Tools in Baldur's Gate 3 are items that can help a player do something they wouldn't otherwise be able to do, they are not tied to a specific ability. Tools are usually obtained through exploration, looting around from certain areas, killing Enemies, or given by NPCs.



Tools Information




A simple canvas bag, perfect for carrying almost anything Effect goes here
The varnish of this hammer's handle has been worn dull by hands Effect goes here
Thieves' Tools
Thieves' Tools
In the right hands, these tools of the burglary trade will make quick work of any troublesome locks. Thieve' Tools enable the owner to open locks based on their Sleight of Hand skill. Thieves' Tools are destroyed on failed use.
These tongs are fire-scorched and pitted with rust. Effect goes here
Trap Disarm Toolkit
Trap Disarm Toolkit
A collection of hooks, blades, shears, and everything else needed to deal with potentially deadly traps. This kit enables the owner to disarm traps/ based on. their Sleight of Hand skill.

Shovel Tool
?? Use to dig up buried stuff, like the dog collar in Underdark.
Disguise Kit
?? ??

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