Patch 9 Fixes for Baldur's Gate 3 includes an overview of all the Patch 9 released by the developer Larian Studios. The following patch is free and are released via online update, this patch Added the Paladin class with two new subclasses - Oath of the Ancients and Oath of Devotion, Increased the level cap to Level 5 and much more.


NOTE: This is the last big patch before game release.





Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 9 Fixes update


Release date 14/12/2022

Patch#9 for Baldur's Gate 3 is here! Bursting with noble spirit and ardent reverence, this patch adds the paladin class, Level 5, and much, much more. If you’re looking to peer deeper into the contents of this festive update, you can find the Community Update here. 

Mac users, Patch 9 will be with you soon. We’ve got a little bit more work to do on it, so keep an eye on our social channels for updates. Now, if you’re suitably imbued with moral strength (and you’ll need it to make it through the amount of notes we have for this update), let’s look at the full notes for Patch 9. 

Patch notes related to community-reported issues and feedback are indicated with an asterisk. Like this.*





  • Added the Paladin Class with the Oath of the Ancients and Oath of Devotion subclasses.
  • Increased the level cap to Level 5.
  • Added the Fly spell.
  • Revamped the Reactions system.
  • Rebalanced combat encounters in late Act 1.
  • Added new Spells and Spell Scrolls.
  • Overhauled the tooltips.
  • Extended Combat Cams to player and enemy melee Critical Hits, summons, Wild Shapes, and several spells and abilities.
  • Added Command spell variants.
  • Made Minthara a Paladin.
  • You can now delete save files by playthrough.
  • You can now dismiss summons with a dedicated action.*
  • Added a new Level Up button and improved visual cues for levelling.
  • Added female human and elf heads to Character Creation.
  • Characters who attempt to play an instrument they're not Proficient with now fail spectacularly.
  • Removed non-wizard spell scrolls from NPCs except Revivify, Summon Quasit, True Resurrection, and Speak with Dead.
  • Added shop triggers. If you try to pick up items owned by certain traders, they will offer to trade.
  • Mage Hand no longer prevents you from summoning Ranger's Companions and familiars.
  • Made Quarterstaffs Versatile.*
  • You now accrue dirt and blood more slowly, Prone makes you a bit dirtier, and Wet cleans you.

Crashes and Blockers

  • Fixed crash when loading savegames.
  • Fixed crash when adjusting UI settings.
  • Fixed crash when selling items that don't belong in Trade view.
  • Fixed crash when repeatedly preparing to Throw.
  • Fixed blocker when playing Gale's flute after killing a magma mephit.
  • Fixed blocker when running past Mirkon towards the harpies.




