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Daggerroot Bundle
Known as 'the executioner's garmish, this herb flourishes in blood-fed soil and has flavoured countless final meals.  ??
Mergrass Bundle
Mergrass Bundle
Found near water, these tough, inflexible reeds make a fine building material and an excellent hiding place.  ??

Mugwort Bundle
A bane of farmers and gardeners, this quick-growing weed reappears mere days after being cut. ??
Balsam Bundle
Balsam Bundle
Since balsam thrives on high mountaintops, the petals of this spindly flower can be carried for miles on a strong wind.  ??

Weavemoss Bundle
Colloquially known as Wizard's Beard, this lichen can grow wherever the Weave is strong.  ??
Wispweed Bundle
Said to be the hair of travellers who sank in the swamps, Wispweed in mostly harmless. ??

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