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Wyll is a Companion in Baldur's Gate 3. Companions assist the player by joining their party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment. Companions can also be selected in the Character Creation screen allowing players to play from their point of view.

Wyll made his name as a renowned hero in Baldur's Gate. But to become a living legend, he struck a bargain with a devil, a bargain from which he longs to break free before it consumes his soul for good.


Noble by birth, Wyll made his name as the heroic 'Blade of Frontiers'. He keeps his pact with a devil well-hidden, and is desperate to escape the hellish bargain - even if that means rescuing the seductive creature that made the deal.



Wyll's Starting Equipment

Wyll has the following Starting Equipment

 Wyll's Starting Skills

Wyll starts with proficiency in following Skills:

Where to find Wyll

  • You first find Wyll during Chapter One, Removing the Parasite quest. You will be embroiled in a battle against Goblins at the gates of an encampment. You may recruit Wyll afterward.
  • If you side with Goblins, Wyll will leave the team.


Wyll Quest


Wyll Approval Guide


  • Show Guex in the Druid Grove your sword fighting technique
  • Crush the Tadpole outside of the Druid Grove
  • Tell Scratch (dog) that he can come to your Camp if his friend doesn't wake up.
  • Try to persuade the goblin guard outside the Goblin Camp
  • Agree to fight Fezzerk in the Blighted Village
  • Decline the Devil's invitation to remove your Tadpole
  • Make Novice Crusher kiss your foot in the Goblin Camp
  • Help Karlach in Hunt the Devil quest
  • Find the evidence of Kagha working with Shadow Druids and expose her. (Quest Save the refugees)
  • Defy Kagha by not making a habit of threatening children
  • Help improve Alfira's song in the Druid Grove
  • Bring Mayrina back home (Quest: Save Mayrina)
  • Point out that Mayrina is being forced by Auntie Ethel to do things (Quest: Save Mayrina)
  • Make a deal with Auntie Ethel to remove the Tadpole from your brain (Quest: Get Help from Auntie Ethel)
  • Reassure Lae'Zel in the Camp that she will survive and please Vlaakith
  • End the lives of the dying hyenas in The Risen Road



  • Smear dung on your face when Sentinel Olak askes you to
  • Save the goblin in the dispute between Arka and the imprisoned goblin in the Makeshift Prison
  • If you choose to walk in on the two trolls having sex in the Blighted Village.
  • Cruel Behaviors.
  • Convince Nightwarden Minthara to spare Sazza. (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza)
  • Agree to open the gate for goblin raiders.
  • Tell astarion "it was funny" after using the wand on mayrina's husband
  • He will leave you if side with the goblins.
  • Allow Fezzerk to live after questioning him.


Wyll Tips and Notes


Astarion  ♦  Gale  ♦  Jaheira  ♦  Lae'zel  ♦  Shadowheart

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    • Anonymous

      yeah.... why doesn't anyone from fextralife update? since you know... agreeing to help Zevlor doesn't give Wyll or Gale any approval points, and people go fextralife

      • Anonymous

        Game was difficult, tried to fight the Goblins and got everyone outside of the Gate killed. Including Will.


        • Anonymous

          Some of these people hating literally the most inoffensive and morally good character in the game. I see this behavior in every single RPG game with a black character, this hostile reaction towards them even when they are the one companion who never has issues with anyone. Just say it, you only dislike him because he's black

          • Anonymous

            A really niche approval opportunity: if you're a ranger (not sure how or if it works with other classes), return to the place where you fight the intellect devourers on the Ravaged Beach and cast Speak with the Dead on the Abducted Nobleman. Ask him Who are you? then choose the class specific dialogue option to gain approval from Wyll.

            • Anonymous

              Is it possible to kill him? I just want to get rid of him entirely. It isn't enough to just not have him in my party.

