Controls for Baldur's Gate 3 consists of an overview of the game's mechanism and its corresponding action for each platform. Listed below are the details for the PC.


Baldur's Gate 3 Default Controls





PC Key Bindings

Camera Backward S Down
Camera Center Home  
Camera Forward  W Up
Camera Left A Left
Camera Right D Right
Camera Rotate Left Delete  
Camera Rotate Right End  
Camera Zoom In Page Up Mouse Scroll Up
Camera Zoom Out Page Down Mouse Scroll Down
Toggle Camera Rotate Middle Mouse Button  
Toggle Tactical Camera O  
Cancel Action Escape Right Mouse Button
Climbing Toggle Left Shift  
Context Menu Right Mouse Button  
Cycle Characters Next Right Bracket  
Cycle Characters Prev Right Bracket  
Destruction Toggle Left Ctrl  
Go to Camp    
Highlight Character Grave  
Interact Left Mouse Button  
Leave Camp    
Place Ping Beacon Backslash  
Rotate item left Mouse Scroll Down  
Rotate item right Mouse Scroll Up  
Select Char 1 F1  
Select Char 2 F2  
Select Char 3 F3  
Select Char 4 F4  
Select Slot 0 0 Numpad 0
Select Slot 1 1 Numpad 1
Select Slot 11 Minus  
Select Slot 12 =  
Select Slot 2 2  Numpad 2
Select Slot 3 3  Numpad 3
Select Slot 4 4  Numpad 4
Select Slot 5 5  Numpad 5
Select Slot 6  6  Numpad 6
Select Slot 7 7  Numpad 7
Select Slot 8 8  Numpad 8
Select Slot 9 9  Numpad 9
Short Rest    
Show world Tooltips Left Alt  
Skip Video Escape  
Toggle Combat Mode Tab  
Toggle Input Mode X  
Toggle Weapon Set V  
End Turn Space  
Enter Turn-based Mode Space  
Leave Turn-based Mode Shift + Space  
Quick Load F8  
Quick Save F5  
Show Sneak Cones Left Shift  
Show Text Chat Return  
Split Item Toggle Left Shift Right Shift
Toggle Actions Bar on Hot Bar X  
Toggle Character Panels B  
Toggle Character Sheet N  
Toggle Craft G  
Toggle Equipment E  
Toggle In-Game Menu Escape  
Toggle Info Left Ctrl  
Toggle Inventory I  
Toggle Journal L  
Toggle Map M  
Toggle Party / Character Overview Tab  
Toggle Presentation mode F10  
Toggle Sneak C  
Toggle Spell K  
Toggle Turn-based mode    
Toggle party management panel Y  
UI Cancel Escape Escape
UI Hot Bar Next R  
UI Hot Bar Prev F  
UI Take All Space  

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Xbox Buttons

Previous LB
Selection UP L
Toggle Cursor R
Select Left D-Pad Up
Selct Right D-Pad Down
Toggle Info D-Pad Right
Selection Down D-Pad Left
Toggle Group Mode RSB (3)
Toggle Turn-based Mode Back
Game Menu Start
Next RB
Interact/Select A
Cancel/Back B
Actions X
Cast/Sort/Swap Y



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