Classes for Baldur's Gate 3 are styles of play for each character of the game. In BG3, each class also has several Subclasses that players can select after gaining sufficient XP. Choosing a class determines your character's Features, which are the unique actions that a character can perform, and also have an impact on your dialogue options via tags. Classes can vary from Fighters, Wizards, Rangers, and many more.

  • BG3 Full Game Note: In the full launch of Baldur's Gate 3, Ability Score Points for Races that were present in Early Access are removed. And instead, Ability Score Points in the full game correspond with the Class players will choose. However, you can edit these further if desired.
  • See the Multiclassing page for in-depth information about taking levels in different classes as your character progresses.
  • Players can change their Companions Class as well as their own Class by using the Respec option via a specific NPC


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BG3 Classes & Builds - Everything You Should Know



BG3 Multiclassing Guide




Baldur's Gate 3 Classes Full List

barbarian class icon alt

The strong embrace the wild that hides inside - keen instincts, primal physicality, and most of all, an unbridled, unquenchable rage.

berserker subclass iconBerserker ♦ wildheart subclass iconWildheart ♦  wild magic icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWild Magic

bard icon class bg3 wiki guide

You know music is more than a fancy - it is power. Through study and adventure, you have mastered song, speech, and the magic within.

bard college of lore class bg3 wiki guideCollege of Lore ♦ bard college of valor class bg3 wiki guideCollege of Valour ♦  swords icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxCollege of Swords

cleric class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Clerics are representatives of the gods they worship, wielding potent divine magic for good or ill.

cleric lifedomain class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxLife Domain ♦ cleric lightdomain class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxLight Domain ♦ cleric trickerydomain class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxTrickery Domain ♦ knowledge domain icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxKnowledge Domain ♦ nature domain icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxNature Domain ♦ tempest domain icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxTempest Domain ♦ war domain icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWar Domain


druid class icon 1 baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Druids channel the elemental forces of nature and share a deep kinship with animals. Mastery of Wild Shape allows them to transform into beasts from all over the Realms

circle of the moon sub class baldursgate3 wiki guide 30pxCircle of the Moon ♦ circle of the land sub class baldursgate3 wiki guide 30pxCircle of the Land ♦ spore icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxCircle of the Spores

fighter class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Fighters have mastered the art of combat, wielding weapons with unmatched skill and wearing armour like a second skin.

fighter battlemaster class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxBattle Master ♦ fighter eldritchknight class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxEldritch Knight ♦ champion icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxChampion

monk class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Channel your cosmic enlightenment by deftly dodging and efficiently disassembling your foes through stunning strikes and a whirlwind of martial art attacks.

open hand icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWay of the Open Hand ♦  shadow icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWay of Shadow ♦ four elements icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWay of the Four Elements


paladin class bg3 wiki guide75px

Fuelled by the Oaths you swore to uphold justice and righteousness, you are a beacon of hope in dark times.

oath of devotion paladin class bg3 wiki guide75pxOath of Devotion ♦ oath of the ancients paladin class bg3 wiki guide75pxOath of the Ancients ♦ vengeance icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxOath of Vengeance ♦  oathbreaker paladin class bg3 wiki guide75pxOathbreaker 

ranger class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Rangers are unrivalled scouts and trackers, honing a deep connection with nature in order to hunt their favoured prey.

ranger beastmaster class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxBeast Master ♦ ranger hunter class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxHunter ♦ gloom stalker icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxGloom Stalker

rogue class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

With stealth, skill and uncanny reflexes, a rogue's versatility lets them get the upper hand in almost any situation.

rogue thief class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxThief ♦ rogue trickster class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxArcane Trickster ♦  assassin icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxAssassin


sorcerer class icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 250px

Sorcerers are natural spellcasters, drawing on inherent magic from a gift or bloodline.

draconic bloodline subclass icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 128pxDraconic Bloodline ♦ wild magic subclass icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 128pxWild Magic ♦  storm sorcery icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxStorm Sorcery

warlock class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Bound by a pact to an all-powerful patron, warlocks trade their loyalty for supernatural abilities and unique magic.

