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Underdark is a location in Baldur's Gate 3. Underdark is an area beneath the Blighted Village, and there are multiple ways to gain entry to this area. On this page, you can find information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items, and other useful tips about Underdark.


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Baldur's Gate 3 Underdark Walkthrough

Reach Underdark by Hidden Door from Shattered Sanctum

On this walkthrough, we will guide you on how to travel to Underdark by discovering the hidden access located within Shattered Sanctum. To do this, you must first return to Goblin Camp, and defeat the remaining enemies. You may refer to the Goblin Camp page to see details on how to get there, or by using the Waypoint.

Once you made it to Shattered Sanctum, you will find that there are still remaining enemies here even after their leaders were killed. After taking out their leaders as part of rescuing Halsin, the goblins have become hostile towards you and your party. You will find Warrior Trinzas still located at the entrance together with a few other mobs where you will battle them.

3 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Continuing to reach the Underdark, you will journey to Defiled Temple at (X:392 Y:27), where you will encounter Polma, the Bodyguard of the High Priestess. The dialog shows that a theft has been reported, and you are the only suspect. You are given the following choices:

  1. Hand over the stolen items.
  2. Try to talk your way out of the situation.
  3. Perhaps a little gold could smooth this over? (652)
  4. Attack.

4 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Next, you will get another set of choices. Attempting the Intimidation check (Charisma) will require you to pass a DC of 15. Failing this will result in a battle against the Ogre. After fighting the ogre, you will now continue to look for the location described in the journal. At (X:437 Y:58), you will discover a lever pictured below:


Into the Underdark

To unlock this, have one of your party members pick the lock. Attempting this Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) will require you to pass a DC of 15. Slowly after, your party can now enter through the newly opened door that will lead to the Selunite Outpost, then to the Underdark. Right as you reach the area, you will find locked doors which will require a Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) to open. You will need to pass a DC of 15 to open these doors and chests.

8 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

In the distance, you will see a statue holding up a Moonstone, that serves as Selune's protection in this sacred ground. You can destroy this by going up a flight of stairs at (X:145 Y:-227) and shooting it down from there. However, this will alert a Minotaur nearby causing it to attack the gate. You can quickly take it out as you will be standing in a high position to freely hit it.

In one of the rooms, go to (X:170 Y:-237 to discover a Waypoint, and then look around to discover a logbook and some items on the shelf. Now, you can return to where the Minotaur died and open the gate by interacting with the lever nearby. Finally, you will now arrive at the Underdark. In the distance, you will see a weapon buried in the ground, as you walk your way toward the path, at (X:137 Y:-203), you will be interrupted by a voice. Your party acknowledges that they can hear the voice as well, and the cryptic voice will stop.

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At (X:116 Y:-192), you will find the drow blade. Interacting with it will give you 3 options. Attempting the Religion check (Intelligence) will require you to pass a DC of 15.

  1. [STRENGTH] Grab the sword with both hands and pull.
  2. [RELIGION] This feels holy. Consider what the appropriate ritual might be.
  3. Leave.

10 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

When you are successful, it reveals that the blade was a warrior's sacrifice to Eilistraee and that it demands blood. After offering your blood to it, the blade will rise up in the air and you can claim the Phalar Aluve for yourself. This event called 'Last Rites of the Dark Dancer' will inspire Shadowheart. You can now continue exploring Underdark here and face another enemy at (X:119 Y:-186), your party will be fighting against Bulette, Predator of the Dark.

After taking out your enemy, move one of your party members to the edge of the ground and shoot down the Torchstalk closest to the character. This will cause a series of explosions among the nearby torchstalks. Continue doing the same for the rest of the torchstalk and once it's clear, the rest of your party can now cross to the other side. Continue exploring the Underdark and your subsequent interaction will happen at (X:115 Y-130), where you will find the Restless Myconic. This creature stands tall before you and your party and demands that you state your purpose after threatening you with a vision of your lifeless body.

12 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Choosing the 2nd option will grant the approval of Shadowheart and Karlach. This interaction ends for now, peacefully. The sovereign acknowledges that they are expecting you and prompts you to follow them to the path behind them, to Ebonlake Grotto. You will also discover a waypoint at (X:100 Y-100). Shortly after, you see a gnome writhing in pain. You recognized the poison and were aware that she needs an antidote sooner than later. You will have the following options to respond:

  1. Who did this to you?
  2. How did you end up here?
  3. Give her an antitoxin.
  4. [PERSUASION] You're in a bad way. I could end your suffering if you want.
  5. [INVESTIGATION] She's helpless. Check if she has anything worth taking.
  6. Leave.

