Merchants for Baldur's Gate 3 are various NPCs that players may find as the story progresses. Players will be able to buy certain items and as well as trading a variety of goods and resources that have been gathered or are no longer needed for a certain amount of gold. You can find detailed information on a merchant's location and more on each individual page linked below.

Merchant Inventory Resets

Many Merchants in Baldur's Gate 3 have a partially randomised selection of items on sale from their overall item pool. This primarily applies to ScrollsPotionsFood, and Weapons with a +1 enhancement bonus. Merchants will reset their inventory if the player either levels up (the reset occurs when the player completes their level up, rather than on recieving sufficient experience) or if the player completes a Long Rest.

Resetting a Merchant's inventory will generate a new selection of items from their overall item pool, as well as restocking any non-randomised items the player has purchased. Certain items, generally those with unique names, are not restocked upon either levelling up or completing a Long Rest.

Merchant selling and buying prices

Merchants will not buy or sell items at their listed value, instead the prices offered by Merchants will vary based on both the currently selected character's Charisma and the Attitude of the Merchant towards the currently selected character. By default (with 10 Charisma and 0 Attitude) Merchants will sell items to the player for 250% of their real value, and buy items from the player for 40% of their real value.

These prices will be change if the currently selected character has higher or lower Charisma or Attitude.

Merchant's Attitude can be increased by completing a trade with them that is unbalanced in their favour. This can be achieved by attempting to sell an item and then removing the gold from their side of the transcation by double clicking it. Giving a Merchant 200 gold, or items they would purchase from you for 200 gold, is enough to take their Attitude from 0 to 100. 

Merchant's Attitude can be decreased by doing the opposite; trying to complete a trade with them that is unbalanced in your favour. This will initially have no effect but after you try for a third time, will start to decrease their Attitude by 15 each time.


Merchant Selling Price

The price at which a Merchant sells items to the player changes linearly based on both factors: 

  • Charisma Modifier: Each +1, or -1, change to the player's charisma modifier will decrease, or increase, the Merchant's selling price by 10% respectively.
  • Attitude: 1 point of positive, or negative, attitude towards the player will decrease, or increase, the Merchant's selling price by 0.5% respectively. Positive attitude with NPCs is capped at +100, while negative attitude with friendly NPCs is capped at -45.

This information is shown in the following table:

Merchant Sell Prices -45 Attitude 0 Attitude 25 Attitude 50 Attitude 75 Attitude 100 Attitude
-2 Modifier 292.5% 270% 257.5% 245% 235.5% 220%
-1 Modifier 282.5% 260% 247.5% 235% 225.5% 210%
0 Modifier 272.5% 250% 237.5% 225% 212.5% 200%
+1 Modifier 262.5% 240% 227.5% 215% 202.5% 190%
+2 Modifier 252.5% 230% 217.5% 205% 192.5% 180%
+3 Modifier 242.5% 220% 207.5% 195% 182.5% 170%
+4 Modifier 232.5% 210% 197.5% 185% 172.5% 160%


Merchant Buying Price

The price at which a Merchant will buy items from a player also changes based on the player's Charisma Modifier and the Merchant's Attitude towards the player, however the exact formula for these changes are currently unknown.

Additionally, attempting to sell different items may cause the following values to round differently. The following values were gathered from the price at which a Merchant would buy a Greatsword +1 (Value: 1000GP), while attempting to sell 10xPurple Flourite Crystals (Value: 100GP each, 1000GP total) caused the price to be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Currently known values are shown in the following table:

Merchant Buy Prices -45 Attitude 0 Attitude 25 Attitude 50 Attitude 75 Attitude 100 Attitude
-2 Modifier 34.2%  37%  38.8% 40.8%   43%  45.5%
-1 Modifier  35.4% 38.5% 40.4%  42.6%   44.9% 47.6% 
0 Modifier  36.8% 40%  42.1% 44.4%  47.1%   50%
+1 Modifier  38.1% 41.7% 44%   46.5%  49.4% 52.6% 
+2 Modifier  39.6% 43.5%  46%  48.8%  51.9% 55.6% 
+3 Modifier  41.2% 45.5%  48.2% 51.3%   54.8% 58.8%
+4 Modifier  43% 47.6%  50.6% 54.1%   58% 62.5%


Baldur's Gate 3 Merchants


mattis npcs baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

Collector of valuable items at Druid Grove.

dammon merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px2

A trader at Druid Grove.

arron merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

A Trader at Druid Grove.

brem merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px


grat the trader merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px
Grat The Trader

A goblin trader at Goblin Camp.


blurg npc baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px min

A Trader at Underdark, Myconid Colony.

  derryth npc baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px min
Derryth Bonecloak

A Trader at  Underdark, Myconid Colony.
  volo npcs baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

A Trader at  Druid Grove or  Camp.
cyrel npcs baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px 

A Trader at The Risen Road, Toll House.





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    • Anonymous

      Besides charisma and attitude, selling and buying prices also seem to be influenced by the type and amount of charisma based skills you have / are proficient in (or perhaps it's just the skill values) (patch 9).
      1) At attitude 100, a +1 heavy crossbow can be bought by a 20 charisma warlock with +5 deception/intimidation/persuasion and +8 performance for a price of 1800 out of 1200 (150% buying price).
      2) At attitude 100, the same +1 heavy crossbow is bought for 1440/1200 (120%) by a sorcerer with 20 charisma but +8 in deception/intimidation/persuasion and +5 in performance.
      So apparently some or all of the skills further influence buying and selling prices. There's also videos on youtube showing performance influences them - but that was from an older patch (7 or 8).
      Furthermore, the prices for maximum merchant attitude have increased dramatically with patch 9. Ranging from at least around 1000g up to 2300g (was the highest i've seen so far).

      • Brem, the Zhentarim, sells you some magic items, but only if you help Zhentarim band with the quest "Finding the missing shipment".

        He offered me:
        The Whispering Promise ring. Volo offers the same ring in your camp.
        Studded Leather Armour +1.
        And Longbow+1, Dagger+1, Greatsword+1 and Warpick+1. They might be ramdon.

        The merchant Roah Moonglow, who is Zhentarim, gives you a discount too.

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