warlock fiend class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxThe Fiend ♦ warlock greatoldone class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxThe Great Old One ♦ archfey icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxArchfey

wizard class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px

Wizards master the arcane by specialising in individual schools of magic, combining ancient spells with modern research.

wizard abjuration class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxAbjuration School ♦ conjuration domain icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxConjuration School ♦  divination icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxDivination School ♦  enchantment icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxEnchantment School ♦  wizard evocation class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxEvocation School ♦  necromancy icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxNecromancy School ♦  illusion icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxIllusion School ♦  transmutation icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxTransmutation School



BG3 Classes Comparison Table

Class Description Hit Die Primary Ability Saving Throw Proficiencies Armor and Weapon Proficiencies
Barbarian A fierce warrior of primitive background who can enter a battle rage d12 Strength Strength & Constitution Light and medium armor, shields, simple and martial weapons
Bard An inspiring magician whose power echoes the music of creation d8 Charisma Dexterity & Charisma Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
Cleric A priestly champion who wields divine magic in service of a higher power d8 Wisdom Wisdom & Charisma Light and medium armor, shields, simple weapons
Druid A priest of the Old Faith, wielding the powers of nature— moonlight and plant growth, fire and lightning— and adopting animal forms d8 Wisdom Intelligence & Wisdom Light and medium armor, shields, clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, Quarterstaves, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears
Fighter A master of martial combat, skilled with a variety of weapons and armor d10 Strength or Dexterity Strength & Constitution All armor, shields, simple and martial weapons
Monk Channel your cosmic enlightenment by deftly dodging and efficiently disassembling your foes through stunning strikes and a whirlwind of martial art attacks. d8 Dexterity & Wisdom Strength & Dexterity Simple weapons, shortswords
Paladin A holy warrior bound to a sacred oath d10 Strength & Charisma Wisdom & Charisma All armor, shields, simple and martial weapons
Ranger A warrior who uses martial prowess and nature magic to combat threats on the edges of civilization d10 Dexterity & Wisdom Strength & Dexterity Light and medium armor, shields, simple and martial weapons
Rogue A scoundrel who uses stealth and trickery to overcome obstacles and enemies d8 Dexterity Dexterity & Intelligence Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
Sorcerer A spellcaster who draws on inherent magic from a gift or bloodline d6 Charisma Constitution & Charisma Daggers, Quarterstaves, Light Crossbows
Warlock A wielder of magic that is derived from a bargain with an extraplanar entity d8 Charisma Wisdom & Charisma Light armor, simple weapons
Wizard A scholarly magic-user capable of manipulating the structures of reality d6 Intelligence Intelligence & Wisdom Daggers, darts, slings, Quarterstaves, light crossbow


BG3 Classes: Everything You Should Know

How to Pick a Class in Baldur's Gate 3?

Picking the right class for your play style is an essential part of Character Creation. Certain Races may have a better affinity to specific Classes and Subclasses, for example. Additionally, you may want to opt for unique schools of magic based on Role-Play or simple preference. If you're going to optimize your character and party, check out our Builds section.

How does Class Affect the Game BG3?

Each Class in Baldur's Gate 3 comes with unique interactions because of their special abilities and personalities. An example developers gave of these unique interactions will be the Druid's ability to interact with animals and engage in dialogue which other classes will not be able to experience.

This means that the game will interact with your character and introduce different features and storylines depending on your choices as early as Character Creation. This could open up new unique quests, dialogues, interactions, combat, animations, and experiences based on your chosen Class as well as your chosen Background and Race.

What's the Level Cap in BG3?

Larian has confirmed that characters will be capped at level 12 in the official release, unlocking Planar Allies, Otto's Irresistible Dance, and Chain Lightning.

What's new in Baldur's Gate 3 Classes?

