Resting is a mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3. Long Rest can be used when out of combat to recover all Hit Points and all used Spell Slots and Actions. Using Long Rest will finish the day. Note that Long Resting oftentimes trigger interactions with Companions that will progress their story arch.

Long Rest in Baldur's Gate 3 

Long Rest

Perform a Long Rest by interacting with the Long Rest button located on the top right part of the screen, on the right part of the Mini Map. A Camp will automatically be set up in a nearby safe-area. Interacting with a bedroll, the campfire, or using the Long Rest button again ends the day and restores all of the following:

40 Supplies/Food is required, 80 in Tactician mode. Food has a small additive value that is used to reach the supply requirement, whereas the "Camp Supplies" item will automatically grant 40 points.

Partial Long Rest

Alternatively, a Partial Long Rest is performed by expending less than the required amount of Camp Supplies. A partial rest will only restore the following:

  • Half your Hit Points.
  • Half your Spell Slots.




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    • Anonymous

      Most broken feature in the game because all you need is camping supplies which is a non issue if you rob vendors dry everytime they restock after a long rest. Just have aldarion wear smuggler's ring, get guidance and you can rob almost every item in the game.

      unless you are on timed quests, nothing stops you from spamming this feature.

      • Anonymous

        There may be some quests/events that progress if you long rest.

        Trying to avoid spoilers:

        There were some people trapped in a cave being harassed by gnolls. The people in the cave were throwing alchemical fire to keep the gnolls away. I long rested to get some spells back and when I came back, the people were dead and the gnolls were inside.

        • Anonymous

          One short rest per long rest is just not enough for warlocks to be balanced.
          We need at least 2/LR and even better 3/LR.

          I love warlocks, but right now they are just eldritch blast machienes/ worse archers.

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