Elf is a Race in Baldur's Gate 3. Elves feature 4 Proficiencies such as Longsword, Shortsword, Longbow, and Shortbow. While creating your Character in Baldur's Gate 3, you can choose between 11 different types of Races. Each of them has their own special characteristics.

  • BG3 Full Game Note: In the full launch of Baldur's Gate 3, Ability Score Points for Races that were present in Early Access are removed. And instead, Ability Score Points in the full game correspond with the Class players will choose.

With ethereal countenances and long lifespans, elves are at home with nature's power, flourishing in light and dark alike.



Elf Traits & Features in Baldur's Gate 3

BG3 Elf Subraces

Elf Tips & Notes

  • During Early Access, the Elf race used to feature +2 Dexterity. This has been changed in the full launch of BG3 and the Ability Score points are now associated with the Class that players will choose.
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Asmodeus Tiefling  ♦  Black Dragonborn  ♦  Blue Dragonborn  ♦  Brass Dragonborn  ♦  Bronze Dragonborn  ♦  Copper Dragonborn  ♦  Deep Gnome  ♦  Drow  ♦  Drow Half-Elf  ♦  Duergar  ♦  Dwarf  ♦  Forest Gnome  ♦  Githyanki  ♦  Gnome  ♦  Gold Dragonborn  ♦  Gold Dwarf  ♦  Green Dragonborn  ♦  Half-Drow  ♦  Half-Elf  ♦  Halfling  ♦  High Elf  ♦  High Half-Elf  ♦  Human  ♦  Lightfoot Halfling  ♦  Lolth-Sworn Drow  ♦  Mephistopheles Tiefling  ♦  Red Dragonborn  ♦  Rock Gnome  ♦  Seldarine Drow  ♦  Shield Dwarf  ♦  Silver Dragonborn  ♦  Strongheart Halfling  ♦  Tiefling  ♦  White Dragonborn  ♦  Wood Elf  ♦  Wood Half-Elf  ♦  Zariel Tiefling

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    • Anonymous

      Was fighting a skeleton mage who used eyebite to successfully put my High Elf Warlock to sleep. I'm somewhat annoyed.

      • Anonymous

        I liked the elves in "OriginalSin2" more visually. Here and tieflings are somehow too human, where are you, old Neverwinter. Although the Git along the way took away the uniqueness from everyone.

        • Anonymous

          So, elves. What are they good for?

          Darkvision is good for everyone, though a hired druid can cast it on you every day and then wait in camp. The weapon training is also good. Swords are just iconic for fantasy settings and are great for, say, melee clerics, though rogues might be better off with finesse weapons than longswords. Longbows do just as much damage as light crossbows, though if you find an enchanted one that suits you you have the option. So far, I haven't encountered many enemies who want to charm me or put me to sleep, but that's good to have just in case, and perception is good for any character.

          For high elves, the cantrip adds some versitility, though if you have high intelligence you might as well be a wizard. Firebolt is still good for igniting explosive barrels, ray of frost for freezing water, etc. Minor illusion is good for distracting and gathering NPCs, and friends is good for any face character.

          For wood elves, the extra movement speed is half of what you get from longstrider, and stacks with longstrider. It's good for anyone really, but especially classes that don't get a lot of mobility options. Stealth is good for stealth characters, though they're likely to have it from their class.

          • Anonymous

            Wood Elves seem kinda overtuned at the moment. Two free skills, good weapon proficiency, highest movement speed, darkvision and resist charm/sleep immune?! That's a lot of stuff to give a race who's stats lend it to pretty much anything but warlock or wizard. Wood elf ranger can have nine skills and 17 dex 15 con 14 wis spread at start which is pretty nutty.

            • Anonymous

              Seems to me Larian has confused half-elves and elves. The elves looks quite masculine even brutish (apart from pouting duckface lips) and come with human ethnic/racial characteristics, whereas the half-elves who are elf-human mix look much more fey and traditional elven.

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