Races in Baldur's Gate 3 determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance to their innate capabilities. BG3 Races are chosen during Character Creation, and each choice grants various buffs and effects that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as unique physical traits. Players looking to optimize their Builds will take into account character race as well as Background and Class. Below you can find the full list of all Baldur's Gate 3 Races, Sub-Races, and their special abilities, features, and possible attribute boosts.


  • BG3 Full Game Note: In the full launch of Baldur's Gate 3, Ability Score Points for Races that were present in Early Access are removed. And instead, Ability Score Points in the full game correspond with the Class players will choose.
  • BG3 Race choices are permanent and cannot be changed via Respec for your character or your Companions.
  • Race impacts dialogue options and how NPCs perceive your character.
  • Subraces may have implications on dialogues but are less impactful than main race choice.
  • Some classes offer subclass choice during character creation; some gain it later.



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BG3 Races (Beginner Guide)



Baldur's Gate 3 Races Guide

Picking your race is an important choice in BG3, as it will impact your character's appearance and background, to an extent. Your race and the associated civilization may change npc's perception of your character. Your Baldur's Gate 3 Race choice also determines specific effects and thus impacts your Build.


Baldur's Gate 3 All Races and Subraces



dragonborn portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Draconic AncestryBase Racial Speed

The Dragonborn race are descendants of dragons and to which, they share many of their traits and racial features. They possess the Draconic Ancestry that allows them to breathe fire, acids, lightning, poison, ice, and others. Each of the Dragonborn corresponds to the ten types of dragons that you can find in Dungeons and Dragons. The Dragonborns possess the Breath Weapon which gives them the power to breathe destructive energy. The damage dealt in an area is based on the ancestry and players may only use this attack once until they complete a long rest.

The Dragonborn race is distantly related to a particular kind of dragon. This will determine the type of damage, the area of the Breath Weapon, and the type of resistance gained.

  • Black: Acid (DEX save)
  • Blue: Lightning (DEX save)
  • Brass: Fire (DEX save)
  • Bronze: Lightning (DEX save)
  • Copper: Acid (DEX save)
  • Gold: Fire (DEX save)
  • Green: Poison (CON save)
  • Red: Fire (DEX save)
  • Silver: Cold (CON save)
  • White: Cold (CON save)

Subraces: Black DragonbornBlue DragonbornBrass DragonbornBronze DragonbornCopper DragonbornGold DragonbornGreen DragonbornRed DragonbornSilver DragonbornWhite Dragonborn


drow portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial Speed, Drow Weapon Training, Superior Darkvision, and Fey Ancestry, Perception Proficiency

In the world of Faerûn, the Drow presents a dark elven race with a history of conflict between the two Elven deities. After Lolth was found guilty of high treachery, she was banished into the Underdark by her own elven kind, where she conquered the deep abyss and regained powers for herself. After millennia of war between the elves that caused endless bloody conflict, the other Elves have decided to turn all the Dark Elves, indiscriminately, into "Drow", into what they are today in Dungeons and Dragons. 


Lolth-Sworn Drow

Raised by Lolth's cult in the city of Menzoberranzan. this Drow race extols the virtues of their corrupt and merciless goddess. Lolth marks her followers with bright red eyes so the Underdark will leam to fear drow on sight.

Seldarine Drow

Drow is the result of an ancient schism between the elven deities Corellon Larethian and Lolth. The latter's treachery drove the drow into the Underdark, where they splintered into warring factions. Seldarine Drow can be found seeking allies from all over Faerün, aiming to settle their conflict with Lolth - and each other - by any means necessary.


dwarf portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial SpeedDwarven Combat Training, Darkvision, and Dwarven Resilience


Gold Dwarf

Gold dwarves are known for their confidence and keen intuition. The culture of their Deep Kingdom values family, ritual, and fine craftsmanship.


Shield Dwarf

Shield dwarves survived a long fall from grace, surrendering many of their ancient kingdoms in wars with goblins and Orcs. These losses have lead to a cynical mindset, yet shield dwarves will endure anything to restore their ancestral homelands.