Upon the official release of Baldur's Gate 3, players will be able to see all 12 Classes which expands to about 46 Subclasses during Character Creation. On average, one class will have about 3 subclasses, but other specific Classes may have more to try out such as the Cleric and the Wizard. Baldur's Gate 3 also introduces the Multiclassing feature that will be available at release.

Party Composition in Baldur's Gate 3

It's not really required but if you want to maximize your party's composition, you would want to balance it between the different types of classes. You don't have to worry about choosing the right class for your character when it comes to party composition as all Companions can be respecced to any other class. So you actually have the freedom of choosing your preferred class without worrying about whether it would synergize well with your companions. Do note that respeccing your companion's class will not affect them in any way in terms of story, origin, or lore. For example, if you have Wyll as a companion and you decided to respecc and change him into a different class, he will still be a Warlock story-wise. 


What's new in Baldur's Gate 3 Classes?

Upon the official release of Baldur's Gate 3, players will be able to see all 12 Classes which expands to about 46 Subclasses during Character Creation. On average, one class will have about 3 subclasses, but other specific Classes may have more to try out such as the Cleric and the Wizard. Baldur's Gate 3 also introduces the Multiclassing feature that will be available on release.

What are Subclasses in BG3

Subclasses are specializations of a class. Players can opt for different branching paths and continue to benefit from the features of the initial class, while also gaining unique abilities for their Subclass. So a Rogue, for example, will have to opt to become a Thief or Arcane Trickster at level 3. From that point onward, the character will receive all the benefits of the Rogue class, plus the special benefits of their Subclass of choice.

Keep in mind that during character creation, not all subclasses are unlocked for players to initially choose, as most of these subclasses require a certain level in order to select the branching path of your class. As for some classes that allow you to choose a subclass during Character Creation, you can always check its description and the initial features that you gain.

Respec a Character in Baldur's Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, you will be able to Respec your characters as many times as you want, as long as you have the required gold and have already added Withers to the Camp. Approach him and select Respec among the services he provides. Withers will ask for 100 gold pieces for his service. The price of the service DOES NOT increase during the course of the game, nor if you use it frequently.

Any character can interact with Withers to Respec, even your Companions, if they pay the asking price. Note that respecing a character does not change its interactions or Quests.

How to Select Magic for Spellcasting Classes?

When choosing a Spellcasting class such as Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard, you are given the option to select your Cantrips and Spells. By default, they have recommended cantrips and spells but you can always change the initial magic that is equipped by your character. For new players, we highly recommend just following the default spells unless you're someone who is familiar with 5e. As you progress, in most cases, you can always change your Spells later on according to your preference.


Multiclassing Guide for Baldur's Gate 3

Multiclassing in Baldur's Gate 3

Multiclassing is a feature that will be implemented upon the full release of Baldur's Gate 3. This is the ability to switch to another Class or Character and can be done in-game. In order to allow all your wildest dream class combinations, Larian removed Ability Score Prerequisites. So there's no more need to get your Charisma up to a pesky 13 if you decide to make a soul pact with a playful Archfey or dangerous Fiend. You can Multiclass into anything your roleplay and build desires demand. In short, this means warriors will be able to wield arcane spells, rogues can master divine magic, spellcasters may dabble in martial prowess, and you’ll have the freedom to build the exact class that you want. While Multiclassing can be powerful, it may also spread your character's ability thin, so it's best that you plan and prepare ahead when you consider multiclassing.

Why Should I Multiclass in BG3?

Whether you are an experimenter at heart who forges class hybrids through careful consideration or you just can't decide between a warrior and a mage, in Baldur's Gate 3, it's possible to test your wildest builds. Multiclassing really changes the game – literally – because it allows you to fully customize the theme of your character. It has both a roleplay and a practical function, leading to all sorts of chaotic combinations and experimentations.

Unlike standard DND 5e rules, Larian has removed the Ability Score Prerequisites. You can Multiclass into anything your roleplay and build desires demand. In short, this means warriors will be able to wield arcane spells, rogues can master divine magic, spellcasters may dabble in martial prowess, and you’ll have the freedom to build the exact class that you want.

