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Racial Features

Subrace Traits

Asmodeus Tiefling is a Subrace of Tiefling in Baldur's Gate 3. Asmodeus Tieflings have Darkvision and Hellish Resistance as racial bonuses and also have +1 Intelligence and +2 Charisma as subracial bonuses. While creating your Character in Baldur's Gate 3, you can choose between 8 different types of races. Each of them has their special characteristics and some of them have Sub-Races which provide different Features and Traits.


Bound to Nessus, the deepest layers of the Hells, these tieflings inherit the ability to wield fire and darkness from the archdevil Asmodeus' infernal bloodline.




Asmodeus Tiefling Traits:

  • Base Racial Speed: The distance you can move per turn is 9 m.
  • Intelligence +1
  • Charisma +2
  • thaumaturgy spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxThaumaturgy: Manifest a sign of supernatural power that grants you advantage on Intimidation and Performance checks.
  • hellish rebuke spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 150px 2Hellish Rebuke2d10 fire dice icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 52px2d10 Fire. The next time you take damage, you use your reaction to surround you attacker in hellish flames that deal 2d10 Fire. On a successful save, the target only takes half damage.
  • At lvl 5, Asmodeus Tieflings learn darkness spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35px 1Darkness.


Tieflings Features

  • darkvision spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 150px 2Darkvision: This creature can see in the dark within 12 m.
  • Hellish Resistance: Your blood protects you from flame, abyssal or otherwise. You have resistance to Fire and take only half damage from it.



Asmodeus Tiefling Tips & Notes

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