Merchants for Baldur's Gate 3 are various NPCs that players may find as the story progresses. Players will be able to buy certain items and as well as trading a variety of goods and resources that have been gathered or are no longer needed for a certain amount of gold. You can find detailed information on a merchant's location and more on each individual page linked below.

Merchant Inventory Resets

Many Merchants in Baldur's Gate 3 have a partially randomized selection of items on sale from their overall item pool. This primarily applies to ScrollsPotionsFood, and Weapons with a +1 enhancement bonus. Merchants will reset their inventory if the player either levels up (the reset occurs when the player completes their level up, rather than on receiving sufficient experience) or if the player completes a Long Rest.

Resetting a Merchant's inventory will generate a new selection of items from their overall item pool, as well as restocking any non-randomized items the player has purchased. Certain items, generally those with unique names, are not restocked upon either levelling up or completing a Long Rest.

Merchant selling and buying prices

Merchants will not buy or sell items at their listed value, instead, the prices offered by Merchants will vary based on both the currently selected character's Charisma and the Attitude of the Merchant towards the currently selected character. By default (with 10 Charisma and 0 Attitude) Merchants will sell items to the player for 250% of their real value, and buy items from the player for 40% of their real value.

These prices will be changed if the currently selected character has higher or lower Charisma or Attitude.

Merchant's Attitude can be increased by completing a trade with them that is unbalanced in their favour. You can also gift items and gold to the merchant, without asking their items or gold in return. The increase in attitude you get with the trade depends on the gold value the merchant "profited" and the character's level. The higher the character's level, the more gold you need to give to shift their attitude. At 1st level, each 4 gp in the merchan't favor increases their attitude by 1.

The most optimized way to max out the merchant's attitude is to, first, pay 100 gp to reset the character to level 1, then gift 400 gp to the merchant as a level 1 characeter.

Merchant's Attitude can be decreased by doing the opposite; trying to complete a trade with them that is unbalanced in your favour. This will initially have no effect but after you try for a third time, will start to decrease their Attitude by 15 each time.

 Note: Each merchant has a different attitude level toward each character. Only the Attitude and Persuasion of the character that initiated the trade is taken into consideration, even if you change character in the trade interface.

Merchant Selling Price

The price at which a Merchant sells items to the player changes linearly based on both factors: 

  • Charisma Modifier: Each +1, or -1, change to the player's charisma modifier will decrease, or increase, the Merchant's selling price by 10% respectively.
  • Attitude: 1 point of positive, or negative, attitude towards the player will decrease, or increase, the Merchant's selling price by 0.5% respectively. Positive attitude with NPCs is capped at +100, while negative attitude with friendly NPCs is capped at -45.

This information is shown in the following table:

Merchant Sell Prices -45 Attitude 0 Attitude 25 Attitude 50 Attitude 75 Attitude 100 Attitude
-2 Modifier 292.5% 270% 257.5% 245% 235.5% 220%
-1 Modifier 282.5% 260% 247.5% 235% 225.5% 210%
0 Modifier 272.5% 250% 237.5% 225% 212.5% 200%
+1 Modifier 262.5% 240% 227.5% 215% 202.5% 190%
+2 Modifier 252.5% 230% 217.5% 205% 192.5% 180%
+3 Modifier 242.5% 220% 207.5% 195% 182.5% 170%
+4 Modifier 232.5% 210% 197.5% 185% 172.5% 160%


Merchant Buying Price

The price at which a Merchant will buy items from a player also changes based on the selected character's Persuasion skill value (that is, Charisma modifier + Proficiency Bonus, if proficient) and the Merchant's Attitude towards that character. If the character's Persuasion skill and the merchant's Attitude toward the character are both zero, the value the merchant pays on the item equals the item's base value divided by 3. Each point of Persuasion and each 20 points of Attitude reduce this divider by 0.1. Thus, the formula is:

Merchant Buying Price = Item Base Value / ( 3 - Persuasion * 0.1 - Attitude * 0.005 )

Note: The value is rounded to the closest whole number.