For each level, you can choose a different class to spend points on and begin building a bespoke Multiclass character. Given the possible combinations, it's recommended experienced D&D players fully leverage this feature. But if you decide to evenly spread all your points into every class for no strategic reason, there's naturally an achievement for that too.

Note: Baldur's Gate 3 has a level cap of 12, Multiclassing means you won't get the full effect and abilities of a specific class. 

Multiclassing Level Distribution in BG3

Multiclassing will divide your character's experience between different classes, it's is essential that you focus on some of the key abilities of the class you want to utilize. Be mindful of level distribution and keep in mind that your abilities will be determined by the levels you invest in each class. It's best to consider level distribution to ensure you gain some essential abilities at reasonable intervals.


bg3 classes complete guide fextralife wiki guide

Multiclass Options in the Story

In Baldur's Gate 3, a multiclassing character can choose all his/her class-specific responses. For example, a monk/rogue can choose monk response or rogue response. By Multiclassing, it is easier to test and create the character you dream of without the need of starting a new game and creating a new character. Multiclassing is easily possible as long as you meet the requirements.


How do I Multiclass in BG3?

As mentioned, Multiclass becomes available as soon as you acquire a class level. For example, as early as reaching Level 2 Warlock, you will have the option to continue leveling up in your class or to delve into another in the level-up menu. By doing so, keep in mind that as soon as you decide to Multiclass, your Character level will never be the same as your Class level. An example of this is if you are a Level 3 Warlock and decide to Multiclass into a Level 1 Bard, your Character level will be Level 4. The reason why we mention that it is important to consider looking at your character level is that some aspects such as an increase in proficiency bonuses correlate with it. While on the other hand, by reviewing your class levels, you'll be able to determine what class features are unlocked.

With that being said, we do want to advise you that when Multiclassing there are some limitations to it. First, we want to point out that you are free to Multiclass to any class you want, going back to limitations, an example would be if you start off with a Wizard and multi-class to a Sorcerer, it doesn't mean your spells slots will be doubled or in some cases, actions such as an extra attack will not stack. So make sure that you always consider the different factors when it comes to Multiclassing in Baldur's Gate 3.


Experiment and Discover Unique Character Combinations in BG3

There are a lot of possibilities for creating unique characters that the Multiclassing feature offers, so don't be afraid to experiment, discover, and try out different combinations when considering multiclassing. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the process of discovering new playstyles and character concepts that would make your character unique in its own way.


Baldur's Gate 3 Best Classes for Beginners

For beginners diving into the world of Baldur's Gate 3, some classes offer a smoother learning curve and versatile gameplay. Here are a few classes that are often considered among the best for beginners:

  1. Fighter: The Fighter class is straightforward and well-suited for newcomers. They excel in combat, have a high hit point pool, and can wear heavy armor. Fighters can focus on melee or ranged combat, offering flexibility in playstyle.

  2. Rogue: Rogues are agile and excel in stealth and ranged attacks. Their abilities make them excellent for both sneaky approaches and dealing substantial damage from a distance. They can also disarm traps, which can be particularly useful for beginners navigating the game's challenges.

  3. Cleric: Clerics are versatile spellcasters who can heal, buff allies, and deal damage to enemies. They wear medium armor and can use a variety of weapons, making them adaptable in various situations.

  4. Warlock: Warlocks have a unique spellcasting mechanic and access to powerful spells. Their spell slots recharge on short rests, which can be more forgiving for beginners who may not be familiar with the longer rest mechanics of other spellcasting classes.

  5. Wizard: While spellcasting can be complex, the Wizard class provides a wide range of magical options. Their spellbook system allows for spell customization, and they can specialize in different schools of magic to suit different playstyles.

  6. Ranger: Rangers are skilled in both ranged and melee combat, and they have a connection to nature that offers unique abilities. They can summon animals to aid them in battle, which can be helpful for beginners seeking additional support.

Quick Tips for Begginers

These tips should help players get started with their chosen class in Baldur's Gate 3 and maximize their effectiveness in and out of combat.


