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Wyll is a Companion in Baldur's Gate 3. Companions assist the player by joining their party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment. Companions can also be selected in the Character Creation screen allowing players to play from their point of view.

Wyll made his name as a renowned hero in Baldur's Gate. But to become a living legend, he struck a bargain with a devil, a bargain from which he longs to break free before it consumes his soul for good.


Noble by birth, Wyll made his name as the heroic 'Blade of Frontiers'. He keeps his pact with a devil well-hidden, and is desperate to escape the hellish bargain - even if that means rescuing the seductive creature that made the deal.


Where to find Wyll in BG3

Wyll will first be encountered during the Goblin Raid for Druid's Grove in Act I. The area would be directly north of the Ravaged Beach/Nautiloid Crash Site


Wyll's Starting Equipment


Wyll's Starting Skill Proficiencies


BG3 Wyll Video Guide



BG3 Wyll Quest Walkthrough

To complete Wyll's Questline, you must first meet him after winning the Battle against the Goblin raiding party attacking Druid's Grove. Upon finishing that, talk to him in the Training area past the massive gate where he would instructing the Tiefling Children in the basics of sword fighting. 

Talking to him after his cutscene reveals he also has the Tadpole and gives you the option to recruit him as a companion. Wyll will mention his personal quest and upon joining the party will begin his companion quest:


Wyll Romance Guide for BG3

Wyll becomes available for romance when a certain point of approval has been reached. (At the very least, Medium Approval). Below are the special conditions for pursuing it:

  • Being able to access Wyll's Romance relies on helping him pursue his companion quest. 
  • In the Early Access, this means trying to find Mizura but the Full release mentions a massive rewrite in Wyll's character.
  • Either way, the first steps would need for the player to help Wyll with their Quest to both raise his approval but also his personal plot which allows him to open up more and deepen the relationship with the player.
  • Second Important thing is to not choose to side with Wyll. Wyll will leave the player if s/he sides with the Goblins.
  • After following with his personal quest, he will start to be more open with his past with the player during Camp at night.


Wyll Approval Guide in Baldur's Gate 3

If you are looking to befriend or romance Wyll, you will have to get his approval up. Companions are not black and white in BG3, but they have some characteristics you can consider when forming your party and making game choices.

General Personality Tips

  • The 2nd companion  with the easiest way to gain approval. This is due a lot of his positive approval instances is just simply doing heroic or good deeds which has a lot of opportunities.
  • Does not like evil/bad deeds.
  • Unlike Gale however, he has instances of moral weaknesses especially situations with the Goblins.
  • In Gale's personal quest sticking by Wyll is a pretty straightforward way in gaining his approval.
  • Will leave the player if the choice is made to side with the goblins.
  • This part isn't defining the alignment of the Companion
  • To avoid disapproval events, make sure the companion is Either left in camp or just far away from the dialogue.




Check out our Companion Guide for all compiled approval instances

Note this guide is a work in progress. The information below reflects what was available during Early Access. Some situations, flags and events may have changed. Please feel free to edit this page and contribute to the guide.

Wyll Approval UP
Wyll Approval DOWN



Druid Grove

  • Show Guex how to fight using athetics check
  • Persuade Kagha to not kill Arabella
  • Tell Kagha she is a monster in the dialogue after the Arabella event
  • Play with Alfira or convince her to play her song or as a Bard help her finish the lyrics
  • Convince Kagha to turn against the Shadow Druids when you reveal her conspiracy
  • Tell Kagha you will fight her when revealing her conspiracy
  • After stopping the ritual, talk to Zevlor about it and say you will help

Inbetween Blighted Village Proper and Druid Grove

  • Tell Scratch the dog that he can come to your Camp if his friend doesn't wake up

Blighted Village

  • Agree to Wyll's plan and that you will knock out the goblin Fezzerk
  • Let wyll speak to Fezzerk
  • Deliver the final blow to Fezzerk