14 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Choosing the first option here reveals that she was slashed by Duergar. Then, you will get the option to attempt a Medicine check (Wisdom) which requires you to pass a DC of 15. You discover that the poison can be cured and you'll get the next choices:

  1. Sit tight. There must be more than one way to cure you.
  2. How did you end up here?
  3. Give her an antitoxin.
  4. [PERSUASION] You're in a bad way. I could end your suffering if you want.
  5. [INVESTIGATION] She's helpless. Check if she has anything worth taking.
  6. Leave.

Choosing the 3rd option or giving her an antitoxin will grant the approval of Karlach. As you talk to Thulla, the poisoned gnome, she reveals that her kin needs her. As she is in a condition that cannot help anyone, she asks for your help instead. She tells you that her clan, the Ironhand has been taken by the Duergar to dig an old ruin across the lake. This event will inspire Karlach 'Outlander: A Noble Endeavour' which requires you to use a noblestalk mushroom effectively. She will also ask for your help and will give you a new quest: Save the Grymforge Gnomes.

13 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Following the Restless Myconid that you spoke with earlier, you will find its kin at (X:79 Y:-101). You hear the melody again and a memory will be shown to you of Dark Dwarves and Duergar breaking their peace and killing their young. The Sovereign Spaw asks for your help to destroy these invaders that remain on their land. Karlach interjects and prompts you to respond with one of the options below:

Choosing the first one reveals that they are looking for a gnome, a guest of the Myconid. You will now choose how to respond with the following choices:

  1. You harbor a fugitive gnome? Admirable of you.
  2. Sure, I can handle those Duergar nearby.
  3. What in the hells did you do to that corpse?
  4. Forget it. If you want them dead, you can kill them yourself.
  5. Leave.

Agreeing to help the sovereign will show you a vision once more. One that shows a wall of vines parting to reveal glowing light. The sovereign then speaks, that when you cleanse the rot, you will earn the reward. After this interaction, you will look for Blurg and his Illithid friend, Omeluum. Blurg is a scholar and a trader who welcomes you to the Underdark Myconid. He asks what brought you to the Underdark. Telling him that a mind flayer has infected you with a tadpole will prompt him to call on his Illithid friend, who will offer to help you understand what's going on.

16 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Omeluum is intrigued that no ceremorphosis has taken place yet despite being infected with a tadpole and asks if you are looking to have it extracted. If you choose the first option, he will ask you to open your mind to him. If you agree to this, Omeluum tells you that the larva is infused with strange magic, and is currently in stasis. Omeluum tells you as well that he will not be able to extract the tadpole as it appears to be shielded from physical and magical influences. He continues to explain that even without the shield, extracting the tadpole will result in severe cranial trauma, a process that would surely kill you. He then continues to assure you that he will examine you once more, should you transform.

If you were to trust Omeluum, you can ch oose to tell him about the strange mind flayer ship, or otherwise, choose one of the 2 other options below:

  1. Tell Omeluum about the strange mind flayer ship you were on.
  2. Thanks for the information.
  3. All that probing was useless in the end.

He tells you that he has never set foot on a nautiloid. He explains that these are warships from the greatest eras of the Illithid Empire, ruling the entire Astral Plane from their decks. He then apologizes for being unable to assist in the removal of the parasite. Before the conversation ends, Omeluum comes up with the idea to bypass the stasis. He tells you that he needs a fresh Tongue of Madness and Timmask Spores, which are both dangerous mushrooms. You will be given an option here if you would accept Omeluum's help:

  1. Eating those doesn't sound like a great idea.
  2. Lovely. So where do I find these mushrooms?
  3. That's too risky of an experiment for me. Count me out.
  4. Leave.

If you choose the second option, Blurg will tell you that you can find these mushrooms in the Underdark, but he warns you that finding these mushrooms are perilous. He points you to Lenore, a cleric who served Mystra. Then you will have another chance to accept or reject their help:

  1. Eating those doesn't sound like a great idea.
  2. That's too risky of an experiment for me. Count me out.
  3. All right. I'll come back when I find the mushrooms.
  4. Leave.

Continue to explore Ebonlake Grotto and look for Derryth Bonecloak at (X:54 Y:-91). A merchant gold dwarf who will give you the task 'Find the Mushroom Picker'. Make sure to also check her wares and buy essential items from her such as equipment and potions. You will also speak with Sovereign Glut nearby who will ask you to tell him of home. You will get the following options in the picture below:

18 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

If you choose the second option, Glut will respond with its own picture of his own home. He will continue to tell you that Duergar destroyed his people, and left without a circle. He wishes to join you to help cleans the Duergar rot. He offers to raise the dead and you will have command of it. You can respond with one of the options below:

  1. Are you sure? It's going to be dangerous.
  2. Join me? That depends- can you make yourself useful?
  3. Very well- you may join me.
  4. I don't need your help.
  5. I'm not traveling with some overgrown mushroom.
  6. Leave.

If you accept his help, then you will be given a new quest which is Avenge Glut's Circle.


