can do it yourself.

If you interact with the iron fence past the Duergar, the male will tell you that you won't last a second if you don't have one of Nere's Moonlanterns. Apparently, you will choke almost immediately if you attempt to go without one of Nere's Moonlanterns. 

However, you can decide to don't pay attention to the warning and head through the door. The Mysterious Artefact will save you if you attempt to do so withouth the Moonlantern.

If you decide to help the Deep Gnome, you can actually fight both these Duergar. You will earn a Wyvern Poison from the Gnome once you kill them.

Return to the waypoint, and take the stairs up, on your right there is a chest that contains some gold and an Arrow of Ice. (X: -650 Y: 367). Past it, turn right on the next corner, and meet two duergar interacting with what seems to be some crumbled statue. (X: -660 Y: 366).

Return to the Dig Site

Once you have the Runepowder Vial you can return to the Dig Site to free Nere (Alternatively, you can use black powder bag from the windmill and hands grenades). Throw the vial at the rubble and blow it off with a spell. Nere will come out and threaten the slaves. You can intervene, which leads to him doubting you and your reasons for doing that. Or you can  encourage him to kill them. If you do, he will taunt Sergeant Thrinn, and proceed to kill her if you don't support her.

nere free grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you talked to Brithvar previously, and made a deal with him, he will interrupt your conversation demanding to get paid. After this, True Soul Nere will ask you if you side with him or against him. 

Siding with Nere

  • By siding with Nere, you will have to fight Brithvar and five Duergar. Nere and the Sergeant are your allies during this fight if she wasn't killed in the previous interaction.
  • After the fight, Nere will attempt to kill the Deep Gnomes, you can do nothing, attack him, or attempt to enter his head to prevent him from killing the Gnomes (DC: 15). If you fail you will have to fight him.
  • After killing him you get 120 XP.

Siding with Brithvar

  • If you side with Brithvar, it is the other way around. You have to fight True Soul NereSergeant Thrinn, and her Duergar crew. After the fight, you can persuade him to free gnomes (DC: 10)

Stonemason Kith

Stonemason Kith, asks for your help. He asks you what you see in the rock and rubble surrounding the place. There are three possibilities to choose from,  each one tied to a different check that need to be passed. They are History (DC: 10), Investigation (DC: 10) and Perception (DC: 10).

After passing all three checks, you are ready to report your observations. After Stonemason Kith's speech, he gives you an Infernal Iron. You can also trade with him after the conversation. Keep going past the the Stonemason and along a corridor you will find a few skeletons on the floor, clad in the same dark armour. You can attempt a History check (DC: 10) to learn more about them. If you manage to do so, you learn that they once were Shar worshippers. 

Turn left and up the stairs, where there's a lone skeleton, turn left again, and walk through the catwalk to find a locked chest behind two archery targets. (X: -666 Y: 401). Keep advancing and take the path to the right, you will find an abandoned camp. You can go down slowly through the rift, and can loot Chasm Creeper. (X: -694 y: 410).

Get back again to the place where you can find the skeletons. Turn left, to find three Duergar lashing at some beasts to clear some rubble. If you pass Charisma Check (DC: 15) or 2 perception checks (DC: 5), he will tell you that there is Adamantine behind the rubble.

You can decide to fight the Duergar and his two henchmen, alongside the two Deep Rothe, if you want. To clear the rubble behind them you will need to use an explosive. To do so throw the Runepowder Vial at it and then ignite with a Fire Spell. (If you use Speak with Animals spell, you can convince the Rothe to clear the rubble and fight with you.)

runepowder on rubble grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Head past the archway, you will immediately find a Metallic Mask (X:-672, Y: 459). Take the stairs up and continue among the bunch of skeletons, turn right and keep heading up the ladders.

You will eventually find a broken bridge on your left, beware there's a trap near the edge, you have to pass a Perception check to find it. There's also an Orb of Darkvision on the bridge. Interacting with the orb will cause a character to say a voice line related to the orb and grant them Darkvision as if from the spell for 10 rounds, after which the character will take some damage when the effect ends. You can use Misty Step to reach the otherside, note that the other edge is also filled with traps.

To the right there's a long corridor filled with fire traps, midway through it you can take a ladder down, and interact with two levers that move a platform in the middle. There's also a chest containing gold. You can use the controls and the platform to move part of your team to the middle section of the level. If you want to keep your party together, a ranged attack such as from a bow can be used to trigger the levers from a distance.  You can find a Longsword Mould (X:-629, Y: 407).

Continue along the platform to find a skeleton that has a Dark Justiciar Mask (X:-625, Y:352), when you reach the end you will realize that if you don't have the means, you won't be able to reach the other side (Misty Step or improving Jump magically).

orb of darkvision grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If you decided or were able to send a character to the otherside, walk alonside the corridor, jumping when necessary. 

otherside traps grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

There is a big locked door, that once opened leads to a hall. Jump to the right of the stairs to reach the little room to loot a Skeleton (X: -592; Y:395). You can obtain a Harper Key from it and an Undelivered Letter. Jump back to the stairs and keep exploring.

harper key grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Upstairs and to the right, you will find a large door, behind it there are Enemies, but it is locked.

