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Underdark is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Underdark.


Underdark Map



Notes & Tips

  • There are multiple ways to reach Underdark. Either through the Defiled Temple, or jump from the phase spiders' tunnel using Feather Fall, use the Portal in Overgrown Tunnel, or use the elevator at Zhentarim Hideout.

  • The arcane tower is at the southwest of the Underdark, however, it's front gate is guarded by 2 arcane turrets. You can use Misty step or Feather Fall to climb the mushrooms on cliff near the arcane tower. 
  • To access the basement of the arcane tower jump down the gap of the wooden stairwell leading to the elevator.
  • In order to Turn off the Arcane Turrets and activate the elevator, you need to reach the first floor of the Tower, and then combine Sussur Blossom with the generator. (You can find some at the backyard)
  • Outside the Underdark fort, there are 2 minotaurs. One of them carries an uncommon amulet - Amulet of Unworthy.
  • Right next to the Underdark Fort, among a group of petrified Drows, there's a Spectator Beholder.
  • On the top right corner of under dark, there's a storehouse full of valuable items.
  • Near the Underdark - Sussur tree, there are 4 Hook Horror and a wizard.
  • At the Underdark Beach, there is a group of dreugers waiting to ambush you. (Unless you use tadpole's psionic power or pass Deception/Persuasion 20 to talk your way out of this.) One of the dreuger has an uncommon 2 handed weapon - Exterminator's Axe. Cast the Speak with Dead spell and you can get some information from a dead raider.
  • On one of the dead villager, there's an uncommon 1 handed weapon - Shortsword of First Blood.
  • Blurg, the merchant at Myconid Colony, sells a rare Helmet - Circlet of Blasting.
  • the_festering_cove2-bg3-wiki-guide-min
    You can reach The Festering Cove by a jump from the above location. Succeed in Investigation (15) or Arcane checks will find out the true identity of the Boooal, if you then succeed in a Persuasion (15) or performance check, you need only to find the red cap, otherwise, all Kuo-toa will turn hostile. 
  • You find some Sussur tree bark for quest Finish the Masterwork weapon.
  • arcane_tower5-bg3-wiki-guide
    There's a dog grove you can discover at the southwest of Sussur Tree (On a cliff of sorts overlooking the druegar beach), use a shovel to find the dog collar. There is a button on the 3rd floor in the Arcane Tower, press it and your character notices the dog collar vibrates. It can now be equipped as an amulet, wear it and press the button again it will dispense food.
  • explorer_ring-bg3-wiki-guide
    On the skeleton near mushroom picker, there's an Explorer's Ring.
  • Using the boat at the beach will take you to Duergar Camp.





Notable NPCs:

  • Bernard
  • Baelen
  • Glut
  • Myconid Sovereign
  • Thulla
  • Gekh Coal



  • Derryth
  • Blurg (at Myconid Colony)





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    • 13 May 2021 09:36  

      In case anyone is wondering, the Torchstalk at the entrance to the Festering Cove will destroy the basket near it, but nothing else (including the shells). You can crouch on the upper mushroom and move the basket to the mushroom without exploding the Torchstalk, but the basket was empty on my PT.

      • Anonymous

        07 Nov 2020 07:44  

        Me as a Larian vet I just did the right thing and went in the front door, shot out the blood stone on the statue, nicked the ruby's and shot out the gargoyle heads with a bow, no spell wastage then.

        • Anonymous

          10 Oct 2020 10:49  

          In the well in goblin village, you can climb down to fight phase spiders. Using featherfall you can fall into the underdark with one of the web bridges.

          • Anonymous

            09 Oct 2020 17:48  

            In the arcane tower it looks like there is a secret door on the bottom level next to the entrance. I can see through I see a staircase behind the stone wall but cannot find a way to open it.

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