Thief is a Subclass of Rogue in Baldur's Gate 3. Thieves primary ability is Dexterity, their saving throw proficiencies are Dexterity & Intelligence and they have a Hit Dice of 1d8. They have proficiency with Simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords and with Light Armour.


Thieves use their skills in stealth and larceny to acquire whatever they wish, whether from a third story window or the depths of long-forgotten ruins.




BG3 Rogue Progression


BG3 Thief Features Progression


BG3 Thief Tips & Builds

  • The Thief in a way is the most common and expected perception of a Rogue, a nimble and agile character, that benefits from hiding and moves around the battlefield freely. 
  • At level 3, the Thief learns Fast Hands which grants a second Bonus Action for every turn. Having more options on each turn is incredibly beneficial, granting them the possibility to move further on the battlefield, heal by consuming a potion, disengage from combat or hide in the shadows. Thanks to all three available cunning actions (Cunning Action: HideCunning Action: Dash and Cunning Action: Disengage), this second bonus action allows thieves to have further options at their disposal.
  • At level 3, thieves also learn Second-Story Work, receiving resistance to falling damage. It is not a game-changing ability, but may come useful in certain scenarios.
  • At level 9, the Thief learns Supreme Sneak which is an action that allows the thief to become completely invisible. Useful for escaping and repositioning or attacking from the shadows, dealing massive damage. Note that attacking will break the invisibility.



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    • Anonymous

      "awakened" max tadpoles sword bard. i find this more fun than all the popular builds this subclass is used in.

      • Anonymous

        Class is amazing even without multiclassing.

        By level 3 you can have three hand crossbow sharpshooter attacks.

        Staying pure class gives you a skill monkey God without sacrificing too much combat power.

        • Anonymous

          im about to get downvoted to hell for this, but this subclass completely breaks the game, and needs a complete rework for the sake of balance. getting an additional bonus action, no restrictions, for a mere 3 level dip just fundamentally breaks several other classes in the game that have access to many tools using BA (monk and barbarian being the biggest offenders as other pointed out). I feel like this game was balanced without multiclassing taken to consideration at all, which makes sense since it was one of the latter things added. I love multiclassing and the creativity it enables, but I really hope to see improvements to this subclass and a few others (mainly wizard, warlock and paladin) so that so much power cant be accessed with only a 1-3 level dip. Multiclassing should be a niche choice that only shows value if a lot of thought and planning is put into it, and even then, that value should be at a cost. It shouldnt be something that can exploit all the strengths of another class with little to no downside.
          Alright, rant over. I just love the game and want to see the gameplay thrive, because it really has so much potential with a few changes.

          • Anonymous

            Second-story work doesn't seem to be working since as of 8/14/23 patch. It just doesn't even show up in my passives. It show's up on my character sheet, but its definitely not being applied.

            • Anonymous

              Additional bonus action is especially broken on classes that use bonus actions for attacks, ie, monk or barbarian.
              6 unarmed punches per turn with flurry of blows, 4 attacks if you're not spending ki.
              4 greatsword attacks per turn for a beserker barb.

              • Anonymous

                potential bug/bug abuse:

                with the sharpshooter feat passive active, both of my thief's bonus attacks with hand crossbow apply the 10 damage but to not the penalty to hit

                • Anonymous

                  Best sublass imo. Tried the new Assassin subclass, seems weak for me. Thief's fast hand (extra bonus action) is very deadly.
                  My build is simple. Dual wield daggers and dual hand crossbows. Coating my weapon with Drow Poison.

                  • Anonymous

                    I kinda feel like they should just have more movement or better stealth or something.

                    The extra bonus action is kind of game breaking in a game with an already borked action economy, makes that players turn longer, and makes dual wielding exponentially better and DEX becomes even more meta.

                    That being said, the double bonus actions sound really fun for a lone wolf play through

                    • Anonymous

                      A little disappointed that Use Magic Device is likely not happening since it’s a level 13 feature, but the buffed fast hands is pretty welcome

                      • Anonymous

                        A second bonus action is really, really good for a Rogue. You can Dash and Hide, combo attack and disengage, and do a lot of other cool things. This is probably even better than Arcane Trickster.

                        • Anonymous

                          Yeah, they really buffed thief, normally arcane trickster is the obvious choice considering that Fast Hands is supposed to do this:

                          "Starting at 3rd Level, you can use the Bonus Action granted by your Cunning Action to make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check, use your thieves’ tools to Disarm a trap or open a lock, or take the Use an Object action."

                          No extra attack, dodge or hide, it would have been a purely role playing or flavor sub-class, now it has chops.

                          • Anonymous

                            Having an additional bonus action makes it very easy to fight in and out of stealth and manipulate the environment with your ridiculous movement potential.

                            • Anonymous

                              The second bonus action is not to be underestimated - combined with Dash as a bonus action you can navigate the battlefield very effectively while using poison or drinking a potion in the same turn

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