The Camp is a special feature of Baldur's Gate 3 (BG 3). The Camp also serves as a temporary shelter for you and your Companions. You can also invite other NPCs to stay at a camp and there are some quests that can only be advanced once you've rested at a Camp. When your characters use their spells slots, they need to rest at camp to refresh them. You can also interact with your companions at the Camp and do actions such as discussing the Quests or advancing Romances. You can fast travel to the campsite anytime outside battles, arriving campsite this way triggers the day-time version of the location.


Baldur's Gate 3 Camp Guide

Camp Overview

As mentioned above, a Camp is your temporary shelter where you and your Companions can rest. You can also invite other NPCs to stay at a camp, and certain quests can only progress after you've rested at a camp. Resting at a camp is essential for refreshing your character's spell slots. You can interact with your Companions within a camp, engage in discussions about Quests, and have deeper interactions with certain companions to further romantic relationships.

Interact with your Companions

Besides resting at a Camp, you will have the opportunity to interact with your Companions on a more personal level. Engage in conversations and get to know them better. You will also see an exclamation mark above your companion's head that may indicate a new important conversation. You can also receive unique companion quests that can be advanced or resolved within a Camp. Take your time in getting to know your companions and learn more about them, this can strengthen your bond with them.

Manage your Party

The Camp is the best place to strategize and recuperate from your last combat engagement. It is also the best place to make important decisions about your next course of action. Try to discuss quest options and choose your dialogue options wisely as this can significantly impact the story. You will have the option to change the current members of your active party. To make a Companion stay within a Camp, simply initiate a conversation with them and ask them to stay there, and they will leave the party. Conversely, you can also ask a companion to join you. Do note that asking a companion to join you will end in a positive response only if your active team doesn't consist of 4 people already.

Romancing Companions in Baldur's Gate 3

The Camp is the best location to strengthen your bond and grow your relationships with your Companions. While you're at the Camp(while you are resting), you can engage in deeper interactions and conversations with them. As your companions' confidence in you grows, you will have the chance to initiate romantic dialogues, commencing a potential romance. Successfully initiating a romantic relationship with a Companion will unlock new dialogue options that can potentially lead to deeper intimacy. Many romance events can only trigger during long rest, if you take too few long rests, some events may get skipped. You can visit the Romance Guide page to learn more about the different romanceable characters and how you can romance them in Baldur's Gate 3.

How do I set up a Camp in Baldur's Gate 3?

To set up camp, you need to select the Long Rest option located within the campfire icon on the right side of the UI. You would also need 40 Camp Supplies in order to take a Long Rest and this will fully restore your Hit Points and Spell Slots. A Short Rest will not require you to spend any Camp Supplies but it will only restore your Hit Points and Spell Slots to a certain degree.

It is important to take note that if you select Long Rest, the game will advance into the next day, this will restore your Character and Companions' HP and remove any negative status effects applied to any of them. You need to be careful not to have any time-sensitive quests active when you choose the Long Rest option as it will automatically fail.

In Baldur's Gate, you can rent a place at Elfsong Tavern to serve as your camp.

Inventory Management

Within the Camp, there is what's called a Storage Box. You can put all unwanted items within the box without fear that they will be lost from your inventory. Your party can easily be overloaded with items and the Storage Box is a great way to deal with the inventory limit. It is recommended that you put unnecessary heavy objects within the storage box, this includes some weapons and armor that you don't currently need at the moment.

Equip and manage your gear and manage your items efficiently. Properly equipping your character and companions will greatly enhance your party's combat capabilities and overall effectiveness.

You can place items and containers in a camp, but if you move to another camp, these items will not be moved to new camp.

Unique NPC appearances within the Camp

There are certain NPCs that you will meet as you progress through the game that may appear in the camp. This will usually occur if you've met a certain NPC and invited them to your Camp. For example, you will find Withers (The Hooded Skeleton) during the quest Explore the Ruins. This NPC is impossible to miss and will eventually show up in your camp. Withers can then offer his services of resurrecting a fallen companion for 200 Gold.

Taking a Rest in Baldur's Gate 3

Resting in Baldur's Gate 3, whether or not it be at Camp, will be your main means of replenishing depleted resources. There are three types of rests, each with varying lengths, requirements, and benefits.

A Short Rest is, as its name implies, a period in which your party takes a quick break from adventuring. Taking a short rest will advance the in-game time by 15 minutes and does not have any supply requirements. Short Rests are great for recovering certain resources, particularly Hit Points (HP), without needing to retreat from the area, and you can take one at anytime while out of combat by clicking on the closed eye icon in the top right of your screen, by the map. In D&D, you would be able to recover Health by spending a number of Hit Dice determined by your class. However, in Baldur's Gate 3, you will heal half your maximum Hit Points during a Short Rest instead.

Besides HP, some Classes will regain charges of their special class Actions/Features on a Short Rest. Warlocks, for instance, are the only spell casters that can fully replenish their used Spell Slots on a Short Rest. Other notable Features that replenish on a short rest are Paladin's and Cleric's abilities to summon the holy power of their Oath/Deities through Channel Oath and Channel Divinity respectively, and the Fighter's ability to regain Actions through Action Surge. Weapon-specific Actions, such as Backbreaker for Warhammers, are also replenished on a short rest. If you are unsure about which Actions come back on a Short rest, be sure to check it's description or hover over it's icon on your HUD.

You only have two 'charges' of Short Rests, after which you will have to take a Long Rest to regain both charges, or have a Bard perform the Song of Rest to replenish one charge.

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Before taking a Long Rest, you must fast travel back to Camp by clicking on the campfire icon on the top right of your screen. You can fast travel at any time and place, so long as you are out of combat and there are no visible threats in the vicinity. When in Camp, interact with a Bedroll to open up a menu and choose to spend 40 Supplies to take a Long Rest. This will fast forward the game to the next day, so make sure you're keeping track of any time-sensitive quests that are currently active. Each Food & Drink, as well as Supply Pack, provides the party with a varying number of Camp Supplies.