  • Added a Smart AI to increase behavioural differences between animals and humanoids. Notable humanoid fighters now know when actions won't succeed and when to prioritise easy wins.
  • Made NPCs better at deciding when to Shove characters to their death.
  • Made NPCs more patient and smarter with healing spells, preferring to heal those with lower HP.
  • Adjusted Halsin's HP, removed upcasted spells from his spell list, gave him Call Lightning, and made his spell usage more varied.
  • Improved Astarion's combat strategies.
  • Made Gekh Coal Level 6, increased his HP, and rebalanced his attributes.
  • Made Mask of Regret Level 4.
  • Made Filro and BOOOAL Level 5 and increased the latter's HP.
  • Reworked Morghal.
  • Updated Baretha's attributes.
  • Gave Barth the appearance and stats befitting a high half-elf.
  • Improved Blighted Village ambush, making one of the Trackers smarter.
  • Improved the Great Weapon Fighting reroll boost.
  • Gave Murmath Basic Poisons.
  • Gave Sharp-Eye Eef Arrow of Roaring Thunder.
  • Confiscated Sharp-Eye Zami's scimitar.
  • In the magma mephit combat, an extra mephit spawns per wave and the second wave starts after 2 kills.
  • Added a magma mephit to the adamantine golem combat.
  • Tweaked stats and levels of the dead duergar and gnomes near Gekh Coal.
  • Improved minotaur's use of Reckless Roar.
  • Intellect devourers' unarmed ranged attack is now Dexterity, improving their chances of hitting Synaptic Discharge.
  • You now have Advantage when attacking dying hyenas.
  • Gave the bulette higher HP and faster regeneration, Proficiency in Dexterity and Strength Saves, and the ability to apply Acid when Biting. It can now act as soon as it joins combat.
  • Gave Proficiency in Dexterity and Intelligence Saves to all kuo-toa and fixed their obsession with Net. They can no longer Net already-trapped targets.
  • Made Flaming Fist Ephren more likely to use her poison vial.
  • Sword spiders are now Level 5 and have Extra Attack instead of a second action.
  • Some duergar around Grymforge now have Extra Attack.
  • Increased the hag's AC and weight, gave her Saving Throw Proficiencies, and changed Ray of Sickness to an action.
  • Gave Grym's Slam a small AoE; fixed its Stomp ability; increased its HP, AC, and damage; gave it Dexterity and Wisdom Save Proficiencies; and made sure that mephits can act as soon as they join the combat.
  • Increased hellsboars' HP and Strength, made them Resistant to Poison, and gave them a passive that applies Burning.
  • Mud mephits can now Fly.
  • Made the gate to the grove more fragile.
  • Removed Toughness from Spider Eggs.
  • Improved ogres' ability to throw barrels with goblins in them.
  • Gave the Grymforge clerics Silence and Glyph of Warding: Lightning, and removed Bane.
  • Ogres no longer have javelins but they learnt how to throw stones.
  • Made several tweaks to minotaurs, hook horrors, lava elementals, animated armours, and Bernard.
  • Flaming Spheres are no longer indestructible and they can no longer use potions or scrolls.
  • You can now remove spectators' Paralysed condition with a successful Saving Throw.
  • Gave some melee characters javelins.
  • Made the raven and dire raven Small and the red dragon Huge.

Spells, Actions, and Conditions

  • Invisibility now lasts 10 turns.
  • When Hiding, Shove now grants an Advantage roll instead of succeeding automatically.
  • Speedy Sparks can now be synergised with Chain of Liberation's Sprint.
  • Psychic Spark (previously Sapphire Spark) now grants an additional Magic Missile dart instead of a Damage Bonus.
  • Cutting Words damage reduction is no longer doubled on Critical Hit.


  • Made waypoints easier to click.
  • Updated the overhead icon that indicates when someone wants to talk to you.
  • Added overhead feedback for when a Saving Throw outcome applies to a condition.
  • Improved the animations for sheathing and stowing weapons gamewide.
  • Enabled the Riposte reaction by default.
  • Updated the suggested cantrips for high elves and half-elves, sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards.
  • Party members no longer copy each other's lines in multiplayer.
  • You no longer have to jump to get to the nautiloid's upper deck.
  • Improved navigation near the grove entrance for larger Ranger's Companions.
  • Timmask spore clouds now spread further.
  • Animated armours are now one swarm, as are Murmath's spiders.
  • Asharak no longer leaps from the ramparts while defending his home.
  • The rats in the grove now flee if you attack them... lest they reveal their secrets.
  • Rebalanced the weights of common items.
  • Made it harder to destroy items like doors and chests.
  • Bards' starting armour is now a Simple Jerkin.
  • You can no longer use the Bitter Divorce wand to resurrect party members without limits.
  • You can no longer use the Second Marriage wand more than once in and out of combat.
  • You no longer roll a Perception check on already-triggered tripwires.
  • Wyll's eye no longer contains hidden gold or weighs a kilogram.
  • Replaced the Goblin's Drawing placeholder with a scroll.
  • Left ALT highlights the Sickle of BOOOAL.*
Spells, Actions, and Conditions
Story and Continuity
  • Made the game better at tracking which items are stolen.
  • Removed the enthralled fishermen at the crash site.
  • Gribbo and her allies turn hostile if Dror Ragzlin has been killed.
  • Added a follow-up for bards who successfully deceive Rugan.
  • You can return the boots to Sergeant Thrinn even if you didn't get the quest from Gekh Coal.
  • Gekh Coal's fellow duergar turn hostile around Glut.
  • You need to click on Gale to get the scene where he talks to his mirror image.
  • Liam approaches you when freed and healed.
  • Tieflings become hostile if you kill one of their guards. If you help defend the grove, they'll forgive you.
  • Improved the myconids' behaviour after Glut's revenge quest.
  • The Avenge Glut's Circle quest now flows even if you killed Spaw before Gekh Coal.

