Lvl 2 Evocation

Create a dark shroud that Heavily Obscures and blinded condition iconBlinds creatures within. Creatures cannot make ranged attacks into or out of it.

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Darkness is a Spell in Baldur's Gate 3. Darkness is a Lvl 2 Spell from the Evocation school. Spells can be used for dealing damage to Enemies, inflict Status Ailments, buff Characters or interact with the environment.

Darkness Information

  • Description: Create a cloud of magical darkness that Heavily Obscures and Blinds creatures within. Creatures cannot make ranged attacks into or out of it.
  • Level: Lvl 2 spell
  • School: Evocation School
  • Casting Time: action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxAction
  • Range: icon range bg3 wiki guide18m
  • Duration: 10 turns
  • Radius: radius icon baldurs gate 3 wiki5m
  • Requires Concentration: Yes
  • Saving Throw: None

How to Acquire Darkness

Darkness Tips & Notes

  • Can be used to remove cloudkill spell conjuration school baldursgate3 wiki guide 64pxCloudkill and prevent it from being cast in the AoE.
  • Warlocks can see inside the Darkness spell if they have the Devil's Sight invocation.
  • The spell is not considered an aggressive spell and won't make NPCs hostile. However, the NPC will run out of the spell towards the nearest area that isn't lightly or heavily obscured.
  • Because the spell obscures vision within the spell and being blinded doesn't impact ability checks, you can hide within a Darkness spell and pickpocket relatively easily. This technique also works with the Fog Cloud spell.
  • In combat you can cast it on your ranged fighters and scoot them in and out of the edge to keep them safe from ranged targeting and give melee enemies that come near disadvantage.
  • Unlike the tabletop, the Darkness spell only obscures vision within the spell. The spell does not block line of sight and creatures can see past it just not within it.


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    • Anonymous

      Oddly enough, light and darkvision don't counter the effects of this spell. Even the daylight spell, which is stated to "dispel all darkness", does not work.

      The only spell I know of that works is "Radiance of Dawn" (found on light domain cleric) which is specifically stated to "dispel any magical darkness."

      • Anonymous

        Darkness vs Hunger of Hadar:
        - Both give the "blinded" condition
        -> Devil's Sight will work with Darkness. So you won't be "blinded"
        -> Devil's Sight will NOT work with Hunger of Hadar. So you will be "blinded"

        In the german translation this looks more accurate:
        -> Darkness gives "dazzled" condition (in the description)
        -> Hunger of Hadar gives "blinded" condition
        - Both will do the same, but Devil's Sight prevents from beeing "dazzled".

        I tested this today.

        • Anonymous

          Why in the world cant i cast this on myself, like on a weapon i carry or on my armor to be permanently shrouded in darkness like in every dnd5e setting? That saddens me, that makes warlock unplayable for me in baldurs gate 3...
          They really nerfed that spell and i just dont understand why.

          • Even melee enemies on tactics can't do anything against the darkness, they just stand there. It's a cool spell, but in the early game it grants invulnerability.

            • Anonymous

              quite a useful spell if you are surrounded by rangers with directional skills. It not only protects, but also allows you to get out, shoot and go back in on your turn.

              • Anonymous

                Some enemies are managing to throw objects/weapons at you to take your concentration. Happened to me at the goblin camp.

                • Anonymous

                  So I have figured out how it is coded now. Devil's Sight can shoot in/out no problem, and can make melee attacks within without disadvantage, basically ignores the effect. However, dark vision still "sees" into it because its just normally coded as "Heavily Obscures" but cannot make ranged attacks into or out and still gets disadvantage if they enter. The "attacking from darkness" (ranged shooting out) advantage bonus will only work against creatures that do not have dark vision or you are farther than 12m (common dark vision limit). If they made it where dark vision can't "see" into it, THEN it would be working as to how it should and you would be gaining advantage against everything.

                  • Anonymous

                    For all these spells: Maybe if the base class gets access to a spell we don't need to list every subclass since it doesn't really matter. If its exclusive to one subclass, that's maybe another story. All Wizards get this spell though, do we really need to list all the different subclass schools? There's no point. Maybe call out that its slightly cheaper to learn from scrolls for Evocation Wizards, but that's it (and it sort of implied by it being an Evocation spell if you can rub enough brain cells together).

                    • Anonymous

                      Now that this works with devilsight it's honestly kind of op. You can shoot out of it with advantage (most of the time) and they can't shoot into it at all. So for I've not seen any enemies even attempt to enter the darkness to try and make melee attacks, which of course would be at disadvantage even if they did. You're pretty well protected from most attacks. I've not yet put this build against anything with good AOEs yet though. I think enemies not being able to shoot into the darkness at all makes up for the darkness not being able to move.

                      • Anonymous

                        Ah yeah, just to spread the word, devilsight now is patched to actually grant immunity to the blindness from magical darkness - pact of the blade warlock/paladin hybrids might enjoy this a bunch ; D

                        Have fun being all edgy, mylord ^^

                        • Anonymous

                          Darkness needs to work like the light cantrip where you can cast it on objects, as is it’s working badly, and you should be able you make ranged attacks out of it with devils sight.

                          • Anonymous

                            Yet another spell taken from necromancy and placed in a nonsense class. Why would evo get a blindness debuff when they have some of the best aoe debuffs in game. Larian straight butched necro mechanics for stupid balance in their braindead system.

                            • Anonymous

                              The way this spell works is a huge nerf to warlocks. You can't use ranged attacks through it despite having devil sight so its bad for caster warlocks, and you can't use it on objects/people so its bad for spellswords as enemies will just walk away.

                              • The fact you can't attach the cloud to something so it moves like in e5 severely nerfs this spell and the warlock build that depends on it. Not to mention devil sight doesn't work with it like it should as per 5e rules. I hope someone mods it to work properly with the rules instead of this half baked implementation of the spell.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Currently this spell is beyong bugged, I had gobbos attacking me standing in the darkness, while my warlock with devils sight wasnt getting any advantage at all.

                                  • Anonymous


                                    TL;DR Devil's Sight doesnt stop blindess, which is a part of Baldur's Gate 3's interpritation of Darkness that is not in 5e's rules as written.

                                    PHB 5e says darkness creates a "Magical darkness spreads from a point you choose [...] creatures with darkvision can't see through this darkness." (Player's Handbook 5th Edition p.230)

                                    The spell in Baldurs Gate 3 reads:
                                    "Create a cloud of magical darkness to Heavily Obscure and Blind creatures within."

                                    BLINDING you is not ever an effect that the Eldritch evocation "Devil's Sight " can make the warlock immune to, so therefore you can't go in and bust ass as the edgelord blade pact warlock you wanted to be.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      how do you remove darkness, it seems to stay forever and if an ally dies in it there is no way to revive them

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