Setting Camp at the Underdark

While at camp, Gale will approach you and tell you that his condition has worsened. This will also update his companion quest: 'The Wizard of Waterdeep", he asks to consume another artefact, and giving him one will grant his approval. Shortly after, he will explain that there's hardly any effect on him after consuming the artefact. Now, he will ask to speak to everyone. If you agree to this, you will gain his approval again.

20 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Gale reveals his history, of how Mystra became his teacher, muse, and eventually, lover. He continues to share that he aims to cross the boundaries placed by Mystra and then you will be given the following options to respond:

  1. How exactly did you try to cross those boundaries?
  2. You thought you knew better than Mystra? You're more a fool than I thought.
  3. I applaud your ambition.

Choosing the first option will prompt Gale to share that he did this to prove himself worthy to her. He starts with Mystra's return and how the restored the Weave and reunited all the shards. Until he discovered a Netherese tome in which a piece of the weave has been sealed. He thought that he can return the missing part to the goddess. Drowning in his pride and arrogance, Gale managed to convince himself that if he do this, he will be welcomed by Mystra.

He continues to share about what happened after he took the book to his study, and will ask you to place your hand over his heart, to show you what has happened. You feel a strong force pulling you in and will be given the following choices:

21 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Gale continues to explain that, with the orb inside his body, it needs to be fed potent magic, such as artefacts. However, destabilizing it will cause Gale to erupt. With his knowledge of Netherese, he believes that it can destroy a city the size of Waterdeep. Gale realizes that he has been hiding the truth and it must be heavy to have someone like him in the party. You will have an option whether you would like Gale to stay with you:

  1. We've come this far together and we'll continue on together. That is how it will be.
  2. If we were to part ways, where would you go?
  3. You pose too grave a threat. This is goodbye, Gale.

Choosing the first one will renew your alliance with Gale and he expresses his gratefulness to be able to stay in the party. Next, you will now speak to Volo and ask for an update regarding his research on the parasite. He tells you he could attempt an extraction. Choosing the first option here, Volo will honestly tell you that he has dreamt of it, a thousand times. You can have Volo do it or not, depending on your choice.

23 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

After ending the day, Mizora greets you if you have Wyll at your party. She reveals that she is Wyll's handler and made a deal with Wyll to take care of Karlach. She turns her attention to Karlach to tell her that Zariel sends her regards. Soon after, she casts magic on Wyll that caused him to grow horns as payment for his broken promise.

Speak with the rest of your companions and an interaction with Gale here could get you an approval. As he expresses his sadness over being unable to see his reflection you will be given the following options:

  1. Stare into his eyes, taking in every detail of his face.
  2. For you maybe, but I like what I see.
  3. It's for the best, you're not exactly ageing gracefully.

Then choose, I see you and describe his piercing eyes, and dangerous smile, then, tell him that Shadowheart is the real beauty. Astarion will approve of your humor here. Next, speak to Wyll who was just transformed by Mizora. Choosing the first option here will prompt Wyll to acknowledge that he deserved it. He continues to tell you that he can't share the details of the pact but is firm with his decision, and tells you that he has not regretted it, not for a heartbeat. You can also speak with the rest of your companions if you wish to make progress with your romances with them.

If you take a long rest at the end of the day, you will be visited in your dreams again by the same dream visitor. She tells you that she has everything under control now and that you're looking for solutions in the wrong places. You will get the following options to respond:

  1. So what should I be doing?
  2. Tell me who you are.
  3. Halsin mentioned that these tadpoles have been modified with magic.
  4. It was worth a shot.
  5. There must be some way to get rid of the tadpole.
  6. I'm done seeking solutions.

26 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

She informs you that the parasite is protected by magic and attempting to remove it at this state will surely kill you and tells you that the source must be destroyed first before they can get rid of it. She shares that she shares the same fate as you, that she has been infected with a parasite, and has been seeking ways to get rid of it. She continues, that the magic that she used to protect you was stolen from someone and that they're hunting her to get it back. She asks that you work together and asked you to travel to Moonrise Towers where the cultists are gathering.

Back to the Underdark

When your camp ends with the party, you will now return to the Underdark and continue your journey here. At (X:71 Y:-190), you will find an executed deep gnome and recover Shortsword of First Blood from its body. After agreeing to help Sovereign Glut, you will now go to seek the Duergar threatening the peace of the Myconid Colony. 

27 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

In the Decrepit Village at (X:15 Y:-179) a Duergar will spot you and take you to Gekh Coal who is ready to fight after you get caught sneaking. Attempting the Persuasion (Charisma) will require you to pass a DC check of 15.

  1. I could've killed you before you even noticed me, but didn't. Stand down.
  2. [INTIMIDATION] Take your hand off that axe before you lose it.
  3. [PERSUASION] I can be discreet. No need for bloodshed.
  4. Attack him.
  5. Turn to leave.