Quality of Life:

  • Rolls during dialogues now display the line you selected.
  • When lockpicking or disarming, the roll now clearly indicates which tool you're using.
  • Added a warning to the Reward pop-up and disabled the Claim button if you have a summon selected so that you don't lose your reward.
  • You can now hide tooltips that appear when hovering over a portrait in combat by right-clicking.
  • Selecting an equipped icon in the hotbar now unequips it.

Character Creation:

  • Added option to choose your character's identity, allowing non-gendered appearance options.
  • Added missing race-based spells.
  • Added resistances given by the Wasteland Wanderer passives for Natural Explorer rangers.


  • Rewrote all spell and action tooltips for clarity and brevity.
  • Tooltips now expand (pin them or hold ALT) to show extra information.
  • Tooltips now clearly indicate what happens if a spell or action misses or if the enemy Saves.
  • Tooltips now clearly indicate the effect of upcasting.
  • Tooltips for spells and actions that create a surface or summon now indicate what is created and its duration.
  • Summon tooltips now indicate duration.
  • Tooltips now indicate when spells and actions need an Attack Roll and show details about that roll.
  • Tooltips now clearly indicate if a spell requires a Saving Throw from the target.
  • Added AoE to embedded tooltips.
  • Barbarian actions that require Rage now warn you when the barbarian doesn't have Rage.
  • Wrote the Skittish (previously Easily Frightened) passive.
  • Made it easier to see the 'Available only when Raging' warning for Diving Strike.
  • Added descriptions for Darkness clouds and Ash surfaces.
  • Rewrote barbarians' Rage bonus action and condition tooltips and the Expertise tooltip, which now appears in dialogue skill checks when applied.
  • Added a Dexterity Saving Throw indicator to the Grease spell tooltip.
  • Added 'Companion' in 'Wolf Companion'.
  • Adjusted how cambions' AC is displayed to account for modifiers.


  • Inventories now scroll if you drag items near their edges.
  • The search filter is smarter. For example, 'food' shows camp supplies.
  • Items now leave your inventory when equipped.
  • Improved readability for large item stacks.

Combat Log:

  • Added spells cast by items that do damage.
  • Added Healing tooltips with descriptions and breakdowns.
  • Added Attack roll modifiers that total 0.
  • Added a description for the Potion of Vitality condition.
  • Clarified the Fall damage breakdown.
  • Clarified messages about Critical Failures.
  • Set the minimum screen resolution to 1024x768 or 1280x720.
  • Added non-gendered pronouns to Character Creation and started to phase them into dialogues.
  • You can now open the menu with ESC during a roll.
  • Removed the Party Management keybind.
  • Temporarily removed the 'Show on Map' button.
  • Added previews for Cloud Quality settings.
  • Equipment slots no longer light up for non-controlled characters in multiplayer.
  • Improved the error messages for connection errors in the multiplayer lobby and for being unable to join a session when the party is full.
  • Adjusted some creatures' names, types, and descriptions in the Examine window.
  • Upcastable spell slots now show the lowest possible casting level.
  • If a trader rejects your barter offer because you didn't offer anything, you now have to change your offer to barter again.
  • The Character Sheet now displays your max speed.
  • Destroying a container while looking at what's inside now closes the window.
  • Gave Counsellor Florrick the title she deserves.
  • Renamed standing torches to distinguish them from equippable ones.
  • Shields now have SFX when blocking attacks.
  • Improved sound occlusion. Sound now reaches you from more logical directions and is higher quality.
  • Improved sound focus when hovering over characters.
  • Improved explosions.
  • Lowered the volume of the verbal component of spells.
  • The audio and animation for Performing bards now start simultaneously.
  • The floor of the nautiloid no longer sounds wooden.
  • A certain bugbear and ogre now stop making noises when you walk in.


  • The radius of light from equippable and stationary light sources now matches gameplay more closely.
  • The Light cantrip now has the same light radius as a torch.
  • Updated the Flaming Fist uniforms.
  • Metals now shine in the moonlight.
  • Improved lighting in the Underdark campsites.
  • Improved visuals around the druids' sacred pool after their defeat.
  • Decorated the surroundings near the gith patrol to foreshadow what's to come.