Risen Road/Waukeen's Rest

  •  When you first meet Karlach, choose either dialogue that does not say you were sent by the paladins. After that, pass either Intimidation/Persuasion Check.
  • Agree to help Karlach against Tyr Paladins.
  • After agreeing to help Karlach, Tell Anders Straight to his face you will help her/Kill Him
  • Using the Bard Persuade option with Rugan to give you their cargo
  • After rescuing Counsellor Florrick , Agree to look for Duke Ravenguard
  • Rescue Benryn in Waukeen's Rest. (When you open the door or destroy the blocking rubble. The fire will start to spread and you have Limited time to rescue Benryn)

Sunlit Wetlands

  • Help Auntie Ethel when she's confronted by Johl and Demir
  • Find out Auntie Ethel is lying and Tell Johl and Demir you will help them find Mayrina with your encounter with them.
  • Start a fight with Auntie Ethel by trying to rescue Mayrina


Goblin Camp

  • When Meeting Sentinel Olak in the Goblin Camp Entrance, Pass the Deceive/Nature option then say you "cant be serious", then fling poo at the guards. (Athletics check work inconsistently while "Can't be serious" works everytime)
  • Win in Chicken Chase, convince Krolla to give your money without using illithid powers, Invite the Owlbear Cub to camp and then when you ask to take the Cub to camp from Krollo, use the Illithid power.
  • Invite the Owlbear cub to the camp (Happens in the Goblin Camp and you must not kill the Owlbear in the Cave)
  • Convince Krolla to give the Owlbear cub after talking to the Owlbear cub. Paying will not earn his approval. (Happens in the Goblin Camp and you must not kill the Owlbear in the Cave)
  • Demand Novice crusher to kiss your foot instead with intimidation
  • Use intimidation the 2nd time to force Novice Crusher to kiss your foot
  • After telling Novice Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then winning the fight, make him kiss your foot.
  • After telling Novice Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then winning the fight, try to finish him off. (Will start battle with the Entire Camp)
  • In the Shattered Sanctum With Wyll in the Party, express interest in joining the game with the trio Goblins talking about the blade. They are located next to the left of the room with an open spiderpit. Facing The roome with Dror Ragzlin, it would on the current room's left. If you meet the religious goblin you in a cage then you are in the right direction
  • During the convo with the goblin Trio, Wyll will tell the player to attack the trio of goblin. Agree with Wyll and enter combat. They are located next to the left of the room with an open spiderpit. Facing The roome with Dror Ragzlin, it would on the current room's left. If you meet the religious goblin you in a cage then you are in the right direction
  • Tell Minthara you know the location of the grove but win the intelligence roll to hide the location.
  • Start combat with Minthara
  • After Finishing torturing Liam (Escaped or not), tell minthara the prisoner revealed the location and win the Deceit Check.
  • Talk to True Soul Gut with Wyll and Attack
  • When First meeting Halsin, Tell Him you will help him with the goblins
  • Tell Halsin to stay in the Worg Pens

Camp Celebration (Siding with the Tieflings and Druids)

  •  (On very good, happy with and easily convinced by avatar) Talk to Wyll, ask if he’s alright -> he doesn’t unsettle you -> say you want to dance with him. He will decline (might be different if you tried to romance him before) but he will approve.


  • Tell the Restless Myconid the truth about the parasite and that you seek safe passage.
  • Help Baelen Bonecloak with his bag

Last Light Imm

  • Drink the wine Jaheira offers

Camp/ 1 on 1 dialogue

  • Ask him how he came to be the Blade of Frontiers.
  • Choose the option "What act could be finer than saving a life? You must have felt proud." When he tells you how he became the Blade of Frontiers.
  • During the first night dialogue at camp, tell him perhaps you're special, or at least your tadpoles are.
  • Succeeding in convincing Lae'zel to Stand down during the first 1st tadpole dream evening.
  • Saying you regret your choice after the 3rd dream
  • Refuse The Devil/Cambion/Raphael's offer
  • After the conversation with the devil, tell Wyll "Spare me parable, I have no intentions of taking the Deal"
  • Pet Scratch the dog at camp.
  • Pet owlbear and scratch when it becomes friends with Scratch (Must not have used Speak with Animals, Possible Bug as the scene with speak with animals technically you pet them both but no approval notif shows up)
  • During Wyll's reveal dialogue about Mizura. Following choices give approval
    • "All right - go ahead"
    • "So you were tricked?"
    • "I won't act like I wont take the offer"
  • During Mizora's appearance at camp, tell Mizora "You better not lay a damned finger on Karlach."
  • After Mizora's appearance, speaking to Wyll and asking him "How does it feel to be a devil?" followed by "Quite the handsome devil, if I do say so."
  • Tell Arabella you found her parents dead.
  • Keep Scratch after talking to the Sword Coast Couriers in Rivington about his ownership.


