Quest Items in Baldur's Gate 3 are Books and letters that provide Lore about the word of Baldur's Gate 3 and usually can be obtained through exploration, and looting it from specified areas of a Location, killing Enemies, and are given by NPCs



Quest Items Information




Mysterious  Artefact
It's engraved with pulsating runes. Something stirs within. ??

Elaborate Key
A beautifully wrought golden key, plucked from a bloody corpse.

Elaborate Key opens the Elaborate Reliquary next to Shadow Heart and the Mind Flyer Pods in the Nautiloid.


Engraved Key

Black ink stains blot the handle of this key. Found in sarcophagus within a long-forgotten chapel.  

Engraved Key opens the Heavy Oak Doors in Dank Crypt
Heavy Key
Heavy Key
A heavy iron key found on the corpse of along-dead scribe. Heavy Key opens Ancient Door in Dank Crypt

Bandit's Key
Held by a bandit guarding the entrance of cliffside chapel ??
Iron Cell Key
A weighty key held by a tiefling refugee. Iron Cell Key opens the cell where Sazza is locked.
Storage Key
A metal key held by a tiefling refugee. Two notches have been carved in the handle. Storage Key opens the storage (X:200 Y:577) at Druid Grove
Cabinet Key
A small, simply key, like the ones made for closets and cabinets. Found in a chest in the Druid Grove. Cabinet Key opens the cabinet in the Druid Grove storage (X:200 Y:577)
Charred Key
A singed silver key held by a long-dead corpse in druid cave.

Charred Key opens the Heavy Chest in Underground Passage.

Shiny Key
A polished key found wedged into a bluejay's nest.

Shiny Key opens the Shiny Box in Druid Grove.

Rune of the Wolf
A dusty clay tablet, portraying a wolf.

Rune of the Wolf opens the Hidden Vault in Emerald Grove, at Druid Grove.

Old Key
Though this key is half-eaten by rust, its bit remains intact. Found in an abandoned village.

Old Key opens the Shabby Wooden Doors at Blighted Village.

Goblin's Drawing
 A childlike charcoal drawing of three stick figures.

Mark the Goblin Camp in the map.

Lorroakan's Contract
A tattered, well-handled bill posted to recruit adventurers.

Activate the Quest Find the Nightsong

Highcliff's Blueprints
Intricate blueprints for three impressive-sounding weapons.

Used to forge Sussur weapons.

Stamped Handbill
A tattered, well-handled bill posted to recruit adventures.

Used to forge Sussur weapons.

Sussur Tree Bark
A piece of tough bark from a Sussur Tree. Holding it leaves a dull tingling in your fingers.

Used to forge Sussur weapons.

Priestess' Key
The star-like symbol etched into the handle of this key is nearly worn away.  
Padlock Key
A flimsy iron key found within a goblin-infested temple.  
Eldritch Rune
A strange energy buzzes through this alien object. You are sure you've never seen any of the like, yet part of you recognises it as a component of some bigger machine. Used to free Shadowheart from her pod in the Nautiloid.

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