If your attempt is successful he will let you live. He shares that a certain slave ran away and took Sergeant Thrinn's boots, which describes the same situation as Thulla did before. You can decide if you want to give the boots and tell him that you have it, or do it at a later time, or simply attack him here. If you have decided on how to proceed with this, make sure to walk towards (X:23 Y:-211) to discover a waypoint before moving on to the next interaction.

Following this walkthrough, we will keep our word to Sovereign Glut and Thulla. You can now return to the Myconid Colony and inform Glut that the Duergar has been taken care of. He demands to see the bodies, and you can walk back to the area to show him. However, as soon as Glut sees the body he's dissatisfied and wishes to take Spaw's circle. Glut is blinded by his hunger for power and wishes to devour the colony whole. If you take Spaw's side, you will gain Astarion's approval.

29 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

You can now return to the Myconid Colony and speak with Spaw to report to him what took place. 

  1. The Duergar are slain; the rot has been purged.
  2. I have slain the creature called Glut. It was scheming to slaughter your circle.
  3. Leave.

If you choose the first one, you will gain the approval of Karlach. Spaw is pleased with this and tells you that you can now claim the promised rewards. However, he informs you that threat still remains in the Underdark and asks you to take care of a drow named Nere, lurking in the shadows. He will give you a new quest: 'Deliver Nere's Head'. After this, he will name you Peace-Bringer and then, Kin Spirit.

Enter the Sovereign's Refuge at (X:52 Y:-78) to claim your rewards. You find a body of a drow scholar, which you can investigate by the use of Speak with Dead. You find a book laid closely and pick it up. Attempting the Investigation/Nature will require passing a DC check of 15.

32 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

The book reveals its secrets to forging adamantine and now, you can turn your attention to the body on the ground. The drow of the name Xargrim reveals that they're searching for The Adamantine Forge. You also learned that the forge is hidden deep within the Underdark, and would require a mould and mithral ore into each of their chambers to activate the lever.

xxxFollowing your quest to Find a Cure, you will set out to look for the mushroom picker. Go towards Dread Hollow at (X:-5 Y:-115) where you will see Bibberbangs blocking the path pictured below. Make sure to hit these from a distance as they can erupt into poisonous fumes. In the area below, you will find more Bibberbangs blocking your path. These plants exhale poisons and expel them when they sense vibrations, which makes them incredibly dangerous.

33 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

In the distance, you will see a dwarf, Baelen Bonecloak surrounded by all the dangerous shrooms. You begin your conversation with him here:

  1. This is quite a predicament you've landed yourself in.
  2. Surely you can navigate around some fungi, can't you?
  3. Turn away.

You know that he needs a misty step, and you can decide how to help him. If you have the scroll, you may safely throw it to his direction, or fetch his bag first. Attempting the Strength check will require you to pass a DC of 10 to help the dwarf. You can tell him that you met Derryth and then he hands you an item to thank you, a Scroll of Invisibility. He runs away after this quick conversation. Don't leave the area yet, as there's a noblestalk plant in this area, however, to get it, you must not trigger the Bibberbangs.

34 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

One method is to just run back and grab it, triggering the Bibberbangs. As soon as you have it, turn on turn-based mode and the Bibberbangs will continue to explode. Once they finish and the mist goes away, use your turn to use Misty Step, heal, etc. You may refer to Find the Mushroom Picker page for more detailed guide on how to retrieve it. Now, you may now return to Derryth at Ebonlake Grotto who is currently talking to Baelen who has just arrived.

It appears that Baelen has forgotten the noblestalk that you picked up earlier. Derryth explains that they need it for their shop in Baldur's Gate, and will ask you to hand it over. You can decide her if you want to keep it for yourself or give it to her, or attempt an extortion with the following options:

  1. Give it to her.
  2. Keep it to yourself.
  3. What will you do with it?
  4. How much is it worth to you?

If you hand her the noblestalk, she will reward you with Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo and this will also mark your quest complete for Find the Mushroom Picker.

Continuing your journey in the Underdark, you will search for The Adamantine Forge, which was described in the journal of the dead drow in the Sovereign's refuge. During your journey make sure to stop by at (X:-50 Y:-142) to discover a waypoint in Sussur Tree. Walk further into the center of the tree and at (X:-18 Y:-144), you can pick up the Sussur Tree Bark, which is a quest item that you'll need to Finish the Masterwork Weapon.

36 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Then, you will encounter a boss here, Filro the Forgotten, who is also aware of the existence of The Adamantine Forge. You will find him at Dread Hollow at (X:-43 Y:-166). Once he is dead, you can now use Speak with Dead to commune with it.

  1.  Who are you?
  2. You lived among those creatures?
  3. How did you come to be here?
  4. Your notes mention a Guardian- what is it?
  5. The glowing tree- what is it?
  6. Leave.