Gameplay Animations
  • Made halflings' Hide animation less villainous.
  • Improved female elves' idle animation.
  • Improved the animation for cancelling the precast of a spell in combat.
  • Changed the swing to a stab when using Crippling Strike or Piercing Thrust with a shield.
  • Shadowheart is now holding the artefact on the beach, as she is when you talk to her.
  • Liam now lies on the bedroll in the same position as when you talk to him.
  • Liam's torture rack now falls apart and remains broken if you destroy it.
  • Added a scene for when you kill the bear in the worg pens.
  • Added emotions to the oxen at the grove.
  • Added acting for party members in the background at camp with Raphael.
  • Improved lighting with Lae'zel at the nautiloid helm.
  • Improved lighting with Gale at camp.
  • Improved the locket animation in Barth and Meli's scene.


  • Great Old One warlocks now have the Mortal Reminder feat.
  • Withers' shop inventory now resets after a Long Rest.
  • You can no longer add any ol' Spell Bonus to specific Ability Checks.
  • Animals no longer swear if you attack them.
  • The Pact of the Chain imp now benefits from Short Rests.
  • Soul Echoes can no longer be Shoved.
  • Fixed line-of-sight previews.
  • You can now sit while Hiding.
  • Fixed characters of smaller races getting stuck after being put to Sleep and Shoved.
  • Grease is no longer Dippable.
  • You can no longer spam the spell and ability icons.
  • Falling off the nautiloid in multiplayer no longer triggers Game Over as long as a player character is still alive.
  • You can no longer Shove the mind flayer at the crash site.
  • Bards' Expertise bonus to Deception now applies correctly with the bandits outside the Chapel.
  • The patrolling duergar at Grymforge can now spot you trying to Hide.
  • Nat 1s and Nat 20s no longer get bonuses and Proficiencies added to the final tally if you skip the roll animation.*
  • Combat no longer ends prematurely if you're far from the enemies and have gone to Sleep.
  • Combat now triggers if you choose to attack an NPC that caught you crimin'.
  • NPCs can target Mayrina again.
  • If the hag is Silenced, she can no longer teleport Mayrina away.
  • Haseid can no longer land Critical Hits.
  • Male Gith no longer fire two projectiles on their first shot with a two-handed crossbow.
  • Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters can now replace a spell at Level 4.
  • Off-screen characters can no longer be hit by spells.
  • Throwing weapons Dipped in fire at explosive barrels now makes them explode.
  • Concentration effects and conditions granted by certain items no longer remain active if you switch to a different item.
  • The turrets at the Selûnite Outpost now respect the rules of combat.
  • Halsin now looks for you even if you Hide and move far away.
  • Removed Gale's Necrosis aura when he's thrown into a chasm.
  • Sword spiders now jump onto the ramparts and actually do something on their turn.
  • The spectator can now reach and Unpetrify that one drow.
  • NPCs can now join combat even if they're far away.
  • Auntie Ethel now poofs away if you enter combat with Mayrina's brothers.
  • The NPCs at the entrance to the grove no longer turn hostile if you knock out and kill the last enemy.*
  • Oozes' projectiles no longer fire through floors in Grymforge.
  • Choosing to attack Gekh Coal through dialogue now triggers combat.
  • Fixed Attack of Opportunity not triggering for wildshaped characters with a ranged weapon equipped.
  • Fixed Nere's Shield of Screams.
  • Fixed extra damage using the wrong damage type if you throw your weapon while Raging.
  • Fixed an issue preventing redcaps from taking their turn.
  • Fixed enemies skipping their actions if they had grouped initiative.
  • Fixed the camera getting stuck when fighting the bulette.
  • Fixed the camera panning to the target in Combat Cam view.
  • Fixed a join-leave loop when the Foundation Block at the Chapel falls on a familiar.*
  • Fixed Saving Throw Proficiencies of NPC wizards.
  • You can block gas pits with crates again.
  • Made many unreachable items reachable.*
  • Ensured that the Headband of Intellect sits comfortably on male gith heads.
  • Chain Mail, Splint Armour, and Plate Armour now correctly grant Disadvantage on Stealth checks.
  • The Poisoner's Robe poison Damage Bonus now only affects spells that deal poison damage rather than all spells.*
  • You can no longer interact with items if you fail an associated Ability Check.
  • You can no longer disarm unreachable traps.
  • Using a nautiloid restoration pod no longer kills familiars.*
  • Fixed a floating brain jar and some buggy viscous chairs on the nautiloid.
  • A pillar on the nautiloid is no longer destructible.
  • You can now interact with the plaques in the grove.*
  • Fixed a forest tree causing the 'Can't see!' error when trying to move a boulder.
  • You can now loot a chest at the Goblin Camp without turning all of Grymforge hostile.
  • Fixed random bottles with missing text appearing in the Traveller's Chest after leaving a minicamp.
  • You can now use the Adamantine Forge more than once.
  • Moved a buggy chest in the Festering Cove.
  • You can now move the loose stone in Grymforge.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from stacking items from above.