Duergar are dwarves whose ancestors were transformed by centuries living in the deepest places of the Underdark. That chthonic realm is saturated with strange magical energy, and over generations, early duergar absorbed traces of it. They were further altered when mind flayers and other Aberrations invaded and performed horrific experiments on them. Fueled by Underdark magic, those experiments left early duergar with psionic powers, which have been passed down to their descendants. In time, they liberated themselves from their aberrant tyrants and forged a new life for themselves in the Underdark and beyond.



elf portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial Speed, Elven Weapon Training, Darkvision, and Fey Ancestry, Perception Proficiency


High Elf

Heirs of the mystical Feywild, high elves value magic in all its forms, and even those who do not study spellcraft can manipulate the Weave.


Wood Elf

Wood elves spend their reclusive lives in Faerün's forests. Decades of training in archery and camouflage are enhanced by an otherworldly swiftness.



lae'zel bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial Speed, Martial Prodigy, Githyanki Psionics: Mage Hand, and Astral Knowledge

Level Up Features: Githyanki Psionics: Jump (Level 3), Misty Step (Level 5).

Subraces: None

Githyanki are peerless warriors from the Astral Plane, known for their legendary silver blades and red dragon mounts. They seek the total destruction of mind flayers, whose ancient empire enslaved the Githyanki for millennia.



rock gnomerace bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial SpeedGnome Cunning


Deep Gnome


Forest Gnome


Rock Gnome




half elf portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial Speed, Civil Militia, Darkvision, and Fey Ancestry


High Half-Elf

A touch of the Feywild remains in half-elves with this bloodline. and even those untrained in magic possess a hint of wild power.

  • High Elf Cantrip. Select one cantrip from the Wizard Spell List

Wood Half-Elf

Like their wood elf parent. these half-elves have a quickened stride and eye for stealth. Yet many break away from isolation in Faerün's forests to explore the rest of the Realms.

Drow Half-Elf

Most half-drow result from liaisons between Seldarine drow and surfacers. While half-drow inherit a few magical gifts, they aren't usually raised in the Underdark.


halforc portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial SpeedDarkvisionRelentless EnduranceMenacingSavage Attacks, Intimidation Proficiency

Creatures of intense emotion, half-orcs are more inclined to act than contemplate - whether the rage burning their bodies compels them to fight, or the love filling their hearts inspires acts of incredible kindness.

Subraces: None


halfling portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial SpeedLucky, and Brave


Lightfoot Halfling

Lightfoot halflings are stealthy but social. traveling all over Faerün to make names for themselves

Strongheart Halfling

Legends say dwarven blood gave stronghearts their hardiness. Resistant to poison and wellsprings of endurance, these halflings easily hold their own.



human portrait bg3 wiki guide

Racial Features: Base Racial Speed, Civil Militia, Human Versatility

Subraces: None

The most common face to see in Faerün, humans are known for their tenacity, creativity, and endless capacity for growth.



tiefling portrait bg3 wiki guide

Ability: N/A

Racial Features: Base Racial SpeedDarkvision and Hellish Resistance

Descended from devils of the Nine Hells, tieflings face constant suspicion in Faerun. Thankfully, their arcane abilities make them natural survivors.


Asmodeus Tiefling

Bound to Nessus, the deepest layer of the Hells. these tieflings inherit the ability to wield fire and darkness from the archdevil Asmodeus infernal bloodline.


Mephistopheles Tiefling

Descended from the archdevil Mephistopheles, these tieflings are gifted with a particular affinity for arcane magic.

Zariel Tiefling

Tieflings from Zariel's bloodline are empowered with martial strength, and can channel searing flame to punish their enemies.



Baldur's Gate 3 Races Table

If you are having trouble picking your race, use this table to compare the racial attributes available in BG3. Sub-races have minor changes that you may also want to consider as you work on your Build. Click the table header to sort.


Baldur's Gate 3 Races Guide

What is the Best Race in BG3?