37 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

You discover that the glowing tree stills the Weave and protects him from the others. He tells you that the Guardian is born from hellish heat designed to protect The Adamantine Forge. You discover that there's 3 of them looking for the forge, Xargrim, and Dhourn. Xargrim was the one found at the Sovereign Refuge, which leaves you to search for Dhourn.


Setting up Camp in the Underdark

After the fight with Dhourn and pack of Hook Horrors, your party will likely need time to recover and heal up. You may choose to camp for the night afterwards and you will come to find Shadowheart and Lae'zel in the middle of a confrontation. Lae'zel demands to know why she is carrying a githyanki relic. At this point you can let the argument unfold, or get in the middle of it.

38 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Lae'zel continues that the artefact is an heirloom of heir people and she believes that she killed her kin to steal it. She refuses to remain in party with her and demands to know why she has it. However, Shadowheart explains that it's the only thing preventing her from transforming into a mind flayer, and that Lae'zel should be thankful that she has it. You will get the following choices here:

  1. Stop this. No sense in us fighting witheach other.
  2. I agree with Shadowheart- the artefact is protecting us. We need it with us.
  3. Lae'zel is right. We don't need the githyanki as enemies.
  4. So. Any ideas on how we settle this?
  5. Rest- both of you. Tempers will be cooler in the morning.

By choosing 4, Lae'zel proposes a duel between the two of them come first light. In the middle of the night, you awoke to Shadowheart with a blade to Lae'zel's throat. Next, you will have 3 options on how to proceed. Attempting the Persuasion check will require you to pass a DC of 10.

  1. Do nothing.
  2. [PERSUASION] Shadowheart- stop. You don't have to do this.
  3. Move to attack Shadowheart.

If you pass, Lae'zel tries to talk out of her hold and you will get the next options:

  1. Cooperate, Lae'zel. For your own sake.
  2. We need her, Shadowheart. Give her a chance.

39 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Shadowheart proposes to let it go and channel their hostility instead towards real enemies, and not to party members. Soon after, you can now return to Underdark once your health and spells are fully recovered. Upon returning, Shadowheart will talk to you once more to tell you that you have earned her trust after helping her out against Lae'zel, and this will also gain her approval. Shadowheart continues to share about her desire of becoming a Lady Justiciar. If you thank her for sharing, she will give you her approval again.


Battle with Spectator

Continuing your search for the Adamantine Forge, you are now set to look for Dhourn, the 3rd member of the drow party aware of its existence. Deeper into the Underdark at (X:120 Y:-247) you will encounter a boss, Spectator. In this area, a cutscene will play showing stone statues resembling a party of dark drow. It casts the unpetrification on the Drow that will bring it back to life. This battle will go on allowing the Spectator to cast unpetrification on the rest of the Drow to help it in combat.

40 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Upon defeating it, you can recover The Spectator Eyes from the boss and other valuable items from their party. With the protector out of the way, you can now use Speak with Dead to commune with Dhourn. You find out through him that the original members of their party turned against each other and ended up killing one another. Make sure to check his pack to recover the Memory Shard from Dhourn. Use the shard to see a vision of the Adamantine Forge, confirming its location in the bowels of the Underdark.

42 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide



The Festering Cove

44 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

At (X:-425 Y:282) you will find BOOOAL worshippers led by Overdripp the Zealous. They are in the middle of their chants and want to sacrifice you to their lord. You will be given 5 options pictured below and attempting the Investigation or Arcana check will require you to pass a DC of 20. If you are successful, you will be able to identify that this is a hoax. The bloodied creature demands a sacrifice putting you and your party's life in danger.

  1. Wait! If it's blood you want, I can make another offer.
  2. [PERSUASION] Are your followers aware you're just a rabid little fey creature?
  3. Attack.

If you attempt the Persuasion check, you will need to pass a DC of 15.  If you pass, the bloodied creature will reveal its true identity before its priest and followers. BOOOAL asks if its power you want and you will get the following options:

  1. What kind of power?
  2. I'll just kill you and claim it for myself.
  3. [To priest] Well, Bow before BOOOAL's Chosen!
  4. I don't need your power- or theirs.
  5. I won't let you enslave them any longer.

Choosing the second option will grant the approvals of Astarion and Shadowheart and the fight will commence right after. If you kill BOOOAL, Pooldripp the Zealous praises you for defeating the pretender and gives you a new name: MAKHLOOMPAH! Then, the priest asks you what is your first commandment to your new worshippers.

  1. A better name than 'Mahkloompah', for one.
  2. Go out and build me an army.
  3. No more blood rituals.
  4. Just keep doing what you're doing.
  5. Perhaps you should study the teachings of my god.

46 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Make sure to grab the items that you can get from BOOOAL's body before moving on to the next area. There's a Gilded Chest located at (X:-402 and Y:327) unlocking this chest will require you to pass a Dexterity check DC 10. You can get a Slippery Chain Shirt and gold from this chest. There's another Gilded Chest with the same unlocking requirements to obtain Pale Green Dye and other camp supplies.

