Druid Grove

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Druid Grove is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Druid Grove.


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Notes & Tips

  • If you saved Nadira from the Bugbear Assassin, she may reward you with a Soul Coin.
  • A book named Soul Coin: Treaties can be found in a locked room in the grove. (near makeshift prison)
  • You can talk to Timber - the local squirrel, and scare her off.
  • You can let the Tiefling kill the captured goblin or not, your decision may earn some approval of your companions.
  • druid_grove2-bg3-wiki-guide
    Near the makeshift prison, there's a platform you can jump on. Succeed in perception check will reveal a hidden door, which leads to Underground Passage. (The escape route for quest Save the Goblin Sazza)
  • risen_road-bg3-wiki-guide
    (You can jump to the Risen Roads using feather fell spell, there you can find a wounded Tiefling, quest Hunt the Devil)
  • If you successfully save Druid Halsin and killed all the goblin leaders, he will give you a Rune of the Wolf. Use it to open the secret room in enclave library.

  • Place the Wolf Rune, then activate all the runes will open the entrance to Hidden Vault. There you can find Sorrow (Rare 2-handed Melee Weapon), Robe of Summer (Rare Clothing) and Wyvern Poison (Rare potion, coat weapon).
  • enclave2-bg3-wiki-guide
    (In the enclave, you can find Kagha's Chest. There's a letter that proves she is working with shadow druid, and the meeting place is at Putrid Bog. Blackmail option?)
  • Once you saved Entranced Child at the beach, (quest Investigate the Beach) talk to Doni, he will show you the entrance to Tiefling Hideout. If you helped Tieflings enough, Mol will give you the quest Steal the Sacred Idol.
  • The three rats in Emerald Grove are actually undercover Shadow druids. If you found evidence that Kagha is working with them (In a tree Crevice in Sunlit Wetlands), you can confront Kagha about it. Succeed in persuasion checks (15 and 5) to convince Kagha to fight at your side. 
  • amulet_of_silvanus-bg3-wiki-guide-min
    Near the fishing bear, there's an Amulet of Silvanus under a rock.





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    • Anonymous

      26 Feb 2021 08:21  

      How does one unlock Kahga's Chest? Lockpicking is impossible (even with a character with proficiency in thieves tools), bashing it destroys it and everything in it, and it is locked.

      • 24 Oct 2020 06:45  

        According to this article:
        "Another soul coin can be found in a locked room in the grove. (near makeshift prison)" - I don't think that's right. I cannot locate it, at least. There is a book called Soul Coins: Treatise.

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