There is no overall Best Race in Baldur's Gate 3, but players will find that certain Races and Subraces will have advantages when it comes to certain events and playstyles. Dwarves, for example, would be naturally inclined to tankier and melee builds, as they come with bonus Dwarven Resilience and Proficiencies to Battleaxe, Handaxe, Hammer, and Lighthammer. It is important to note that not all choices made in Baldur's Gate 3 are done for battle or build purposes, however, so players should feel free to pick the race that they prefer for roleplay, aesthetics, or optimization objectives.

The full launch of Baldur's Gate 3 will feature a total of 11 races and a total of 31 subraces to choose from. Each of these subraces will offer a variety of traits for your character that can alter their Base Speed (move distance per turn), capacity to see in the dark, Cantrip (availability of Spells), and more.

What are Subraces in Baldur's Gate 3?

Subraces are variations of a group, with notable distinctions in appearance and characteristics. Subraces feature additional lore and in some cases, intrinsic alignments that may impact your relationship with other races during the course of the game. Subraces can also help players by giving their characters a direction through traits. The traits of each of the subraces are unique to another and can suit a certain 

This is part of the world of D&D, and you can explore what effect your race has by checking out Backgrounds and tags.

Why are Races Important in BG3?

When choosing your Race and Subrace some factors to look at such as the different dialogues and the element of role-playing, but the most important component is the Racial Features. First, it's important to mention that in the full release of Baldur's Gate 3, Ability Score Points for Races that were present in Early Access have now been removed, giving the player complete freedom to choose the race they want that better correlates with the selected Class. Moving forward, these Ability Score Points instead are now associated with the class players will choose.

Take the time to read the description for each Race and Subrace you'll select to better understand its Racial Features. For example, some races such as Elves or Gnomes have Darkvision, allowing the character to see clearly in dark areas. This a very useful feature for new players as you will tread multiple locations and most likely fight enemies in the dark. Another factor to consider when it comes to Racial Features is movement speed, and in Baldur's Gate 3, some races are capable of moving farther than others in combat. An example would be choosing a race with great movement speed if you are playing a class that excels in melee combat, this way, you can reach and attack your targets easily without wasting a turn.

 Mechanical Considerations: Pay attention to the racial traits, abilities, and proficiencies that come with your chosen race. These can complement your class and playstyle. Think about how your race's attributes align with your desired character build. For example, if you plan to play a melee fighter, a dwarf's natural resilience and weapon proficiencies may be advantageous.

Racial Proficiencies are another factor to consider when choosing your Race in Baldur's Gate 3. A good example is for some players, who choose to play as a spellcasting class like Sorcerer, Wizard, or Warlock, but they want to be able to wield melee weapons such as Shortswords or Longswords. Selecting races such as the Githyanki provides proficiency in wielding the said weapons, making your character proficient in using spells and melee weapons.

Races and Subraces provide a selection of traits, and racial features, including proficiencies, base speeds, night vision, and more. Race choice in Baldur's Gate 3 will also make a difference in your dialogue options, NPC interactions, treatment, and race-unique scenes. These are some of the things that players would want to consider during character creation if they are going for a specific playstyle.

Non-Playable Races in BG3

In Baldur's Gate 3, there are some races that are non-playable or available in Character Creation. You'll encounter these other races as you explore and we would like to indicate them below:

