Long Rest is a mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3. Long Rest can be used when out of combat to recover all the HP and all used Spells and Actions. Using Long Rest will finish the day.


Long Rest in Baldur's Gate 3 

How to use Long Rest

Long Rest can be used when out of combat to recover HP and restore all Spells and Actions.

In order to take a Long Rest, press on the Long Rest Icon located on the top right part of the screen, on the right part of the Mini-Map. A camp will be set up at your current position and you can interact with the Bedrolls to finish the current day. Note that to take a Long Rest you need to have Camp Supplies at your disposal. 


What is Recovered when performing a Long Rest?

When the Long Rest is used, Characters from your party restore all Health Points. Spells and Actions are also restored.

You can hover your mouse over used spells, to learn if they require a Long Rest or a Short Rest to be recovered.

Partial Rest

If you’re low on supplies, you can opt to take a Partial Rest instead. This only restores a portion of your HP and Spell Slots, but it won’t use up any food.

Moreover, your party will also be teleported into different campsites, depending on the location. You no longer magically exit the Underdark when you want to take a nap. Larian has made Mini Camps near major landmarks, such as the Chapel near the Ravaged Beach or the Underdark.




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    • Anonymous

      One short rest per long rest is just not enough for warlocks to be balanced.
      We need at least 2/LR and even better 3/LR.

      I love warlocks, but right now they are just eldritch blast machienes/ worse archers.

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