Ammunition in Baldur's Gate 3 are items used to inflict damage to enemies and can usually can be obtained through exploration, and looting it from specified areas of a Location, killing Enemies, and are given by NPCs.



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arrow of fire ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Fire
Arrow Though it doesn't radiate any heat, this arrow's point will singe any flesh it touches.   +1d4 fire damage & create a fire surface
arrow of ice ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Ice


Vapour curls off the point of the arrowhead like breath on a winter day +1d4 ice damage & create an ice surface
arrow of lightning ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Lightning


Threadlike bolts of electricity are across the arrowhead the moment this arrow is nocked. +1d4 lightning damage & electrified blood and water
arrow of roaring thunder ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Roaring Thunder


When knocked, this arrow vibrates and emits a faint but distinctive crackle. Chance to push the target
arrow of acid ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Acid


Corrodes and disfigures whatever it touches. +1d4 acid damage & create an acid surface
arrow of darkness ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Darkness


Black as the Styx, beautiful as a starless night. Creates a Darkness surface wherever it strikes.
arrow of ilmater ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Ilmater


Named by a cleric of loviatar for her own amusement. Deals a bonus 1d4 Necrotic damage and prevents the target from regaining hitpoints until the next turn.
caustic bulb ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Caustic Bulb
Throw Soft to the touch and covered with a thin layer of colorless slime.  Creates a puddle of caustic brine that deals 1d4 Acid damage per turn.
grease bottle food and drinks baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Grease Bottle
Throw The pale sludge within this bottle doesn't pour easily, oozing out in fatty clumps instead.  Creates a flammable grease surface that is difficult terrain and can cause characters to fall Prone. 
alchemist's fire potions baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Alchemist's Fire
Throw Shapes swirl and glow behind the glass, liquid embers folding into and around each other.  Deals 1d4 Fire damage per turn to any creature it hits.
void bulb throw item baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Void Buld
Throw The numerous section cups on this ball expand and constrict rhythmically, as if breathing - they latch on to anything they can get hold of. Creates a force that pulls in all nearby unfixed items.
spiked bulb food baldursgate3 wiki guide 150px
Spiked Buld
Throw A sticky, saplike substance trickles down the spikes of this bulb. 1d4 Piercing in a moderate area + 1d4 Bleeding for 1 turn.
arrow of teleportation ammunition baldursgate3 wiki guide 64px
Arrow of Teleportation
Arrow Some archers claim that these arrows switch places with one another when placed in the same quiver. Teleport the target to a random location within range.
Holy Water
Throw A splash of the sacred for those in need. Deals 2d6 Radient damage to fiends and undead.
poisonous slime bomb ammnition baldursgate3 wiki guide 150px
Poisonous Slime Bomb
Throw A Soft ball of green slime. Thick drops slide down your fingers, stringing your skin. Will Encomber Tav

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