  • Bugbear: These hair goblinoids are fond of violent actions, they prosper in the heat of battle, often seen raiding, hunting, or ambushing their targets. Bugbears are sensitive to sunlight, medium in size but have a bulky build, they are also capable of seeing in the dark, making them a dangerous race to encounter.
  • Gnolls: Gnolls are hyena-like humanoid creatures who excel in scavenging and stacking odds in their favor for successful hunting. No battle tactic is off-limits to a gnoll pack, and to face one is to know unbridled carnage.
  • Goblins: Goblins are considered the most adaptable and resourceful humanoid races in the world, you can find them almost anywhere and where they are weak, they make up for in terms of being cunning intelligent beings and cooperating with their group. A single Goblin can pose no threat, but they can be a force to reckon with if you are outnumbered.
  • Hobgoblins: Unlike Goblins, Hobgoblins are large that have orange and reddish skin. They are also cunning and resourceful, but they are much stronger as they value strength and martial expertise above anything else. Hobgoblins are skilled combatants who are capable as well of seeing their targets in the dark.
  • Kuo-Toa: Monstrous fishlike humanoids that are short, pale, and covered in slimy scales. They have been driven underground by humans and their ilk who've become crafty individuals filled with madness. They are swift creatures who use the dark to their advantage to prey on their victims.
  • Mind Flayer: Also known as Illithids and referred to as Ghaik by the Githyanki, wields psionic abilities and uses telepathy to communicate. They are feared by most creatures across many worlds as they abduct life beings to control them and ultimately mutate them as their own Mind Flayers are lethal beings since they consume their victims by extracting and devouring their brains.
  • Ogres: As descendants of giants, these tall beings are usually seen with features of large torsos, muscular arms, bulky heads, and disproportionate limbs. Ogres are fierce and chaotic in nature within their tribes while some are generally solitary or join a civilized society if they are depicted as small and weak ogres.
  • Redcaps: They are the most evil type of Fey you'll ever likely meet, Redcaps are lethal as they are known to be psychotic killers who enjoy killing and inflicting pain. Even though they are small, these blood-lust creatures have formidable strength that they use to hunt down their prey.

bg3 races and subraces comprehensive guide fextralife wiki guide 600px

Dialogues and Interactions in Baldur's Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, dialogues and interactions play a pivotal role in enhancing the immersive storytelling experience. As you journey through the richly world, your chosen Race influences how characters perceive and respond to you, offering a diverse range of dialogues and role-playing opportunities.

When engaging with NPCs, your character's Race often sparks unique conversations. NPCs may react differently based on your race, expressing curiosity, prejudice, or camaraderie. These interactions can provide valuable insights into the lore of the world and the dynamics between different races.

Furthermore, your Race can open doors to specific quests, interactions, and even alternative solutions. For instance, an Elf might have a deeper understanding of nature, allowing for unique dialogue options with animals or druidic characters. A Dwarf's familiarity with craftsmanship might grant insights into intricate puzzles or forge alliances with skilled artisans.

The racial background also comes into play during conversations within your party. Companions may share personal anecdotes, opinions, or concerns related to your race, adding depth to their character development and encouraging meaningful interactions. Choosing a Race that aligns with your role-playing preferences can lead to more immersive and satisfying interactions. If you enjoy delving into the lore, consider how your race's history, beliefs, and cultural background shape your interactions with the world and its inhabitants.

Role-Playing and Storytelling: Your chosen race can influence how NPCs perceive and interact with your character. Embrace the role-playing opportunities that your race offers to create a more immersive experience. Consider the racial backgrounds and cultural aspects of your chosen race to craft a compelling character backstory.

Quests and Alternative Solutions: Certain races may unlock unique quests and dialogue options. Experiment with different races to discover hidden storylines and alternative ways to solve challenges.


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    • Anonymous

      I genuinely feel that races are balanced based on how popular they are. Less popular races like dwarves, gith, gnomes, halflings, and half-orcs have insane bonuses that try to incentivize people to play them while more popular races like humans, elves, half-elves, and dragonborn are dull as dirt in terms of bonuses. The only real outlier to this rule I would say are tieflings which are quite popular and have solid bonuses.

      • Anonymous

        Are humans the race you pick to challenge yourself? Like the wretch class in Elden Ring, are humans this kind of thing?

        • Anonymous

          Best race hands down is Duergar. Invisibility whenever you want? You can just walk through anything for free surprise attacks? It's like what you waste 6 levels on for the garbage excuse that is the shadow monk, but you get it for free. chef's kiss.