  • When Asharak asks to say a word to the Tiefling Children, say "Bad News Children, You are all going to die"
  • Tell Zevlor sorry but you have other things to do
  • After stopping the ritual, talk to Zevlor about it and say "This isn't my problem"
  • Scream at Scratch's friend's Corpse to prove he is dead.
  • Open the Door to the Barn with The Bugbear and Ogre
  • Agree to the deal with Auntie Ethel
  • Smear dung on your face when Sentinel Olak askes you to
  • Telling Tracker Grikka you can get answers from the prisoner.
  • Tell Minthara the exact location of the grove
  • Save Sazza in the dispute with Arka in the Makeshift Prison
  • Sucessfully Tortures Liam
  • If you choose to walk in on the two trolls having sex in the Blighted Village.
  • After telling Crusher "I'd Sooner spit in your face" and then winning the fight, Help him up.
  • Cruel Behaviors.
  • Convince Nightwarden Minthara to spare Sazza. (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza)
  • Agree to open the gate for goblin raiders.
  • Tell astarion "it was funny" after using the wand on mayrina's husband
  • He will leave you if side with the goblins.
  • Allow Fezzerk to live after questioning him.
  • Make a deal with Auntie Ethel to remove the Tadpole from your brain (Quest: Get Help from Auntie Ethel)
  • Say that you need Astarion the morning after he tries to bite you.
  • Sleeping with Mizora makes Wyll very angry. 
  • Flirting with Mizora Makes Wyll angry.
  • Asking Barcus for compensation for saving him from the Goblins will piss off Wyll




  • Fate Worse than Death (Save Liam from his Goblin Torturers) (Do not kill liam by failing to torture him or if you successfully torture him. Give Liam a health potion)
  • Protector of the Small (Save Mirkon From the Harpies)
  • Snake Whisperer (Protect Arabella from Kagha and her serpent)
  • The Bard with Nine Lives (Rescue Volo from the Goblin Camp)


Wyll Endings in Baldur's Gate 3

Wyll Breaks the Contract and Becomes a Human Again

Ending Requirements and Conditions:

  • Set for camp to trigger the conversation with Mizora

How to Obtain Ending:

  • Encourage will to break the contract
  • Keep Wyll alive until the very end


It turns out that Mizora hasn't been forthcoming with her pact with Wyll. During Wyll's Pact cutscene, Mizora summons the Sisters of Justice- the adjudicators of diabolical contracts and bargains. Mizora reveals that she has come to bargain, and the Hells demand witness. Wyll is impatient and asks where is his father (The Duke of Ravengard) and how can he save him. Mizora then responds that the way is to bargain.

Mizora then proceeds to show Wyll's contract and says that it is unbreakable. She goes on to tell you that she wants a life for a life. If Wyll wants to end the contract, then a sacrifice must be made. She offers Wyll two choices:

  1. She will reveal his father's location but he will pledge his life and soul to her and Archdevil Zariel, in an eternal pact.
  2. She will break Wyll's contract and he will be free, but his father will die.

If you have Karlach in your party, she will speak up in retaliation but Mizora silences her. Now, you will get the following options:

  1. What will happen to Wyll's powers if he breaks the pact?
  2. Save your father, Wyll. The city will need him to help rebuild.
  3. Do the right thing. Give your soul so that your father can live.
  4. Break the pact. Wyll. You deserve your freedom.
  5. Let your father die. When the city is free, you can take his place.