On a hanging skeleton (X:-566 Y:407), you can loot a Rusted Silver Key and on another skeleton, at the top of the stairs, besides the rubble, you can loot a Shield Mould (X: -559; Y: 410).
rusted silver key grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

With the Rusted Silver Key, you can open the locked door. A Merregon Legionnaire and 3 Hellsboar will be waiting for you at the otherside.

Once you defeat them, you can loot the chest at the side of the room to find Firestoker. (X: -579 Y: 382). On the altar at the back of the room, you can find a Rusted Key and an Old Letter among other stuff. But there's nothing else to do here.

There is another skeleton here that contains a Dark Justiciar Mail (X:-604 Y: 347). You can find a Map of Moonhaven near the skeleton. (X: -611 Y: 344).

Continue alongside the stairs, there is another skeleton at the end. You can loot a Scimitar Mould from it. (X: -607, Y: 322). Next to it, there are two levers. Use it to take the other part of the party forward. Use the right lever to evelate or lower the platform and the left one to move the platform back and forth. Once you are in position, make the platform party jump.

Move forward to the edge, and jump towards the rocks on your left. You will find the Mace Mould (x: -613, Y: 285). You can also find a Waypoint near the wall. (X: -609, Y: 284). Thera are again, a few skeletons lying on the ground.

 Head all the way left, and past the small stair case turn left and jump towards the edge to find Splint Mould (X: -597, Y: 309).  Now turn back and head to the right, you will be attacked by 4 Animated Armour.

Once they are defeated, you can calmly loot the Scale Mail Mould at (X:-621, Y: 260), climb the ropes behind it to loot a skeleton to obtain a Dark Justiciar Helm (X: -622, Y: 258). Head back down, and take the small path that goes downward, behind the previous location of the Animated Armours.

Climb down, preferably with a single character, to avoid the molten lava. Jump through the gap. You will enter the Ancient Temple area. There is a giant Mithral Vein that can be found at the edge, get near and attack it. You will obtain Mithral Ore when you manage to destroy it. There is not much else to do, here, turn back to the entrance of the forge.

mithral vein grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Alternate Way to enter the Forge

You can find a defaced statue of Shar at the Dig site that can be interacted with (X: -614, Y: 314). From there, if you have it available, you can use Misty Step over the edge, to reach the other side. This leads directly to the Forge. You can find a Waypoint closeby to relocate your group.

Heading to the Adamantine Forge

This time, go down the middle set of stairs. Halfway there, you can Jump to the left, to a rocky platform. Many Magma Mephit will appear attack you (Be careful when they are killed, they will explode and deal damage to surroundings). At the end of the fight there's another giant Mithral Vein.

second mithral vein grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

Return to the main stairs, and head down to enter the Forge itself. Jump to it, before touching anything, head to the circle located directly on your right, and jump to the other edge. Continue along the path to reach a lava filled room. 

Lava erupts and deals damage to your characters if they are near the edge. There is also a powerful Lava Elemental patrolling the zone.  Once the Lava Elemental is slain, the surounding lava will no longer bubble and splash.
lava elemental grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

On the "island" ahead, you can find a chest (X: -626, Y: 224), that contains a Sentient Amulet. When you grab the Amulet, it will talk to you. You will gain the quest Help the Cursed Monk. Return to the Forge

sentient amulet grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

 The Adamantine Forge can be used to create the following equipment:

  1. Adamantine Scale Mail
  2. Adamantine Mace
  3. Adamantine Shield
  4. Adamantine Scimitar
  5. Adamantine Splint Armour
  6. Adamantine Longsword

How to use the Forge to create Items

The Adamantine Forge can move between two different levels: High Level and Low Level. You'll need to move the Forge into the Lower level to be able to pour magma. To do so, place a mould into the chamber and a Mithral Ore into the Crucible. Interact with the Forge Lever and the anvil will hit, taking the Forge to the lower leve. Once you are in the lower level follow these steps to forge an item

  1. Interact with the Crucible and insert a Mithral Ore. This will allow you to use the Forge Lever to lower the Forge and start crafting. The Mithral Ore will be consumed when the process is complete.
  2. Interact with the Mould Chamber, and insert one of the Moulds you have: Scimitar MouldShield MouldMace MouldSplint MouldLongsword Mould, and Scale Mail Mould. The mold won't be consumed when you craft the item. You can extract the mold by interacting with the lever located next to the Mould Chamber, this will allow you insert a new mold.
  3. Pull the Lava Valve. This will cause the Forge to be surrounded by lava. Evade at all costs being caught up by the lava. Try to position your characters on the big surrounding circles to avoid suffering an immense amount of damage. Also notice that the first time you do this, you will summon a Golem called Grym
  4. Pull the Forge Lever, this will make a giant column to impact the mould chamber, forging the item you have put into the Mould Chamber in the process.
  5. Once the item is created, use the button located next to the Forge Lever, this will take the Forge back to the High Level area.
  6. You can repeat the process from step 1 by inserting a new Mithral Ore. Remember to swap the Mould if you want to create a different Item.

