Arcane Tower

Location Underdark
Suggest Level 5

Arcane Tower is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Arcane Tower.


Arcane Tower Map

arcane tower map bg3 wiki guide


Notes & Tips

  • The arcane tower is at the southwest of the Underdark, however, its front gate is guarded by 2 arcane turrets. You can use Misty step or Feather Fall to climb the mushrooms on cliff near the arcane tower. (Note, these turrets can be disabled by Sussur Blossoms)
    arcane tower bg3 wiki guide
  • In order to Turn off the Arcane Turrets and activate the elevator, you need to reach the first floor of the Tower, and then combine Sussur Blossom with the generator. (You can find some at the backyard)
    arcane tower3 bg3 wiki guide
  • To access the basement of the arcane tower jump, you need to reach the top level first. But there is a small angle that you can jump down the gap of the wooden stairwell leading to the elevator.
    arcane tower2 bg3 wiki guide
  • Inside the basement, there are some Timmask Spore. (Removing the Parasite)
  • On the level of front entrance, there's a Chest of the Mundane. However if you passed the Arcane check, you will release that the chest has magic on it. Take all the items in that chest and they will turn into scrolls, and a boot MYSTRA'S GRACE.
  • On the top level of the Tower, there's the guardian. Chose "Or art thou friend, a rescue from my lonely wake?" so you can command him. (Found on a play in this tower)
  • arcane tower5 bg3 wiki guide
    There's a dog grove you can discover at the southwest of Sussur Tree (On a cliff of sorts overlooking the druegar beach), use a shovel to find the dog collar. Press the button on the third floor of Arcane Tower and your character notices the dog collar vibrates. It can now be equipped as an amulet, wear it and press the button again it will dispense food.

At the top of the tower you are greeted by its guardian Bernard who issues a line of poetry. If you have been reading the books and pieces of parchment within the tower the narrator will mention that you're familiar with it and this allows you to respond with a similar line "Or art thou friend...". This causes Bernard to accept 'commands'. These are limited to him responding with another line of poetry and then give you an item or perform an action. 

The following is a list of things you can say to him; provided you found the book or parchment that contained the poetry:

  • "How can I trust..." = Bernard walks over to the table and puts down a ring Guiding Light
  • "There is a light..." = Bernard turns hostile and will attack
  • "The silence stretches on..." = Bernard offers you a hug
  • "These empty sheets are all..." = Bernard gives you a Potion ofGreater Healing (the note for this option is on the table next to him)

Equipping the Guiding Light ring and walking back to the elevator reveals a button leading to a secret basement level that has a diary belonging to the owner of the tower as well as a powerful Staff of Arcane Blessing.




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Notable NPCs:

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    • Anonymous

      Just go up with 1 characher and then agro them and go down to the basement and you cannot be thrown off the tower. bring a sussar petal too.

      • Anonymous

        Arcane Cannons can also be disabled by dropping a Sussur Blossom next to them (the cannon has to be within the aura effect)

        • Anonymous

          "These empty sheets are all..." gave Scroll of Prayer of Healing not Potion of Flying, may have changed in patches

          • Bernard has several commands. These are all related to parts of poems you can find in books/parchments around the tower.

            One command gives you a hug, another gives you a Potion of Flight, yet another gives you "Guiding Light" (a ring that can cast Light), and one command that causes him to attack you.

            Equipping the "Guiding Light" ring and walking back to the elevator reveals a button leading to a secret basement level that has a diary belonging to the owner of the tower as well as a powerful "Staff of Arcane Blessing".

            • Anonymous

              there is a button by the window in the bedroom, what does that do? your character comments something about the ring you can get from the guardian revealing its magic.

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