  • Unarmored Defense: Invest in Strength and Constitution for increased armor class if you plan to go unarmored.
  • Use Rage Liberally: You typically long rest after every one or two combat encounters, so don't hesitate to use your rage often.
  • Choose Subclass: For beginners, consider the straightforward Berserker subclass or the more dynamic Wildheart.
  • Two-Handed Weapons: Consider using a two-handed weapon for maximum damage output.
  • Great Weapon Master Feat: At level 4, consider taking this feat for extra damage and a bonus action if you kill an enemy or critically hit.
  • Extra Attack at Level 5: Barbarians gain an extra attack at level 5, making them more formidable.
  • Vicious Mockery: Use this unique cantrip to deal damage and give enemies disadvantage on their next attack roll.
  • Healing Word: Prepare this spell for its versatility, as it's a bonus action, can be used at range, and can revive fallen allies.
  • Choose Subclass Based on Party Needs: College of Lore for spellcasting, College of Valour or College of Swords for martial capabilities.
  • Delay Multiclassing: For new players, it's recommended not to multiclass until after reaching level 6.
  • Life Domain or Light Domain for New Players: Life Domain boosts healing and provides heavy armor proficiency, while Light Domain focuses on offensive spellcasting.
  • Tempest or War for Martial Focus: Consider these domains if you want a more martial-focused cleric.
  • Bonus Attack with War Domain: War Domain allows you to make an extra attack using your bonus action a certain number of times based on your Wisdom modifier.
  • Essential Spells: Healing Word, Guidance, and Enhance Ability are crucial spells for a cleric.
  • Guiding Bolt: Use this spell for high damage output, especially in early game encounters.
  • Healing Word is a valuable spell for Druids; consider picking it.
  • Speak with Animals is a useful role-playing spell to have.
  • Goodberry provides effective healing.
  • Guidance is handy for skill checks and saves.
  • Choose your Druid Circle based on your desired playstyle.


  • Understand Your Role: Fighters are typically frontline combatants, serving as the party's tank and damage dealer. 
  • Choose Your Fighting Style: At level 1, Fighters select a fighting style. Options like Archery, Great Weapon Fighting, or Defense can greatly influence your combat effectiveness. Choose one that fits your preferred playstyle. 
  • Know Your Subclass: Fighters have several subclasses, each with unique abilities. Understand your subclass's strengths and how to use its features effectively. For example, a Battle Master uses superiority dice for special combat maneuvers..
  • Ranged Fighters: If you're an archer or ranged Fighter, consider your positioning carefully. Stay at a distance to avoid unnecessary damage, but make sure you have a clear line of sight to your targets.
  • Focus on Dexterity and Wisdom: Dexterity is crucial for your Armor Class and attack rolls, while Wisdom affects your Monk abilities and spellcasting (if you choose a subclass that offers Spells). 
  • Use Unarmored Defense: Monks don't need armor. Their Unarmored Defense feature allows them to calculate their AC using Dexterity and Wisdom, making them hard to hit.
  • Multiclassing: Be cautious when multiclassing with a Monk, as it may slow your progress in gaining higher-level Monk abilities. Generally, it's best to stick with Monk levels for character progression.
  • Choose between sword and shield or two-handed weapons based on your preferred role.
  • Divine Smite is your main source of damage; use it strategically.
  • Select an oath that aligns with your character's beliefs.
  • Use Lay on Hands for healing and removing ailments.
  • Delay multiclassing until you've gained the benefits of extra attack at level 5
  • Decide on your preferred fighting style, such as archery or two-weapon fighting.
  • Utilize favored enemy bonuses based on your chosen type.
  • Take advantage of your Natural Explorer abilities, especially in exploration.
  • Consider Beast Master or Gloom Stalker subclasses.
  • Multiclassing can be done at any point, but waiting until level 5 for extra attack is often wise.