Choose the fourth one and Wyll will tell Mizora to break the pact. The contract burns right before your eyes and Mizora will tell you that she will stick around for 'the entertainment'. Despite what Mizora had told you, it turns out that Grand Duke Ravengard can still be saved. The only difference is that it will be more difficult to locate him but you can refer to this page for info: Rescue the Grand Duke. Additionally, Wyll will still be able to use his Warlock powers right until you defeat The Absolute in the final battle.

Now that Wyll is a free man, he will be able to transform back into his original form later on in the final cutscene.


Wyll Tips and Notes


Astarion  ♦  Gale  ♦  Halsin  ♦  Jaheira  ♦  Karlach  ♦  Lae'zel  ♦  Minsc  ♦  Minthara  ♦  Shadowheart

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    • Anonymous

      If you're looking to recruit him while playing as Karlach as your primary character, you'll need to interact with him in the grove and have the dialogue, then wait for your next long rest.

      • Anonymous

        Just had a weird bug. Started a new game and Wyll spawned in my game with a mask called "Not Found" that grants a bonus spell slot and his character portrait is also wearing the mask... I am playing with mods, but nothing that should cause this (my mods are quality of life improvements: expanded item highlights, reusable dyes, and NPCs don't react to summons). Anyone else encounter this?

        • Anonymous

          Bug with Wyll's quest to kill karlach failing even when karlach is dead and her head is in my pockets:
          - Leaving chapter 1 before long resting until Wyll finishes his quest to kill karlach
          - Wyll will fail, no matter what
          - Long resting is required

          I ran into this bug, I only long rested twice in chapter 1, I was so confused.
          Apparently you can long rest for free if there's a cutscene at night.
          So basically, ALWAYS click long rest and decline the item selection, to see if there are cutscenes that are unplayed before leaving chapter 1.

          • Anonymous

            I really tried liking this dude and making him my bro but he's just legitimately boring. His conflict and interactions with Mizora were quite interesting; but beyond that, man has the charisma of a boulder that provides absolutely no incentive to be invested in his development - it's ironically the opposite of Karlach who has practically no story arc beyond a fetch quest but still manages to pull players into it thanks to how much fun of a character she is.

            • Anonymous

              A very versatile damage dealer and a counterspell machine. This dude will either save your party from many fireballs or cast the fireballs himself and wreck the enemies. I made him a Pact of the Blade Warlock and Great Weapon Master using Sorrow at first and then a better Halberd I bought at Act II. He's a bit squishy but a great addition to the party nonetheless

              • Anonymous

                Anyone know if his Rapier stance is unique to him? The way he hold a rapier makes sense (fencing) . My MC has his sword arm to the rear.

                • Anonymous

                  His backstory and intro cutscene makes me want to roleplay him as a blade pact warlock but how viable is that?

                  • Anonymous

                    Wyll's Background is not "Noble" anymore as of the full release, his new background is "Folk Hero" This changes his skills as well.

                    • Anonymous

                      Why is the Infernal Robe "clothing"? Warlocks use light armor. Useless. At least I can sell it for a lot of gold.

                      • Anonymous

                        I kinda hate Wyll. I feel like I'm getting constantly gaslighted by him. If I do something minor like intimidate someone his disapproval message pops up. He's constantly lying to me in dialogue about his origins and quest. My first playthrough was as a wizard and it gave me a dialogue option pointing out that his fake right eye is an active sending stone. He gaslights me and says it's just a bloodstone to remind him of the price of blood or something. Some of the other characters will lie to you but mostly they'll just say somethings private and they don't want to talk about it. Wyll will lie to your face without any shame. Also, how is the dude who sold his soul to a fiend for power going judge me on my moral decisions?

                        • Anonymous

                          Wyll looks like a freak when he transforms. Pretty much forces you to kill Karlach. Not really sure what they were thinking punishing you so hard for recruiting one of only five companions.

                          • Anonymous

                            Game was difficult, tried to fight the Goblins and got everyone outside of the Gate killed. Including Will.


                            • Anonymous

                              A really niche approval opportunity: if you're a ranger (not sure how or if it works with other classes), return to the place where you fight the intellect devourers on the Ravaged Beach and cast Speak with the Dead on the Abducted Nobleman. Ask him Who are you? then choose the class specific dialogue option to gain approval from Wyll.