Taking a Long Rest will fully restore the party's Hit Points (HP) and Spell Slots, as well as any Actions, Spells or Features that have charges or 'cooldowns', and Items with special uses. This is also the prime time to advance your Companion Quests and view unique cutscenes with them. Do note that in Early Access, you can only encounter one cutscene/bonding moment with each Companion per Long Rest, even if you took steps to be eligible for more. To view more Camp cutscenes with your Companions, you will have to take more Long Rests.

If you are low on Camp Supplies and have no means to get some more, or if you don't have any need for the full effect of a Long Rest, when interacting with a Bedroll, you can choose to take a Partial Long Rest instead. You do not need to spend any Camp Supplies for a Partial Rest, but all party members will only recover half their maximum Hit Points (like during a Short Rest), and half of their maximum Spell Slots. Time will pass as if you've taken a Long Rest, but any missing Short Rest charges will not be replenished. This is a decent option to take if you're not hurting for more HP or Spell Slots, but still want to return to camp to rest and interact with your Companions.



Baldur's Gate 3 Camp Information

Can be invited to camp

Withers (The hooded skeleton) you find in quest Explore the Ruins will appear in camp and provide revival services. He can also respec your characters, and provide Hirelings.

Scratch, the dog you find outside Blighted Village will also appear in camp, pet him to get the approval of your companions.

Alfira, the bard you inspired at Druid's Grove, will join your Camp if MC is a Dark Urge origin character. She will be killed that night unless you knock her unconscious before that triggers. In that case, another NPC named Quil will show up and gets killed.

Scleritas Fel will appear after Alfira's death, and starts Dark Urge's personal quest The Urge.

Volo, the storyteller will appear in the camp after you save him in Rescue Volo.

Owlbear Cub, In a cave near the entrance of Moonhaven. The player has to enter, meet the Owlbear's mother, then leave and enter again. Later can be found being chased in the Goblin Camp. Pass Animal Handling checks, win the chase, deal with the goblins by persuasion (18), or psionic power and you can take it to your Camp.

Barcus Wroot from quest Save the Grymforge Gnomes. (Early Access)

Oathbreaker Knight, will appear to Paladins who have broken their oath, and remain until paid to renew it.

Elminster will visit camp after ACT 1 to give Gale a way to control his condition, and a quest from Mystra herself.

Thaniel joins your camp if you restored him with the help of Halsin.

Arabella, if you saved her in Act 1, you can recruit her to your camp at Rethiwin graveyard.

Isobel, servant of Selune and daughter of Ketheric will join your camp after ACT 2 if you helped her free her lover and lifted the shadowcurse.

Dame Aylin, the Nightsong joins your camp if you speared her life and defeated Ketheric.

Shadowheart's Parents, after you saved them in the Daughter of Darkness quest.

Duke Ravengard, after you saved him in Iron Throne.

Mizora, after you break or reinstate Wyll's contruct.

Yenna, the little girl you met in Rivington. (Depending on your game, she can be a potential hostage of Orin.)


Camp Events

Gale grooms himself through a mirror image and explains the process of Ceramorphisis.

Raphael, a devil will visit you during one of the nights. And propose to remove the parasite in your head (Quest Removing the Parasite).

Astarion bites your neck, if you don't stop him that may cause your death.

After several days of traveling, your dream lover (created in the Character Creation process) will appear in your dreams. However, that's actually the tadpole talking using the image in your brain.

Shadowheart feels weird (post Shar worship revealed).

Astarion stares at a mirror giving you the option to describe his face.

Wyll reveals his pact.

Gale reveals his condition.

After saving the druid Halsin and killing all of the Goblin leaders (Save the Refugees), the Tieflings will hold a party at camp. You can invite one of your companions to spend the night with you at the party. (can greatly increase approval).

If you sided with goblins, the celebration will be a lot different, however, you may invite Minthara - the Drow Cleric - to spend the night with you.

If you refuse to pay ogre trio, they may ambush you at your camp.

In Act 3, Orin may ambush your camp and take a hostage. (Could be Halsin, Laezel, Gale or Yenna.)

Magic Mirror

Can be interacted with to change the appearance of a custom player character or a hireling, but not origin characters. Interacting with the Magic Mirror brings up the "customize your appearance" section of the character creation interface.

The mirror does not allow changing the character's race, subrace (if applicable), or body type, nor does it allow reverting the appearance changes caused by certain plot choices. 



 When you left Act 2 and head for Baldur's Gate, some Githyanki monks will ambush your camp at night. You don't need to defeat them, just need to reach the portal within 3 turns.

Your team will then be teleported to Astral Plane. The dream visitor that helped you shield Absolute's will finally reveal its true identity, a rogue mind flayer named Emperor. You have to aid him against the Githyankis or the game ends. (Laezel does not like the idea of helping Mind Flayers, using her to initiate dialogue can prevent her to fight against you.)


Companion Interaction


Astarion may try to suck your blood during sleep, allowing him to continue earns you a lot of his approval.



If Shadowheart is not recruited at the Overgrown Ruins or the Druid Grove, she will appear on a random night.  She will complain of voices telling her to find you and will attempt to kill you.  She can be persuaded to not attack and can be recruited then.





After several nights traveling together, Gale will tell you about his situation. (Quest The Wizard of Waterdeep)

Every few days, you need to give Gale some magical artifact to treat his condition. (You can choose which artifact)








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        I go to the camp and change the group. When I wake up I never return to the spot I was when I pressed the camp button.
        If I don't change the group I wake up where I pressed the camp button.

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