Continue exploring The Festering Cove and at (X:-398 Y:-258) you will find a Message In a Bottle, an item that you can open to read a letter from Doni addressed to his father. There's also a nearby area where you can find a chest to obtain a Scroll of Blink. This is already unlocked and there's no need to break it open or pick its locks.


Return to the Underdark (Main Area)

47 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

After exploring The Festering Cove, you will now return to the Underdark, where you will head first to (X:66 Y:-259). You will find a drow who seems to have fallen to its death, given the condition of the body, as your companion pointed out. To know more details about their death, you can use Speak with Dead or simply go through their belongings. You can get a Scroll of Slow and a Hide-Bound Journal from their body.

Next, you will head to (X:72 Y:-260) to recover a Sylvan Stone, that will help you to unlock a recipe: Essence of Sylvan Stone. To reach this place you have to jump upwards a series of mushrooms growing through the walls. You will see these mushrooms pictured below:

49 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

When you reach the top, you will find more Sylvan Stones on the ground that you can recover. Make sure to explore the top area to go through a fake wall pictured below:

50 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

 By going through this area, you can recover more Sylvan Stones and you can see a Mushroom Circle glowing on the ground. If you interact with this, you will be teleported back to the ground where you first started jumping up. Now that you're back on the ground, you will continue your search for the Arcane Tower.


Approaching the Arcane Tower

52 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Your journey to the Arcane Tower begins upon reaching (X:35 Y:-251) with a tall doorway. When you get here, it is ideal to switch to turn-based mode so you can take precise control of your characters. There are two Arcane Turrets protecting this area and if you come any closer, it will automatically attack you. To avoid these attacks, go to the right side, away from the watchful eye of these towers. These turrets are built strong and have Sturdy condition, you may only damage these if your attacks can deal at least 10 damage. You may also use Eldritch Blast on these cannons to deal massive damage to them.

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Once the turrets have been temporarily disabled, you can now explore the area to read a letter addressed to Yrre from Lenore and then take items such as ingot dropped on the ground. You will also find a locked Heavy Chest here which contains a Skybreaker and silver ingot. To open this chest, you will need to pass a Dexterity DC 15. With the Arcane Turrets disabled, you will now move past the second turret on the stairway pictured below:

55 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

Note that these turrets can come alive again after a certain period of time so make sure to watch out for that before it starts attacking your party. To permanently disable these turrets and activate the elevator to go up the tower, you will need to go to the lower area of this ground. Jump through the mushrooms pictured below until you reach the lower area.

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When you reach this door at (X:-60 Y:-294) you can destroy this or use a lockpick skill. Attempting the Dexterity check will require you to pass a DC of 15. Once you enter you can immediately see the generator here which keeps the turrets powered. To disable this, simply add the Sussur Bloom to it. A short cutscene will play showing the turrets disabled and the Arcana Tower will be powered up. Make sure to take a look around the area as well and you will find chests that you can loot valuable items from. 

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There's a tongue of madness at (X:-29 Y:-291) a quest item that you need in the quest Find a Cure, through the help of Omeluum. At exactly (X:-45 Y:-272) you will also find Timmask Spores, another item for Omeluum's quest. You can continue exploring the tower and you will discover that it is filled with chests and valuable items such as potions and other alchemy ingredients.

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Once you have reached the top of the tower, you will be greeted by Bernard and you will get the following options to respond:

  1. 'Or art thou friend, a rescue from my lonely wake?
  2. Out of my way. I'm not interested in riddles.
  3. I'm a friend. I come in peace.
  4. I'm not foul or contemptuous, but I am a foe.
  5. Attack it while it waits for an answer.

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If you choose the first option, Bernard will see you as its new lord and will address you as 'my liege'. If you choose the option to accept a hug from it, you discover that Bernard addresses you as 'Lenore' and he will now remain a friendly ally to you. You can continue having conversations with Bernard to further discover the truth about the Arcana Tower. If you choose the first option, Bernard will respond with: "If you do not your deepest secrets show? Reveal your truth, give what you wish to see."

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Shortly after, he will walk towards the desk and will put an item on the table. Pick up the Guiding Light on the table. With the ring in your hand, interact with the elevator again. This ring will open up a new level in the Arcana Tower that will lead you to the basement. You can recover Basilisk Oil, more Tongue of Madness, The Sparkswall, and a Staff of Arcane Blessing in this level.

Omeluum's Quest: Find a Cure

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You were able to gather all of the items that Omeluum needed to help you in extracting the parasite. You can now return to Ebonlake Grotto to speak with him there. As soon as you hand him the mushrooms, he will begin to brew the potion. He tells you that you need to drink the entire draught. You will now get the options below:

  1. Drink the potion.
  2. What exactly is this going to do to me?
  3. I need some time to prepare. 

After choosing to drink the option, Omeluum tells you that you may find yourself acting irrationally, and will ask you to try and stay focused. With the potion starting to take effect, you will now get the following options:

  1. [SAVING THROW] Draw on your willpower and resist.
  2. [SAVING THROW] Focus on the present, not the illusions.
  3. Stare into the swirling abyss.