Spells, Actions, and Conditions
  • You no longer remain Prone after a Long Rest.
  • Sleep no longer affects those immune to being Charmed.
  • Lesser Restoration can no longer remove Charmed.
  • Armour of Agathys can no longer damage attackers that use a Throw attack.
  • Targeting AoE spells at yourself now shows a preview of the AoE. They also cast correctly.
  • NPCs no longer fail their spellcasting if they must open a door to move.
  • Fixed an error preventing you from casting Tasha's Hideous Laughter on certain creatures.
  • Added missing visual components to Teleportation spells.
  • Added ending animations and appropriate SFX to Rage spells.
  • Silence now silences harpies' Luring Song


Story and Continuity
  • Recovered missing subtitles when talking to Trinzas
  • NPCs no longer know you've interacted with doors to forbidden places if they weren't there to see you.
  • Original owners of pickpocketed items now recognise those items as their own.
  • Gale now actually leaves after he bids you adieu.
  • Clerics of Tyr can now talk to Anders after refusing his quest.
  • Lae'zel no longer mentions needing to speak to Zorru if she already has.
  • Made the DC to lockpick Liam's torture rack consistent.
  • Brakkal can now leave his cage after being saved.
  • Glut's dialogue no longer repeats if you already killed the duergar before starting the Avenge Glut's Circle quest.
  • When he's in your party, Wyll can now intervene in Speak with Dead dialogues with Spike.*
  • Choosing the bard option in Johl and Demir's confrontation of Auntie Ethel doesn't kill them anymore.
  • The Insight check in Doni's dialogue now gives correct outcomes.
  • Mentioning the Scrying Eye to Thrinn as a gnome no longer cuts the dialogue short.
  • Fixed Gale repeating a line about Mayrina's resurrected husband.
  • Fixed multiplayer issue preventing clients from loading the game if both host and client are on GOG and connected via the Online tab.
  • Removed Dart and Sling Proficiencies from Weapon Master feat.
  • Locked inventories in multiplayer now remain locked.
  • Fixed Level Up button not appearing after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed hit chance percentage on creatures with Bane.
  • Renamed a torch in the Arcane Tower that was pretending to be a candle.*
  • The Party Line now updates correctly for summons summoning summons.
  • Fixed gaps in the background of the Spells window during Character Creation and Level Up.*
  • Fixed 'Hide Completed' option in Quest Journal.*
  • Fixed selected quest not being highlighted when reopened in the Journal.
  • Inspecting a summon, follower, or party member via the Party Line no longer opens their Character Sheet.
  • Fixed visual issues relating to targets' health bars.
  • Items no longer change slot when added again through the Character Sheet.
  • Fixed Throw UI closing when selecting an item.
  • Fixed some Portuguese phrases running over their text boxes.
  • Fixed stopwatch animation for Turn-Based Mode when switching from a character in combat to one in real-time.
  • Clicking the upper half of character portraits now selects them correctly.
  • Cursor icon now updates when attacking interactable objects.
  • If Halsin is burnt or dead, he now looks it in the Examine window.
  • Fixed issues with lock-mouse-to-window setting and edge-panning.*
  • Fixed potions not showing up correctly in Examine window.


