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Wild Magic
Draconic Bloodline

Sorcerer Initial Features

Initial Cantrips & Spells

  • Pick 4 Cantrips
  • Pick 2 Level 1 Spells

Sorcerer is a Class in Baldur's Gate 3. Sorcerers primary ability is Charisma, their saving throw proficiencies are Constitution & Charisma and they have a Hit Dice of 1d6. They have proficiency with Daggers, Quarterstaves, and Light Crossbows.


Sorcerers are natural spellcasters, drawing on inherent magic from a gift or bloodline. 




Sorcerer Features

Sorcerer Progression

  • Note that Sorcerers begin the game with 6 HP + their Constitution Modifier, and then gain 4 HP + their Constitution Modifier every level thereafter (Draconic gets additional 1 hp.).
  • Note that Sorcerers must pick a Subclass immediately upon Character Creation








Level 1


Level 2

Spell Replacement

You may replace learned spells by others that share the same level and are available on the pool.


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5



Sorcerer Tips & Builds

  • You can check out our Sorcerer build guide here.
  • Note 2



Arcane Trickster  ♦  Barbarian  ♦  Bard  ♦  Battle Master  ♦  Beast Master  ♦  Berserker  ♦  Circle of the Land  ♦  Circle of the Moon  ♦  Cleric  ♦  College of Lore  ♦  College of Valour  ♦  Draconic Bloodline  ♦  Druid  ♦  Eldritch Knight  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Hunter  ♦  Knowledge Domain  ♦  Life Domain  ♦  Light Domain  ♦  Monk  ♦  Nature Domain  ♦  Oath of the Ancients  ♦  Oathbreaker  ♦  Paladin  ♦  Ranger  ♦  Rogue  ♦  Tempest Domain  ♦  The Fiend  ♦  The Great Old One  ♦  Thief  ♦  Trickery Domain  ♦  War Domain  ♦  Warlock  ♦  Wild Magic  ♦  Wizard

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    • Anonymous

      I was able to pick Witch Bolt at lvl 1 as Draconic Bloodline, it says here Wild Magic only, secondly after arriving on the coast, for some bloody reason i had Tasha's Hideous Laughter as a prepared spell, NOT a scroll(haven't even found one yet). Using Twinned Spell on Witch Bolt, and hitting 2 beefy creatures successfully, concentration auto fails on both of them, i hit bugbear and warg, it said concentration lost twice, listing bugbear twice, replicated it again after a few loads to see wtf is going on, this should work i googled dnd 5e reddit for this.

      • Anonymous

        The HP information seems to be off. I believe you get 6 + CON HP at 1st level, and 4+CON every level thereafter, unless you are a Draconic Sorcerer, which gives you an extra point per level.

        • Anonymous

          It would be great if they allowed you to try other bloodlines in addition to these listed here when they add this class.

          But if not that is ok, I love the dragon bloodline. 13+dex ac is = to mage armor. I can save that spell known die something else like magic missile or familiar.

          • Anonymous

            Most of this is just copied from normal DnD rules...but I do hope the Wild Magic is going to be a thing in Baldur's Gate 3...I believe it was in 2 and I do love me some random madness.

            • Anonymous

              Not sure how I feel about "the game can have you roll a d20." When i played this my DM never had me roll.... Would be nice to know the odd of the game making u roll. Ultimately it's a percentage chance to have you try for a 5% chance.

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