Attempting the Intelligence check will require you to pass a DC of 10. If you are successful, you begin to feel the tadpole fighting back. You will get the following options:

  1. [SAVING THROW] Drown out the tadpole by focusing on a tune.
  2. [SAVING THROW] Resist the panic from within.
  3. [SAVING THROW] Wall off your mind from the psionic seizure.
  4. Let the terror take you.

Attempting the Saving Throw check will require you to pass a DC of 15. The parasite surges even stronger and then Omeluum suddenly exclaims, interrupting you. The parasite has calmed down and you notice that the parasite has actually grown stronger. Omeluum tells you that its power is unsettling and that he didn't expect this outcome. He then tells you that the tadpole is still inside your brain but he offers another temporary solution.

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He tells you that he owns a Ring of Shielding, which prevents elder brains from noticing his presence. He continues to explain that it will not remove the parasite but it will limit the parasite's influence. He asks you if there is something that you could offer to him in return.

  1. Why didn't you mention the ring before this potion debacle?
  2. I have gold. Will that suit?
  3. No, I want this power. Keep your ring.
  4. How about I tell you more about that nautiloid? Every last detail.
  5. [INTIMIDATION] Either give me the ring, or I'll run you through.
  6. Leave.

 If you choose the 4th one by telling him details of the ship, you will need to do either an Intelligence or Performance check that will require you to pass a DC of 15. By doing this, you will get the approval of Shadowheart. This event will mark the Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite quest as completed. 


Camp again in the Underdark

After your conversation with Omeluum and completing his quest, take a moment to rest with your party and set up camp. While you are resting, you wake up to find the owlbear cub that you have rescued approaching you. If you choose to give the cub a piece of food, your companions Astarion, Shadowheart, and Karlach will give you their approval.

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The next day, Shadowheart will approach you and asks if it's a good time to share something. She will ask you to use the tadpole and communicate with her to come into her mind. You will now get the following options:

  1. Are you sure?
  2. What am I going to see?
  3. Use the parasite to explore her mind.

Upon using the tadpole's power, Shadowheart begins to share a piece of her past, at the time that she was fleeing. A vision of a young Shadowheart came face-to-face with a Wolf as Lady Shar saved her and gave her a new home. Shadowheart tells you that she can't remember anything before that vision. With your knowledge, you recall a familiar Selunite rites of passage, about how they would send their children out into the wilds, to navigate their way home. You will get the following options to respond to Shadowheart:

  1. No wonder you're so dedicated to Shar- you feel like you owe your life to her.
  2. You looked like you were wearing a Moonstone... isn't that commonly worn by Selunites?
  3. Thank you for sharing that with me. I know it can't have been easy.

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Back to the present time, and if you choose the 2nd option, Shadowheart dismisses this and tells you that you're reading too much into things. You can continue your conversation with Shadowheart to progress with the Daughter of Darkness quest, and you discover that Shadowheart was sent on a mission by her Mother Superior. This will also make progress in your relationship with Shadowheart if you choose to do so. Then, you get the next options:

  1. You seemed intrigued when Halsin mentioned Dark Justicians before.
  2. I want to talk about your Shar worship.
  3. You and I... we share something special, I think. I want to talk about it.
  4. I want to talk about all that's happened to us.
  5. We should journey separately for now. I'll see you whenever we camp.
  6. Leave.

You can decide if you want to keep her in your party or have someone else take over. When you're done with your companion dialogues and quests in the Underdark, you will now continue to travel to Grymforge.

Traveling to Grymforge 

You can head to Grymforge by a boat at Underdark - Beach 

underdark tvt grymforg 01

You will get an event that you get hailed by Corsair Greymon. 

underdark tvt grymforg 02

 If you decide to fight you will have a chance to loot Shining Staver-of-Skulls (+1 1d4 Bludgeoning, 1d4 Radian and Light), Jorgoral's Greatsword(+1, 2d6, Colossal Onslaught - an aoe action on short rest) and Bow of the Banshee (+1, 1d6, Can inflict Frightened) from one of the enemy name Hurk. Additionally you will find Intransigent Warhammer(1d10, knock nearby foes Prone after killing or landing a Critical Hit) in a chest on the enemy's ship. 