Fighting Grym

grym grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

As mentioned before, Grym, a massive  Level 8 golem will emerge once you pull the lava valve. It has a whooping 225 HP and can deal enormous amounts of damage. Your party earns 500 XP once you manage to defeat it, and you can loot the Grymskull Helm from its body.

You have to take into account a few things when fighting it:

  • When you activate the lava and Grym appears, your terrain will be limited to the Circles surrounding the "anvil" part of the forge. Avoid passing through the lava at all costs!
  • When Grym is standing on lava, it gains a status effect called Superheated. Only when this status effect is active you can damage the golem. This will cause Grym to become vulnerable to Bludgeoning damage, lower his Armour Class and make resistant to Thunder, Cold and Force. He will remain immune to all other elements.
  • Grym will attempt to attack the character that attacks it, (and hits it), first each turn and set it as "Prime Target". This can be exploited to use the anvil to deal massive damage to Grym
  • Position a character near the Forge Lever and,  another one near the anvil's strike position. Lure Grym there by attacking it with that character and, once the golem is in position, pull the Forge Lever. The anvil strikes down, dealing 100 points of damage aprox and leaving the golem Prone.
  • After Grym lose enough HP, some mephit will appear and attack.
  • If the Lava is removed, interact with the Lava Valvle to refill the chamber and force Grym to walk over it.
  • Grym won't take damage from the Anvil if he doesn't have the Superheated status effect.

 grym baldurs gate 3 wiki guide


Return to where you found Stonemaston Kith, and take the path behind him. Turn right to the cliff, and descend the cragged rock. If you suceed at a History check, you will notice that it is a Harper rune there. Keep heading towards the cliff and you will find three chests. one of them, the one on the right is labeled as a Toy Chest (X: -699 Y: 375). Grab it, and a Harper Stash (Trap DC 20, Lock DC 20) appears in between the three chests.If you interact with it. You will be ambushed by three Mimics.

Once defeated, you will find x91 Gold inside the Harper Chest, as well as Scroll of Evidence. Head back and climb the Cragged rock up again. This time take the stairs up next to you, and past a camp, you will reach a large wide area. 

Visiting the Dig Site after the Forge

If you took too long doing other tasks, like for example finding and working at the Forge. Eventually, the path will be cleared.

nere dead grymforge bg3 wiki guide 600px

If this was the case and you took too long, you will find Nere dead, alongside two deep gnomes slaves. Among some important items, such as the  Disintegrating Night Walkers and the Sword of Screams, you can find a Broken Moonlantern.

When you grab the latern, you realize it has no flicker. you can investigate the Lantern to learn that the lamp doesn't use fuel, but magic.

Behind the poison fumes, you can find a big locked door. When you manage to open, you will reach the Ancient Temple, but you won't be able to reach any other place from there.

Return to the elevator (X:-600 Y:382), and interact with it. This leads to the end of patch #6






Notable NPCs:





Arcane Tower  ♦  Blighted Village  ♦  Crèche K'liir  ♦  Dank Crypt  ♦  Defiled Temple  ♦  Druid Grove  ♦  Ebonlake Grotto  ♦  Emerald Grove  ♦  Goblin Camp  ♦  Ketheric City  ♦  Low Lantern  ♦  Makeshift Prison  ♦  Moonrise Towers  ♦  Nautiloid  ♦  Overgrown Tunnel  ♦  Owlbear Nest  ♦  Ramazith's Tower  ♦  Ravaged Beach  ♦  Secluded Cove  ♦  Selunite Outpost  ♦  Shattered Sanctum  ♦  Sorcerous Sundries  ♦  Sunlit Wetlands  ♦  The Festering Cove  ♦  The Risen Road  ♦  Tiefling Hideout  ♦  Underdark  ♦  Underground Passage  ♦  Village Depths  ♦  Whispering Depths  ♦  Zhentarim Hideout


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      You can use the black powder bag from the windmill and hands grenades to blow up Nere's wall instead of the philomeen's runepowder vial. (So you can keep the super-nuke for playing later hehe )

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        Just tiried it on March 10th, Druid Playthrough and when returning from Camp to Underdark Beach, the boat didnt appeared again. Boat didnt return or just bugged out since trying to do this Glitch bypassing Videosequence.

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            When you arrive there's an agro'ed Duergar standing underwater. You can't hit him with spells, ranged or most melee weapons. This forces turn based mode forever but I found if you have a weapon with 2.5 meter reach (a few 2Hers) you can hit and kill him.

            • I finally got to the battle on the boat you have to lose... one should try to kill everyone but one makes it there will be less agro on the beach

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