Persuasion skill (plus 1 for every 20 Attitude) Base Price Multiplier Example (1,000 gp item)
0 0.3333333333 (33.33%) 332
1 0.3448275862 (34.48%) 345
2 0.3571428571 (35.71%) 357
3 0.3703703704 (37.04%) 370
4 0.3846153846 (38.46%) 385
5 0.4 (40.00%) 400
6 0.4166666667 (41.67%) 417
7 0.4347826087 (43.48%) 435
8 0.4545454545 (45.45%) 454
9 0.4761904762 (47.62%) 476
10 0.5 (50.00%) 500

Baldur's Gate 3 Merchants


mattis npcs baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

Collector of valuable items at Druid Grove.

dammon merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px2

A trader at Druid Grove.

arron merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

A Trader at Druid Grove.

brem merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px


grat the trader merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px
Grat The Trader

A goblin trader at Goblin Camp.


blurg npc baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px min

A Trader at Underdark, Myconid Colony.

derryth npc baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px min
Derryth Bonecloak

A Trader at  Underdark, Myconid Colony.
volo npcs baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

A Trader at  Druid Grove or  Camp.
cyrel npcs baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px

A Trader at The Risen Road, Toll House.

stonemason kith 160px final release bg3 wiki guide
Stonemason Kith

A Trader at Grymforge.

corsair greymon npcs bg3 wiki guide 160px min
Corsair Greymon

A Trader at Grymforge.


Act 2

araj oblodra merchants baldurs gate 3 wiki guide
Araj Oblodra

A Drow-Elf Blood Merchant at Moonrise Towers.

Lady Esther

A Society of Brilliance member at Rosymorn Monastery Trail.

A'jak'nir Jeera

A  Githyanki quartermistress in Crèche Y'llek.

dammon merchant baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 160px2

A trader at Last Light Inn.


Quartermaster Talli

A Harper trader at Last Light Inn.



Lann Tarv

A trader at at Moonrise Towers.











Act 3


sticky close up

Sticky Dondo

A human child merchant at the Guildhall



A Dragonborn trader in Rivington General.



A diabolist trader who resides at the Devil's Fee.



A silent trader in the Undercity Ruins



A rat trader in flaming fist prison, Lower City.



Tolna Tome-Monger

A trader sells scrolls and books in Sorcerous Sundries.


Gloomy Fentonson

An armour trader at the Stormshore Armoury, Lower City.


Fytz the Firecracker

A weapons trader at the Stormshore Armoury, Lower City.


Vicar Humbletoes

A trader in Stormshore Tabernacle.









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    • Anonymous

      Danthelon (Wyrm's Crossing), the quartermaster of Wyrm's Rock (after persuasion) are other notable Act 3 Merchants

      Also Dammon, Araj, and Blurg all return as Traders in Act 3 depending

      For Act 1, Omeluum also has his own inventory separate from Blurg with his own unique items but you can only trade after doing the mushroom quest

      • Anonymous

        The formula for merchant buying does not seem correct, or it is at least incomplete. With 6 persuasion and 100 attitude merchants buy my items for around 71-72% of base value. I have the Guild Artisan background. It's possible that plays a role, or insight.

        • Anonymous

          Is it worth it getting reputation up with vendors? also are there really no vendors in act 2 and only one in act 3 or is this simply incomplete?

          • Anonymous

            While charisma and attitude is one way to reduce prices, a rogue with high Sleight of Hand - präferable with advantage and Halfling - will give a 100% discount on all items via pickpocket.

            BG3 is one of the few games where you can steal literally everything of a merchant, including their gold.

            • Anonymous

              It might have been nice to have something like a map with the 3rd Act traders in the Lower City, it's quite difficult to navigate there since the interactive map in the game is rather misleading.

              • Anonymous

                Araj is Act 2, not Act 1. Anything beyond the Mountain Pass and beyond the Grymforge is officially Act 2.

                I've seen the Mountain Pass and Grymforge sections referred to as Act 1b

                • Anonymous

                  You can reach 100% sell/buy price. Bard with persuasion expertise, 100 attitude and 24 charisma (20+Hat+Mirror). Super handy because it means that I can even sell expensive items to merchants that don't have enough gold. I just get other items back to make up the difference and sell those after a reset. Essentially, I turn all my heavy items into level 6 scrolls.^^

                  • Anonymous

                    I did some light testing, and prices are affected by Persuasion (which is just Charisma if you don't have proficiency). I based discounts off of the buying price instead of listed item value since it felt more intuitive to me.
                    Simplified, the discount you get from buying is 4% per Persuasion bonus. +5 Persuasion is a 20% discount. So an item that costs 100gp for a +0 bonus will cost 80gp for that +5 Persuasion.
                    An attitude of 100 gives an additional 20% discount (so that 100gp item is now 60gp).
                    Expertise (from Bard or Rogue) will further increase Persuasion; a Bard at level 3 can have a +7 (+3 Cha, +2 Proficiency, +2 Expertise), meaning a hefty 28% discount.