  • Fixed width of tooltip titles to avoid overlapping text.
  • Fixed wrong description showing up for rock gnomes' Artificer's Lore passive.
  • Comparisons now work correctly for the Shield tooltip.
  • Menacing Attack now indicates the condition it applies.
  • Supplies tooltip now indicates the number of supplies needed for a Long Rest.
  • Removed extra plus symbol from Combat Inspiration description.
  • Removed placeholder text from crab and spider familiars' class action tooltips.
  • Corrected several descriptions for NPC spells and conditions.
  • Made the descriptions for the standard and enhanced versions of bards' Heroism spell consistent.
  • Made the Silence spell description consistent with its effect.
  • Removed the range from Runepowder Barrel and Runepowder Vial.


Icons and Portraits:

  • Fixed flickering icons for the Shield Master and Warding Flare conditions.
  • Added missing icons for cupboards.
  • Fixed placeholder icons for various conditions.
  • Fixed icon for Restrained condition on Liam.
  • Fixed Glut's portrait not disappearing if you travel to camp via waypoint.
  • Fixed a redcap with, suspiciously, the portrait of a goblin.
  • Fixed NPC portraits not enlarging during their turn.


  • Torches no longer make cinematic scenes blindingly bright.*
  • Beldron no longer loses his head after being freed.
  • Connor no longer appears twice in his resurrection scene.*
  • Laridda and Lunkbug now hold their pickaxes properly.
  • Commander Zhalk's sword no longer blips out of existence.
  • Repositioned floating props on nautiloid's upper deck in the dragon scene.
  • Removed creepy extra harpy when talking to Mirkon.
  • Restored the windmill cinematic.
  • Fixed Gale and Astarion's lines when talking to Flaming Fist at Waukeen's Rest.
  • Fixed Scratch's mouth at camp.
  • Fixed Detect Thoughts VFX and SFX across several scenes.
  • Fixed lighting for bards on nautiloid's lower deck.
  • Fixed lighting in scene with Us and issues if you fail the Ability Check to free Us.
  • Fixed camera for small races at camp.
  • Fixed Lae'zel taking on appearance of gith players at camp.
  • Fixed jump cut and camera when recruiting Shadowheart.
  • Fixed Wyll's blurry face when he bids the party adieu.
  • Fixed issues with dwarves when Volo operates at camp.
  • Fixed Taman's movements at the Chapel.
  • Fixed gnome characters looking unnatural in bugbear scene.
  • Fixed animations for Minthara's minions and lighting during grove attack.
  • Fixed screen going black in hag's talking door scene.
  • Fixed Halsin speaking through his eyelids while wildshaped.
  • Fixed Wyll sitting like a frog while chained up by Priestess Gut.
  • Fixed grass obscuring small races' view of Auntie Ethel.
  • Fixed dark patch beside mushroom circle in the Underdark.
  • Fixed lighting when reaching Grymforge.
  • Fixed lighting when talking to Spaw and to Shadowheart at Grymforge.
  • Fixed line cutting off if you have runepowder while talking to Thrinn.
  • Fixed lighting after using Detect Thoughts on Philomeen.
  • Fixed visual issues with dreams and the morning after Astarion gets bitey.
  • Fixed lighting on first night with Gale.
  • Fixed lighting at camp with Lae'zel.
  • Fixed visual issues at hideout with Oskar.
  • Added verbal components of Disguise Self and Hex.
  • Added SFX for Lunar Mend, destroying potions, and male elves' unarmed attacks.
  • Added SFX when dropping fruits from the inventory. The silence was no longer fruitful.
  • Fixed SFX when dropping Soul Coins.
  • Added SFX for closing windows with ESC.
  • Fixed VFX glitches, particularly on fur and hair.
  • Fixed Gale looking bald when viewed from a distance.*
  • Female gnomes no longer get a Shadowheart-inspired hairstyle when equipping Studded Leather Armour.
  • Fixed ochre jelly bleeding red blood.
  • Fixed invisible floors on the nautiloid.
  • Added VFX for breaking the log bridge between the forest and Goblin Camp.
  • Fixed blood and dirt not appearing correctly on clothing and armour.
  • Fixed glow behind the druid runes in the Underground Passage.
  • Fixed Guidance VFX highlighting the breasts of characters in armour.
  • Made Mattis blonde again.
  • Fixed flickering on cloud surfaces.
  • Fixed bug when preparing bard spells in or near water.
  • Added Detect Thoughts VFX for Crusher and one of the Goblin Brawlers.
  • Fixed lighting in and around Owlbear Nest and Hidden Vault.
  • Fixed fading issues in Shattered Sanctum.
  • Fixed Gekh Coal's hair floating when Prone and viewed from afar.
  • Fixed bugs like floating objects and transparent roofs.
  • Withers' tomb no longer remains shrouded in darkness after you open the door.
  • Patched a shortcut that allowed you to Misty Step straight to the lowest hallway in the Arcane Tower.
  • Patched a shortcut that allowed you to jump to Nere from the other end of the poison chambers.*
  • Made the ground under the stairs in the Arcane Tower unwalkable.
  • Halflings can now jump onto a cliff near where you first see Astarion.
  • Made a specific rock in the Shattered Sanctum walkable.
  • Fixed disappearing terrain when rotating camera into rocks in Secluded Chamber.
  • Fixed terrain visibility and fading issues at the crash site.
  • You can no longer land in awkward places when jumping into the Shattered Sanctum chasm.
  • Fixed trees blocking access to Risen Road waypoint.
  • Fixed camera getting stuck in Putrid Bog and near Goblin Camp waypoint.
  • You can no longer glitch to Adamantine Forge's upper level.
  • Fixed followers getting stuck when jumping to where another party member is
Gameplay Animations
  • Taught halflings how to sit on benches.
  • Mind flayers now flail their tentacles when attacking.
  • You now show emotions during Astarion's bitey scene at camp.
  • Fixed Alfira's invisible lute.
  • Fixed animation for summoning familiars in combat.
  • Fixed Bardic Inspiration animation stopping prematurely.
  • Fixed animation for weapons held by female characters when rotating the camera.
  • You no longer get stuck in the falling or climbing animation.
  • Recovered the animation for Produce Flame: Hurl.
  • Fixed issue with the fingers of bards of small races when Performing.
  • Fixed female halfling bards' hands clipping through lute while performing 'Power'.
  • Fixed male dwarf and gnome bards' hands and knees clipping through lyres and violins.
  • Fixed animation for male elves preparing unarmed attacks.
  • Fixed wrong VFX when dwarves use Slash with two-handed swords.
  • Added VFX and SFX for male elves attacking with dual-wielding weapons.
  • Fixed characters repeating movements when panning the camera away and then back.