              • Anonymous

                What even are those stats. They present Wyll is a swordsman, so why is his intelligence better than both his strength and dexterity? Why is his dexterity *that* low? Anyone who doesn't pay attention to stats when they pick Wyll up will try to use him as he was used in the goblin fight at the gate, they will send him into melee. And they will suffer, because Wyll is *terrible* at melee combat. The only way to make him remotely good at it is to give him moderately armored at 4th level to plug his terrible AC, and bring his dex to a *passable* 14. Even then you are better off with eldritch blast 90% of the time.

                • Anonymous

                  [SPOILERS AHEAD REGARDING COMPANION AFFECTION] - This is a copy/paste from my comment on the Astarion page because I thought it might be useful to some people here as well.

                  I seen a few people wondering how to gain affection of certain characters, and for those of you interested in starting a love story with... Well, anyone, I thought you might find my experience interesting:

                  Originally, I didn't mean to romance any character at all. Not because there is anything wrong with them in particular, but none of them really felt like a good fit for my ranger lady. Astarion is cool and all, but his preference for "evil" choices made him a "nope" for this particular character's playthrough. Gale and Wyll just felt rather ... Ehm, not really into-the-wilds enough, so I just thought I'd ignore the entire affection-run entirely and simply roleplay my ranger and just deal with whatever negative/positives that comes along the way.

                  So, all in all my ranger has a personality more suited for Wyll / Gale (meaning she's generally a "good" person, wanting so save innocents - but she dosn't hesitate to kill those she deem deserving of it). Most of my calls are neutral and I've had disapproves and approves coming in and out from all of my companions (I really thought I was pretty much on neutral ground at best with most of my followers). However, after defeating the goblin leaders, during the celebration in your camp - ALL 3 OF THE MALE CHARACTERS SHOWED ROMANTIC INTEREST AND WANTED TO SPEND THE NIGHT.

                  I have not chosen any flirty options (that I am aware of) prior to this event - I did however let Astarion suck my blood on that one occasion, and then I asked him to stop at once. That's it. I even ignored my companions for most part, pretty much only speaking to them when they had the yellow " ! " above their head. Out of curiosity I accepted Astarions suggestions to spend the night - and the other two, Wyll and Gale, immediately expressed jealousy (literally out loud, but not in a immature way) when interacting with them afterwards (I interacted with ALL available NPCs during this evening just to see if there was any hidden conversations - the reason I talked to Astarion first is cause he had a " ! " above his head).

                  So what do I want to say with this? Unless you're literally roleplaying a perfect-fit partner (or testing how much the affection scale matters) for a companion; just do your own characters roleplaying - you don't have to backtrack each time you see a "disapprove"-marker. It really does not appear to be very difficult to create a romantic relationship with a companion, even if your character and the companion don't see eye to eye on everything. (like I said, I've had negative and positive reactions from all of them)

                  • Anonymous

                    I think they just cheated and gave it to him. It really only occured to me when I played my Drow Warlock who do get legit access to rapier.

                    • Anonymous

                      Wait, hold up. Warlocks are only proficient in simple weapons, so how is Wyll able to wield rapiers? Did my guy really sell his soul for fencing lessons?!

                      • Anonymous

                        one of the goblins in the goblin camp building (temple of selune) has his eye as a drop. if you kill them all without him, he is angry about you not bringing him. it also seems to bug or nullify any chance having his missing eye push his story forward, though i'm not sure if the game currently has something where he mentions the eye (assuming it does) if you bring him with you and confront/fight the small group of goblins carrying it.

                        • Anonymous

                          Saved him in the battle, he was near where the kids were being trained to fight. Talked to him, got to the point where I said wait for me in camp. Next time I camped, got a quest update that Wyll has died, and the questline closed.

                          • Anonymous

                            He died during my goblin fight but i didnt he was meant to be a companion until like 4 hours later. well rip, not in my campaign i guess

                            • Anonymous

                              I can't seem to be able to recruit him even when I progress in the story, he's just stuck saying ''Now now, you can thank me later''

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