          • Anonymous

            I know and love the fact that Aasimar's are extremely rare, it adds to the Race's special condition. But they have opened the path to Aasimar with a specific character in the game already. So I am hoping for Aasimar as a Race and Artificer as a Class on the first major Expansion, also the level cap increase to 20. These major expansions are a legacy from old Baldur's Gate games after all, and Larian has been very respectful to the old games so far. (Not so on attribute rolls at the beginning unfortunately, that "option" would have been cool for the ones that like it, and ones that don't like it didn't have to use it, it was a major part of old BG games too) On the Expansion, I am just hoping that we can continue the story with our own Character, and companions from where we left off.. including our romance / influence and approvals with our companions.

            • Anonymous

              ISO: Tortle DLC so I can make my Tortle Fighter who's favorite color is orange, loves pizza, and is named Michelozzo.

              • Anonymous

                I don't get the whole races and sub-races thing. Aren't all non-humans sub-races?

                They are HUMANoids after all..

                • Anonymous

                  They made Zariel Tiefling the most viable paladin (and also Pact of the Blade Warlock tbh) you can get: Darkvision, Fire Resistance, all intimitadion checks with advantadge, and 2 more powerful smites. Don't get me wrong , I like those features but they made every other race Paladin to be two steps behind this one.

                  This makes me thing about all the races and how unbalanced they are sometimes: Half Elf and Drow with nice features, BUT they also scale at level 3 and 5 with two good situational abilities. Since I don't got Elf I can't say if they scale, but their base is a pretty good standard: usefull but not op. Which leads me to the following point.

                  Halfing's luck is BUGGED and never works, and Humans are trash. Wtf is that shitty perk of allowing them to get more carry capacity. Hell just give them an extra feat, AND if you don't want people to abuse the +2 Stat feat(something I feel horribly bad, since most people will just skip feats and add extra stat) you can just put a rule where that feat can not be chosen when you create a human. Or you can just delete the +2 stat feat and simply allow the +1/+2 every 4 levels.


                  And what about the dragonborn,is it a bug, or the breath attack doesn't go up at 6 and 11 like DnD 5e does?

                  So yeah, I think they should reconsider mending the halfling's luck and give some love to humans. Tieflings at this moment shine in every CHA class and outclass/outrace every other one.

                  • Anonymous

                    D&D: Humans are the most versatile race and can be anything. That's why their starting bonuses are less specialized and more customizable than the other races. No matter what class you want to play, human is always an effective pick :)

                    Larian: Humans are stupid and boring in our personal opinion, which should absolutely affect our players' choices. If you pick one you get one petty little skill like most other races get (the COOL and AWESOME Githyanki get up to 5 btw!!!) and you also get some equipment proficiencies that are like, maybe useable if you're specifically a sorcerer or wizard or something, not that the benefits of another race or a single level in cleric wouldn't outweigh that. Also you get extra carry capacity so you can right click items and press "send to camp" slightly less often lmfao enjoy that one idiot human pickers!!!

                    In every fantasy roleplaying game, especially single player games, humans are the top choice for players. People like to self-insert or at least strongly relate to their character. With the recent player data Larian has released, we can see that Human and Half-Elf are neck-and-neck for the most picked race. But the only reason so many people are picking Half-Elf is because they wanted to be a human but didn't want to be handicapped for it.

                    If we have to wait until the first PAID DLC for an option that makes humans not objectively suck, then I'm going to be pretty disappointed. It's not like picking a human in their current state makes the game unwinnable or anything, it's just a totally unnecessary spit in the face to the majority of players for no reason whatsoever.

                    • Anonymous

                      WhatsApp would be the best race for both wizard and sorcerer because I'm not sure which one I'll play and I might switch class but one can't switch race.

                      • Anonymous

                        Man, they really made picking Human a worthless choice. You get proficiency with some weapons and armor (that you would have gotten anyways if you'd picked a class that would actually use them). You get one bonus skill and a little extra carry capacity. No darkvision, no innate spells, no special abilities, no bonuses to anything. It's like they actively DO NOT WANT you to pick a human.

                        Give them their damn bonus feat.

