Dank Crypt

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Location Ravaged Beach
Suggest Level 2

Dank Crypt is a Location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Dank Crypt.


Dank Crypt Map

dank crypt map bg3 wiki guide min

dank crypt 2 map bg3 wiki guide min

 If you find this ruin too dark, use a torch. Or switch your controlling character to Shadowheart, as a half-elf she has Dark Vision.



Notes & Tips

Tips: Most Potions work if you simply throw it on other characters. For example, if you throw a Potion of Healing on a companion, then he or she will be healed. Works better if you stick your team members together and use one potion to cure the entire team.

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Tips: You can always carry a candle, place it before combats and use it for weapon dip. Extra fire damage can make a lot of combats much easier.

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(You need to pull the lever to open that door. Before you open it, you can move some crates to block the door, even create a bunker and use ranged attacks to put bandits down, if you have a wizard in your team, you can use the Grease spell to create a surface of oil and then lit it up. Burning can deal lots of damage to enemies, especially when they stand close.

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Behind the altar, there's a hidden lever to open the door without a keyhole, which leads to a deeper area of the ruin.

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(The above Sarcophagus contains an uncommon weapon and an engraved key. Open it will trigger the traps. However, you can place some objects like vase or crates above the vents to prevent them from producing unfavorable terrain. There is a button on the center pillar to the left of the crypt. It will turn off the fire trap. You will need to pass a perception check to see it.)

There is also a Soul Coin in this part of the crypt, inside one of the sarcophagus. 

On the other side of the sarcophagus, in one of the rooms, there's a chained book called Book of Dead Gods.  If you managed to open it by pass strength, dexterity, or intelligence checks, you get some scrolls. Succeeding in the religion check will reveal more information about this crypt. 

There is another Soul Coin in the sarcophagus. (X322, Y272)

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dank crypt2 bg3 wiki guide

Make your team combat-ready, before you press the hidden button at the left corridor, all the dead scribes will rise to fight you. (Note you can loot the dead before combat start, to make sure they are unarmed.) After putting them down, you can find a very rare amulet (The Amulet of Lost Voices) in the hidden room, along with a hooded undead, who claims to be the caretaker of this place. Lucky for you, he does not wish to fight, so loot the area (There is another soul coin in his coffin) and leave. (The Withers -- Hooded Skeleton will later appear in your camp, providing all kinds of services, reviving, Hirelings and character respec. )

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(You can leave this ruin using the ladder)

There are 2 Dirt Mounds at Chapel Entrance containing scrolls and other loot. Pass the survival check to reveal them.

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  • Bed Chamber


Notable NPCs




Background Objectives

The following background objectives can be completed at this Location:

  • If you acquire a Soul Coin for your personal collection, you will complete a Noble objective called Soul for Sale. 
  • Soul coins can be found inside the sarcophagus at key room X:-300 Y:325, the sarcophagus of Book of Dead Gods room X:-325 Y:-270, and the Rich Adored Sarcophagus.
  • The Watcher's Guide can be found inside a sarcophagus.
  • Unlock and read the Book of Dead Gods. The book of dead gods can be found in the Dank Crypt near the room where you find the Entombed Scribes. You have to pass a Check to open the lock and another check to examine the book closely. If you get both, complete this objective. By doing so you can complete Divinity Undone for the Acolyte and Secrets of the Sundering for the Sage background.
  • If you loot the chest located in a small room after fighting the Entombed Scribes, you will find The Amulet of Lost Voices. Loot it to complete The FInal Scribe's Boon, for the Acolyte background.



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      I snuck past the adventurer group and pressed the button that opens the door, to see how they'd react. They didn't. They just kept looking around. Lol

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        Fun fact: if you skip the Ruins the wither will still show up at the camp later. If you then go into the Ruins you wont be able to talk to the strange figure to progress teh quest "explore the Ruins"

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          If you don't have a way to disarm traps, you can split your party and go into turn based mode (shift + space), open the sarcophagus, loot it, then run to safety before the fire traps get you.

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