  • Use Sneak Attack by gaining advantage or attacking alongside an ally.
  • Take advantage of the Cunning Action feature to Hide or in combat.
  • Choose between the different Rogue subclasses based on your preferred style, but Assassin is begginer-friendly.
  • Hex is a great spell for extra damage.
  • Don't rush into multiclassing; Rogue's damage primarily comes from Sneak Attack.
  • Sorcery Points can be used to create extra spell slots.
  • Hex is a great spell for added damage.
  • Consider the Draconic Bloodline for damage and defense bonuses.
  • Choose Metamagic options that suit your Spells.
  • Multiclassing can be done at any point, but think about what it adds to your character's abilities. 
  • Experiment with a variety of Spells to fit different situations.
  • Evocation or Divination schools are solid choices.
  • Don't hesitate to pick spells like Magic Missile and Grease.
  • Consider a race or multiclass for added armor proficiency.
  • Wizard subclass features can significantly impact your playstyle.









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    • Anonymous

      Some classes get access to very fun special abilities with their own fun animations - as a druid you can shapeshift and you get access to wild shapes which are one of the most fun aspects of the game and give you essentially two extra health bars every short rest and can unlock 2 additional attacks like fighters but also can use AOE attacks like owlbears crushing flight and some wild shapes have invisibility too without using spell slots. As a barbarian you can rage which can slightly increase attack and give you other abilities like damage resistances, etc. and raging has it's own fun animation and rage scream. Monks have some martial arts animations.

      • Anonymous

        Are the hit dice columns irrelevant because you get a static HP boost every level based on the class, not based on a dice roll? It's a hit number not hit dice

        • Anonymous

          Has anyone else noticed some bugs with multiclassing and proficiencies?

          As far as I'm aware, you're supposed to only get the armour and weapon proficiencies of the class that you pick on level 1.

          However, with some multi-classes I've noticed I obtain proficiencies from a multi-class (Outside of class features like Swords Bard or Ranger Knight).

          Such as Warlock > Druid giving Medium Armor proficiency. Also, Rogue > Barbarian giving full Martial Weapon and Medium Armor proficiencies.

          What is strange is it's specific to certain multi-class set ups, as for example going Sorcerer > Druid doesn't grant the Medium Armor proficiency like Warlock > Druid does.

          • Anonymous

            Class system us brutally shallow and larian has done everything in their power to erase the existence of acid
            Has anyone wondered what the 4th element of elemental monk was earth and acid
            How about acid dragon sorceror did anyone figure out what their intended damage outlet is its defs not melfs acid arrow

            • Anonymous

              See they were too scared to put in a totem barbarian sub class. I wonder *has flash back to one of my players in one of my campaigns ignoring damage* who knows why

              • Anonymous

                So it looks like they were able to integrate all the standard options for Subclasses. Would have loved if they included classes from Tasha's Cauldron. I currently have a Soulknife Rogue/Abberant Mind Sorcerer I would love to recreate in BG3.

                • Anonymous

                  The Twitch channel Critical Role has me very excited to play this video game. It will be very difficult for me to decide on a single class to play. I'm thinking cleric, wizard, fighter, paladin, or sorcerer. Thoughts?

                  • Anonymous

                    And what about the Psionic classes? Given the start of the game, he thought they would be a logical choice.

                    • Anonymous

                      They patched in Lathander, Mielikki, Talos, and Tymora now, so they can be added to the Deities page.
                      Odd they didn't bring in Beshaba with Tymora, usually the two exist in balance, so it's strange to have one without the other.

                      • Anonymous

                        class idea's - Storm herald, Path of zeal Barbarian - Hex blade Warlock - Samurai Fighter - War Domain Cleric - Divine soul, Shadow Sorcerer

                        • Anonymous

                          If i make a sorcerer with a high charisma to be my team speaker, do I have to have them up the front all the time or is there a designated team representative option? Alternatively, if i want to play a low charisma toon like maybe a Barbarian as my front tank, can I choose a NPC with highest charisma to be a team representative?

                          • Anonymous

                            This game is like a wet dream. I just recently purchased early access and I'm stunned by the feel and role playing elements, and there is soooo much still to come! I really hope there can be dlc for some of the expansions too! I know it's a lot of work, but I'm sure it'll come around eventually!