                    • Anonymous

                      Pretty sure persuasion factors in too because I've had charters with less charisma but persuasion from a background get better prices. Also, stealing is so ridiculously easy, I would never waste the time improving attitude. A sleeping target won't even realize they've been picked and thus won't look for you or call a guard, even if you fail the dice roll (sleep may agro a witness though). Fog/darkness will also prevent them from finding you and they'll give up before the spell wears off if you just sit in it. If there are guards they will be called and search longer, so invisibility works better because only the thief has to pass a charisma check (innocent party members get a free pass if they get questioned), but an invisible thief can't be questioned. And if your thief is still being questioned after all this, talk to them and send them back to camp, as they won't even be questioned if they aren't actively in your party. The base game/characters give you all you need for this. Astarion can steal with his rouge expertise and the guidance cantrip necklace from opposite the druid grove, Shadowheart can cast cat's grace for advantage on dex based rolls at level 3, and Gale knows fog by default, with invisibility as a level up option or learned from a scroll.

                      • Anonymous

                        The list for players selling items is wrong. You can probably go up to 100% of the Item now as I get 50% just by having +5 Persuasion, ~66% with +5 and 100 attitude ,~52% with +6 and 0 attitude and ~71% for +6 and 100 Attitude.

                        • Anonymous

                          PSA: Stocks refresh after every long rest and every INDIVIDUAL level-up. 7 different characters leveling up one by one? Means 7 refreshes.

                          • Anonymous

                            In multiplayer, does the whole party share one cash stash? Or do individual players have their own gold? I see in players inventories they have separate gold amounts, but does that mean each player has their own amount? Or does it get pooled together?

                            • Anonymous

                              As of final patch of EA, there's a bug that causes you to lose positive attitude on the traders:
                              If you choose to barter not with your main character, but with Wyll, for example, bought attitude with traders will reset to 0 if you ask Wyll to stay in camp and then recruit him back to the squad again.
                              Be mindful of that, if they don't fix it in release.

                              • Anonymous

                                FYI, buying attitude isn't currently worth the investment unless you have a huge amount of items to sell. For example, if you have +3 charisma and a base attitude of 0, you'd need to sell over 9000 gold worth of items (base value) to start seeing profit after investing anything into attitude. ((100*0.00167 + 0.5)*9000-(.5*9000))-(100*15) = about 3 gold profit after investing 1500 gold into attitude points to bring it up from 0 (currently a 50% price modifier in this version) to 100 (66.666% price modifier) and selling 9000 gold worth of items (base price). Due to the way the formula works, it's a waste of gold to invest anything at all into attitude points unless you're going to sell and/or buy items worth many thousands of gold.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Auntie Ethel also sells things in the Druid Grove initially. Not 100% sure when she leaves, but I think it's when you see her being accosted in the wild.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Besides charisma and attitude, selling and buying prices also seem to be influenced by the type and amount of charisma based skills you have / are proficient in (or perhaps it's just the skill values) (patch 9).
                                    1) At attitude 100, a +1 heavy crossbow can be bought by a 20 charisma warlock with +5 deception/intimidation/persuasion and +8 performance for a price of 1800 out of 1200 (150% buying price).
                                    2) At attitude 100, the same +1 heavy crossbow is bought for 1440/1200 (120%) by a sorcerer with 20 charisma but +8 in deception/intimidation/persuasion and +5 in performance.
                                    So apparently some or all of the skills further influence buying and selling prices. There's also videos on youtube showing performance influences them - but that was from an older patch (7 or 8).
                                    Furthermore, the prices for maximum merchant attitude have increased dramatically with patch 9. Ranging from at least around 1000g up to 2300g (was the highest i've seen so far).

                                    • Brem, the Zhentarim, sells you some magic items, but only if you help Zhentarim band with the quest "Finding the missing shipment".

                                      He offered me:
                                      The Whispering Promise ring. Volo offers the same ring in your camp.
                                      Studded Leather Armour +1.
                                      And Longbow+1, Dagger+1, Greatsword+1 and Warpick+1. They might be ramdon.

                                      The merchant Roah Moonglow, who is Zhentarim, gives you a discount too.

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