Clipping, Popping, and Other Oddities
  • Fixed humans twitching on their bedroll.
  • Fixed Trinzas' twitches, slides, and stiff hands.
  • Fixed Fezzerk's axe and armour clipping through his ears and shoulders.
  • Fixed female bards' twitchy elbows when Performing.
  • Fixed wildshaped wolf's quirky neck.
  • Fixed enthralled NPCs on the nautiloid briefly standing up.
  • Fixed Olodan stretching when you're confronting Kagha.
  • Fixed clips and pops in scenes with Lae'zel and the patrol; Shadowheart on the nautiloid; Priestess Gut; Gekh Coal; Anders and his companions; Gribbo; Brithvar and Kur; Stonemason Kith; the mirror in the hag's lair; Halsin at camp; Larissa; and John, Demir, and Auntie Ethel.
  • Fixed issues with the mind flayer at the crash site; Rolan, Cal, and Lia; Doni; Jeorna; Thulla; a Restless Myconid; and Spaw.
  • Fixed issues after freeing Nere, when recruiting Astarion, when Astarion has the Necromancy of Thay, when denouncing Kagha, at camp with Raphael, with bards at camp with Minthara, and with Lae'zel and the Elaborate Slate.
  • Fixed mind flayer issues before getting knocked out of nautiloid.
  • Fixed clipping issues with cambion at nautiloid helm.
  • Fixed dragon's head clipping through nautiloid.
  • Fixed lighting pops, freezes, and misplaced altar at camp with Minthara.
  • Fixed pop with Booyahg Piddle.
  • Fixed Petrified Drow's head pop.
  • Fixed Lurgan's head clipping in the Underdark.
  • Fixed small races clipping into boat at Grymforge.
  • Fixed party members clipping when hearing the Absolute at Grymforge.
  • Fixed jitters with deep rothé.
  • Fixed Dark Justiciar Helm clipping on gnomes.
  • Fixed characters popping when dying.


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