Character Information for Baldur's Gate 3 features aspects of the game regarding the game's playable characters and its mechanics where it aims to better understand what can be expected when it comes to Races, Classes, Stats, Abilities, and Builds. Players can find links to the following categories mentioned below.


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    • Anonymous

      Solo idea for all those asking. Recruit or reclass your 3 companions to cleric or druid.
      Shield of faith your main

      Warding bond

      Then another buff spell

      They work over any distance and have the others sit in camp, 1 in town to transfer and trade for you or hold items. While u cant access some thongs over the dostance u can ise them as magical pockets, get +3 or more ac and resist all g and other buffs. Also go to camp for heals between fights. Otherwise its still a solo challenge without uber lone wolf buff. Kinda mid range power boost. Use druid barkskon or bard or whatever. Im goong to try a solo sorc and solo arcane triclster 1 lvl wizard to learn all the spells i can to be a baan build solo tactician

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