                        • Anonymous

                          Though it doesn't say so anywhere other than looking at the skills, the wood elf and wood half-elf still get the free stealth skill proficiency too (as well as the speed boost from fleet of foot)

                          • Anonymous

                            Pah. No dragonborns? Lizardfolk? *Anything* that isn't just human remixes? Won't be purchasing this game.

                            • Anonymous

                              Honestly, I already know that my characters race won't be added, but damn I wish they would add changelings in the future. Changelings are simply so cool :)

                              • Anonymous

                                Fingers crossed for goblin, even if it's a DLC. Or kobold, but goblin seems more realistic (though not likely still). But considering the popularity of goblins in general, I hope they make it in there somewhere.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Laughed my ass off you. You so pathetic really. No one cares about your whining. Game will sell a lot, it already are. If they didn't add any beast races - no one will cry about it, except you. Get a life. You can ask, but they decide put time on that or not. Modders will, maybe do this later, but you will get nothing like unic dialogues or scenes for this race, you will play as nothing with this. So suit yourself.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    To everyone who keep's saying they have already stated they personally will only add the races introduced in the PHB officially, however let us all be real everyone..the modding community for this game will be crazy, give it time and mods for races will start popping up!. So you will have to wait but im looking forward to seeing the mods that come out.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I'm really into the Feywild and love playing as Fey Eladrin, Fairy, and Harengon. I would love to see one of them in this game. But, I know it's 0 to none for those races to be introduced in this game. But I sure can dream of "what ifs" at least.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I have to admit that I have been waiting for dragonborn but with each new class or race they add I start a new game and enjoy playing the same game all over again ( with the new option). I would like to see the character items that are empty so far make an appearance like belts, robes and other equipment.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Well, Barbarian was finally added. Too bad Half-Orcs still don't exist. Guess I'll just have to wait another year and a half.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            So... I know I'll get flack for this. But I hope that Larian doesn't create different Subraces for the Dragonborn when they're implemented. I now the new sourcebook coming out gives them 3, but I genuinely think that the options are already suffering a bit of bloat with all the options we have now, and the likelihood of the Half-Orc and Gnome getting in as well. It's just too much, I'd rather they just take all the strengths of the Dragonborn racial abilities and make them mono-race. Just leave the scale colors to the usual character creation shaders, don't make Chromatic and Metallic (and sure, even Gem) their own things.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Larian isn't going to make these ridiculous monster races playable. You're not going to get to play Tiamat, okay? I'm sure they'll eventually make gnomes and half-orcs, and yeah, I think the duergar subrace and svirfneblin subrace would be appropriate for the setting, but don't expect a half-tarrasque demilich as an option.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                "Welp, guys, we disappointed by your boring race choices."
                                                There are 5 humans with different constitution, plus one grey skinned human.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I find the whole 4th 5th edition something abominous.
                                                  In 3rd edition you had the choice play and keep it simple with the 3 core books.
                                                  If you wated more options you could buy more books with the added options.
                                                  Personally i like to make my character my own, not one of 3 options.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If Larian doesn't add the exact race that I want than I am going to cry. Seven races + every sub race is NOT ENOUGH. I don't care if half-orcs, gnomes, and dragonborn are supposed to be added in the future. I want my race AND I WANT NOW!

                                                    By the way, I hope everyone can pick up on my sarcasm.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I like to see anthropomorphic races like Dragonborn's, Tabaxi's, Loxodon's, Leonin, Locathah, Tortle, Aarakocra's, Lizardfolk, Kenku's, Kobold's, and Minotaur's.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I really hope they just add more monstrous races, the races they have now are pretty cool, but boring for people that like to play more exotic races.
                                                        That being said, i'd like to see Dragonborn, Orc's, etc. added instead of all the half-version of some races.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Good thing there's no animal races but there's literally everything else, animal races are weird af. I like how you can make literal half breeds for each different type of elf

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Laughing my ass off at all the scalies shitting their pants in anger because they can't play a lizard like in Divinity: OS 2