                              • Anonymous

                                Is it possible to kill him? I just want to get rid of him entirely. It isn't enough to just not have him in my party.

                                • Anonymous

                                  What even are those stats. They present Wyll is a swordsman, so why is his intelligence better than both his strength and dexterity? Why is his dexterity *that* low? Anyone who doesn't pay attention to stats when they pick Wyll up will try to use him as he was used in the goblin fight at the gate, they will send him into melee. And they will suffer, because Wyll is *terrible* at melee combat. The only way to make him remotely good at it is to give him moderately armored at 4th level to plug his terrible AC, and bring his dex to a *passable* 14. Even then you are better off with eldritch blast 90% of the time.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    [SPOILERS AHEAD REGARDING COMPANION AFFECTION] - This is a copy/paste from my comment on the Astarion page because I thought it might be useful to some people here as well.

                                    I seen a few people wondering how to gain affection of certain characters, and for those of you interested in starting a love story with... Well, anyone, I thought you might find my experience interesting:

                                    Originally, I didn't mean to romance any character at all. Not because there is anything wrong with them in particular, but none of them really felt like a good fit for my ranger lady. Astarion is cool and all, but his preference for "evil" choices made him a "nope" for this particular character's playthrough. Gale and Wyll just felt rather ... Ehm, not really into-the-wilds enough, so I just thought I'd ignore the entire affection-run entirely and simply roleplay my ranger and just deal with whatever negative/positives that comes along the way.

                                    So, all in all my ranger has a personality more suited for Wyll / Gale (meaning she's generally a "good" person, wanting so save innocents - but she dosn't hesitate to kill those she deem deserving of it). Most of my calls are neutral and I've had disapproves and approves coming in and out from all of my companions (I really thought I was pretty much on neutral ground at best with most of my followers). However, after defeating the goblin leaders, during the celebration in your camp - ALL 3 OF THE MALE CHARACTERS SHOWED ROMANTIC INTEREST AND WANTED TO SPEND THE NIGHT.

                                    I have not chosen any flirty options (that I am aware of) prior to this event - I did however let Astarion suck my blood on that one occasion, and then I asked him to stop at once. That's it. I even ignored my companions for most part, pretty much only speaking to them when they had the yellow " ! " above their head. Out of curiosity I accepted Astarions suggestions to spend the night - and the other two, Wyll and Gale, immediately expressed jealousy (literally out loud, but not in a immature way) when interacting with them afterwards (I interacted with ALL available NPCs during this evening just to see if there was any hidden conversations - the reason I talked to Astarion first is cause he had a " ! " above his head).

                                    So what do I want to say with this? Unless you're literally roleplaying a perfect-fit partner (or testing how much the affection scale matters) for a companion; just do your own characters roleplaying - you don't have to backtrack each time you see a "disapprove"-marker. It really does not appear to be very difficult to create a romantic relationship with a companion, even if your character and the companion don't see eye to eye on everything. (like I said, I've had negative and positive reactions from all of them)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I think they just cheated and gave it to him. It really only occured to me when I played my Drow Warlock who do get legit access to rapier.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Wait, hold up. Warlocks are only proficient in simple weapons, so how is Wyll able to wield rapiers? Did my guy really sell his soul for fencing lessons?!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          one of the goblins in the goblin camp building (temple of selune) has his eye as a drop. if you kill them all without him, he is angry about you not bringing him. it also seems to bug or nullify any chance having his missing eye push his story forward, though i'm not sure if the game currently has something where he mentions the eye (assuming it does) if you bring him with you and confront/fight the small group of goblins carrying it.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Saved him in the battle, he was near where the kids were being trained to fight. Talked to him, got to the point where I said wait for me in camp. Next time I camped, got a quest update that Wyll has died, and the questline closed.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              He died during my goblin fight but i didnt he was meant to be a companion until like 4 hours later. well rip, not in my campaign i guess

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I can't seem to be able to recruit him even when I progress in the story, he's just stuck saying ''Now now, you can thank me later''

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