                            • Anonymous

                              I can't wait to have a Variant Human "Twilight Domain Cleric Level 1" and "Lore Bard Level 19". Character will have 1) Eyes of Night for 300 ft darkvision 2) Heavy Armor Proficiency 3) Martial Weapon Proficiency 4) Fearie Fire and Sleep spells + 3 Cantrips 5) One Extra Feat 6) One extra skill proficiency 7) +1 to two ability scores. After multi-classing with Bard my character will be covering nearly everything! Party face, tank, caster, weapon user, skill monkey.

                              • Anonymous

                                People... the devs are not here to cater to your every whim. Based on the comments, many of you act like it's *super easy* to just toss an entirely new class or subclass or race into the game. They are trying to focus on things that will appeal to the most people. To expect them to put your psionic kobold or centaur artificer or goblin twilight cleric into the game just because *you* want to play it is unreasonable.

                                • Anonymous

                                  NEEDS MORE EVIL OPTIONS!!!

                                  I mean, where the Antipaladin (Oathbreaker) at?? What about the Death domain Cleric?? I also hope the Necromancer mage wont be straight up garbage like the pen and paper version...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    idk if the devs will read this, but everyone is making requests for classes on this wiki and I just want to say, that, while I think it goes without saying we all want our favorite subclasses added, whats most important is making sure they focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. i would like if they polish the subclasses they have , and not try to spread themselves too thin, trying to appease EVERYONE usually appeases NO ONE. However, this game is looking like it is set to be one of the greatest games ever made. If they continue it, and it keeps making money, expect to see subclasses added as DLC options, and probably one shot modules too.

                                    I can foresee this becoming the definitive DnD game, which could have years of dlc release as long as people continue to buy the DLC and show its worth the time to create the dlc.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I'm excited to try a dual-wielding hand-crossbow Fighter/Rogue. It sounds bananas!
                                      Here's a level 6 version of the character I made on DNDBeyond to those wondering if I've lost my marbles :P


                                      • Anonymous

                                        Why are all the classes either *** acting, high-voiced men or snotty, hard ass women? I am a woman gamer (age 67) and I would like a deep voiced, handsome male as a companion. Are all the devs *** men who hate women?? And now the new class, Druid, is a woman!! I'm not *** and do not want a romance with another woman. What is wrong with you people? I've quit playing the game as I am disgusted with the companions!!!!!!!!!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I really want to be able to play a hexblade warclock. That or a divine soul sorcerer. Those are probably my two favorite classes.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Does anyone know if there planning to realease more classes for early access?? Or is this all we got until the full release?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              It'd be cool to see some Critical Roll content like Blood Hunter/Artificer in game but i highly doubt it'd be added

                                              • Anonymous

                                                still want psions, I mean you have mibdflayers in game probably the most lore friendly class I could think of. I dont care if 5e doesn't have them, ive been waiting for psionic classes in a dnd bbased game forever. Its a videogame things aren't going to follow the 5e system exactly anyway, pretty sure Larian could develop a psionics system

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  If u guys look at your lvl up screen it says lvl 2 ranger or something similar so it will probably be in the game

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Warlocks are kind of boring with only one short rest per long rest. That is just not enough
                                                    Even wizards, with arcane recovery, get their spell slots back once a day.
                                                    I understand the limit, but it should be AT LEAST twice per long rest, or even three times!

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      It says that rangers can learn thieves can't, but rogues don't have that, apart from that I dont know how they are going to implement it in a game

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        The lack of multi classing makes for very stale gameplay. Want to make a monk paladin to replicate my sapphire knight custom class.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          So I do hope they eventually after the release decide to add everything else WotC has added.
                                                          I would say the same about spells and cantrips

                                                          Having an Eldritch knight and not being able to booming blade is kinda ugh xD

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I wonder if they will add Shield as an available spell for Eldritch Knights, along with being able to select Blur as one of his any-spell options. The other night I had my DM go "geeze..." after asking what my AC was (27 thanks to Shield, with Blur active, as a lvl9).