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              To all the people complaining about missing monster races, do you really think the game would be better if almost every obscure race was added to the Baldurs Gate 3?
                                                              One of the coolest things about the game currently is how NPCs react differently to different races. If you add more races then every separate race will not be focused on very much. The entire game would have to become more streamlined. No studio is capable of devoting time to both fully fleshed branching paths for each distinct race while also adding dozens of race options. If you want minotaurs, aasimar, tabaxi, etc. to be added to the game then just wait for a mod to come out.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                I really would like to see races like kobold,dragonborn,asimar,gnome,orc,half-orc,goblin,kenku,tabaxi and bugbear to add a vast variety of playstyles through the game but I wouldnt say goliath cause I think they may be too big for the games scaling unless they would fix that in the future and I wonder if multiclassing will eventually be a thing since I would personally love to make a rouge/fighter.

                                                                • Anonymous


                                                                  The fact that humans are the most played race is a bit depressing to me... but not entirely unexpected. That being said, Dragonborn must be included. A full-fledge D&D universe without them is just poorly planned.
                                                                  Other popular races I'm sure many people would love to play as would be Tabaxi, goliath, aasimar and a few other classics.

                                                                  I would suggest Aarokocra, but I could understand that a flying race such as that may be a bit game-breaking.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Tabaxi, Dragonborn, and Yuan-ti please. Though I'm definitely gonna try Druid class first regardless. Climbing skill and poison immunity is super awesome. While my computer can play it, I'm hoping the game will be as long as it'll take to download 150GB. Cue the sweating man meme.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      remove hobbits, elves and humans. add trolls, orcs and illithid as playable races and the game will be a winner.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Dont know why they didnt add mostly finished races and classes like Goblin, Bugbear and Paladin for example. :/ If we have to wait 3 months there should be more meat.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Kobolds as DLC id pay for it plus the people that don't want kobolds in there game don't have to get it I think that's a good grey area

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Will Gnomes, Dragonborns and Hal-Orcs be added in full release? Was really looking forward to playing a Gnome.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              I just kinda hope they add the Swashbuckler Rogue subclass though I'm gonna be giving thief a good try in mean time!

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                For Video Game Gamers, you lot are quite unreasonable, it's like this is the first video game based on D&D... if you want to help so much petition Larion for a Mod-ing tool and make them your selves then send Larion the end result, that way you can get more races in shorter amount of time and get them to do all your wishes.
                                                                                OR just wait for the game to release and for modders to add every race under the sun and more.

                                                                                You should worry more about the game not running as intended then not having 50 shades of Elf .

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Honestly, the lack of core races is concerning. No Gnomes? No Dragon Born? yet we have drow? i dunno i feel like this is really lacking... meanwhile Wrath of the Righteous is adding like i dunno like 3-5 new classes and a couple new races on top of everything else and a new turn based system. I have to say, the fact you didn't add a +2 int race leaves wizards kind of in a bad spot. Especially if you arent adding dice rolling stat generation system since the point buy is really restrictive and relies on that +2 bonus.

                                                                                  Basically yes we need more race options if only adding all the core races.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    I can not wait to play Dragonborn with how much explosive stuff that is around, breath weapon into a room and you explode half the map. I guess fireball could do the same, but no, I wanna sneeze to destroy my enemies... and loot...

                                                                                    • Well, you can tell us it's in early access all you want, but that's not going to stop people from voicing their opinions on what they think would make a great addition to the game. If people want beast races, then Larian Studio's team should consider it. If no one spoke up on the matter then no one would care would they? Larian Studios has not stated anything on other races yet, so that is why I am speaking up and hoping they will bring something other than just gnomes, halflings, and half-orcs to the table which I presume they already plan on bringing in to BG3 at the moment. I want to speak for a lot of the people here and hopefully, Larian Studios will shed some light on the subject if they have any upcoming plans on bestial races, if any at all. Personally, I hope they bring lizardfolk or minotaurs as a playable race. I'll be the first in line with wallet in hand when they announce something other than a human or sub-human whether it be a year from now or five, I can wait.

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