underdark tvt grymforg 03

Notes & Tips

  • There are multiple ways to reach Underdark. Either through the Defiled Temple, or jump from the phase spiders' tunnel using Feather Fall, use the Portal in Overgrown Tunnel, or use the elevator at Zhentarim Hideout.
  • Northwest to the Selunite Outpost, there's a rare sword Phalar Aluve, pass the Religion or Strength checks to get it.
  • Killing Glut will be the end of him and you can then collect your reward from Spaw. Spaw will give you the title Peace-bringer and Kin Spirit.
  • For killing Spaw, and all of the inhabitants of the Myconid Colony (Except Blurg, who will fight for three rounds when you attack the colony, then teleport away), Glut will give you the title: King Bringer.
  • Explore the Underdark and unlock a Heavy Chest at (X:82 Y:-204) this will require you to pass a Dexterity DC of 15 to get a Drow Studded Leather Armour and other loot.
  • In the purple glowing area at (X:104 Y:-242), you will find Glowing gems scattered.
  • The arcane tower is at the southwest of the Underdark, however, its front gate is guarded by 2 arcane turrets. You can use Misty step or Feather Fall to climb the mushrooms on cliff near the arcane tower. 
  • To access the basement of the arcane tower jump down the gap of the wooden stairwell leading to the elevator.
  • In order to Turn off the Arcane Turrets and activate the elevator, you need to reach the first floor of the Tower, and then combine Sussur Blossom with the generator. (You can find some at the backyard)
  • Outside the Underdark fort, there are 2 minotaurs. One of them carries an uncommon amulet - Amulet of the Unworthy.
  • Right next to the Underdark Fort, among a group of petrified Drows, there's a Spectator Beholder. After you killed the Spectator, if there's still some drow left (either freed by you or the beholder), they will attack you. However, if their leader - Dhourn was killed by either you (while he is mind-controlled) or the beholder, they'll stay neutral.
  • You can find an Icy Helve on Dhourn's body (used for Mourning Frost), along with some info regarding Grymforge)
  • Near the Underdark - Sussur tree, there are 4 Hook Horror and a wizard.
  • At the Underdark Beach, there is a group of Duergars waiting to ambush you. (Unless you use Tadpole's psionic power or pass Deception/Persuasion 20 to talk your way out of this.) One of the Duergar has an uncommon 2 handed weapon - Exterminator's Axe. Cast the Speak with Dead spell and you can get some information from a dead raider.
  • On one of the dead deep gnome, there's an uncommon 1 handed weapon - Shortsword of First Blood.
  • Blurg, the merchant and scholar, sells a rare Helmet - Circlet of Blasting.
  • You can reach The Festering Cove by a jump from the above location. Succeed in Investigation (15) or Arcane checks will find out the true identity of the BOOOAL, if you then succeed in a Persuasion (15) or performance check, you need only to find the red cap, otherwise, all Kuo-toa will turn hostile. 
  • You find some Sussur tree bark for the quest Finish the Masterwork weapon.
  • There's a dog grove you can discover at southwest of Sussur Tree (On a cliff of sorts overlooking the Duergar beach), use a shovel to find the dog collar. Later when you explore the Arcane Tower, there is a button on the 3rd floor, press it and your character notices the dog collar vibrates. It can now be equipped as an amulet, wear it and press the button again it will dispense food.
  • On the skeleton near the mushroom picker, there's an Explorer's Ring. (You can save the mushroom picker with mage hand, it won't trigger Bibberbang.)
  • Using the boat at the beach will take you to Grymforge (Duergar Camp).
  • Helmet of Smiting can be found at Selunite Outpost, in a chest.



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      Hurk only had a "Greatclub 1+" on him. Did not have "Shining Staver-of-Skulls", "Jorgoral's Greatsword", or "Bow of the Banshee." Bummer because those seem to be in Corsair Greymon's shop (if you let him live). If you shove Corsair Greymon off the boat you get nothing. Not sure if I'm bugged or what. Others have said the vaious corpses had the loot, but none of them did for me.

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        If you knock any of the enemies into the water during the boat fight, their bodies will wash ashore on the docks near the Arcane Tower. They will have their items on them. X:-9 Y:-241

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          completely useless shadowheart bs in this thread needs to be removed as that can happen anywhere .. dolts.

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            You can enter the underdark from the overgrown tunnel. You just have to put on one of the mask you get and you can pass right trough a door and there is a mushroom circle that bring you right into the underdark

            • In case anyone is wondering, the Torchstalk at the entrance to the Festering Cove will destroy the basket near it, but nothing else (including the shells). You can crouch on the upper mushroom and move the basket to the mushroom without exploding the Torchstalk, but the basket was empty on my PT.

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                Me as a Larian vet I just did the right thing and went in the front door, shot out the blood stone on the statue, nicked the ruby's and shot out the gargoyle heads with a bow, no spell wastage then.

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                  In the well in goblin village, you can climb down to fight phase spiders. Using featherfall you can fall into the underdark with one of the web bridges.

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                    In the arcane tower it looks like there is a secret door on the bottom level next to the entrance. I can see through I see a staircase behind the stone wall but cannot find a way to open it.

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