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              God I hate 5e. It's the most limiting system to date and has so many damn problems when it comes to actual gameplay.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                So we have Githyanki (but not Githzerai), the Illithid and the obvious psionic abilities they possess... and yet no hint of a Psionic character? Perhaps it will come in time. One can only hope...

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Not many folks watched the update videos prior to Early Access hey? Devs said that at this time their primary focus is to get all the classes and races from the Players Handbook into the game. I wouldn't expect anything from Xanathar's Guide to Everything to even be looked as a future option until after official game release. That's up to a year away, anything they add to the game from other sources after that I would expect another year at the earliest and that is if they even do it. Maybe in a future game expansion? If so I would speculate they will stay within the Forgotten Realms/Faerun. Don't expect anything from Ebberon, Wildemount (Critical Role), or otherwise. You can hope and wish all you like but don't get your hopes up.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I hope we get all the expanded options from Xanathar's Guide and even the Blood Hunter, Blood Cleric and Gunslinger stuff from CR

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Divine Soul is a very popular subclass for the Sorcerer class. I sincerely hope to see it in the finished product.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Biggest sin is no Expertise for Rogue. How can you expect me to be evil if I cant roll in the thirties to steal from babies or hide after burning down the puppy shelter.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          No more prestige classes and multiclassing ??? and full customisation ?... Wont be able to make my samurai here then XD used to be Ranger / Dervish / Frienzy berserker / theif acrobat... that made a Hiten Mitsurugi master ... fast movement... dish good damage... and got the mobility

                                                                          Or my ninja... wich was, phantom (ninja) / shadow dancer / theif acrobat

                                                                          Sniff sniff

                                                                          I`ll have to find another way hmmmm...

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            It seems like a linear progression and no multiclass available with the current version of the game. I hope that changes , it feels like a very simplified version of DnD 5e. The pathfinder kingmaker character progression seems closer to the standard dnd game model . I am not saying this one is bad or anything but it`s just about preference and i like the multiclass option and free pathing then the simplified BG 3 version . It seems like the current version of the game lacks a bit of free progression , by that i mean if you are a new player to dnd and lets say you only played Divinity serios as rpgs an almost no other CRPG you can sitll build a powerfull char without knowing much of the rule set , but in most other DnD games you can rly make shity chars if you dont know what you are doing.

                                                                            I guess its a bit stream lined , i rly hope that changes but who knows still very early , not even 24h since EA released so i am hopeful and i still have trust for Larian , i loved divinity series .

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              I hope you make warlock pact of the chain's utility as powerful as it is in 5e. The ability to communicate over infinite distances, steal objects, spy, infiltrate, use items, ect. Without that, pact of the chain is not very useful.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                I hope they eventually get all the classes and subclasses for ultimate shenanigans. Tempest Cleric / Swashbuckler / Echo Knight / Divination Wiz / Eloquence Bard / Conquest Paladin / Hexblade / Divin Soul Sorc - they're missing some of the best subclasses for each class. Overall pretty happy with their list, however.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Lookin like I'll be recreating my eldritch knight for early access. Can't wait until all the classes and multiclassing become available, need me some barbarian/paladin multi in my life.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    After reading through the comments everyone should keep in mind that early access will be released first. Meaning an un polished game. So they will be adding things tot he game till they feel comfortable with a full release tittle instead of early access.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Ok, so, do is doing the tables for the classes?
                                                                                      Because according to the Warlock's Class page on this wiki, they don't get their 3rd Level Spell slots until Lv11 and never get 5th Level Spell slots.
                                                                                      But as far as I know, the Warlock actually get 3rd Level Spell slots on Lv5 and 5th Level Spells on Lv9.

                                                                                      So, what's going on here?

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Is it really just the PHB subclasses? Would really love the old Paladin/Hexblade Multiclass, oh well. Hopefully they add the other subclasses from other books, even if it's as DLC.

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