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High Elf is a Subrace of Elf in Baldur's Gate 3. High Elves have the same race features as the Elf and they start with one learned High Elf Cantrip. While creating your Character in Baldur's Gate 3, you can choose between 11 different types of races. Each of them has their special characteristics.

  • BG3 Full Game Note: In the full launch of Baldur's Gate 3, Ability Score Points for Races that were present in Early Access are removed. And instead, Ability Score Points in the full game correspond with the Class players will choose.


Heirs of the mystical Feywild, high elves value magic in all its forms, and even those who do not study spellcraft can manipulate the weave.



High Elf Features in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Medium Size.
  • Base Racial Speed: movement speed icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideMove up to range icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25px9m per turn.
  • High Elf Cantrip: Know one cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list using Intelligence as the spellcasting ability:
    • acid splash spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxAcid Splash: Hurl a bubble of acid that deals 1d6 Acid to each creature it hits.
    • blade ward spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxBlade Ward: Gain resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage from weapon attacks.
    • chill touch spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxBone Chill: Assail a creature with the chill of the grave. It takes 1d8 Necrotic and cannot regain hit points.dancing lights spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxDancing Lights: Create wisps of light that illuminate a 9m radius.
    • firebolt spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxFire Bolt: Hurl a mote of fire that deals 1d6 Fire and creates a flammable surface.
    • friends spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxFriends: Enchant a non-hostile creature to gain advantage on Charisma checks against it.
    • light spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxLight: Infuse an object with an aura of light.
    • mage hand spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxMage Hand: Create a spectral hand that can manipulate and interact with objects.
    • minor illusion spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxMinor Illusion: Create an illusory image that distracts nearby creatures, compelling them to investigate.poison spray spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxPoison Spray: Project a puff of noxious gas that deals 1d12 Poison.
    • ray of frost spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxRay of Frost: Call forth a frigid beam of blue-white light. Deals 1d8 Cold and reduce the target's speed by 3m.
    • shocking grasp spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxShocking Grasp: Lightning springs from your hand. Deals 1d8 Lightning and prevents the target from taking reactions.
    • true strike spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35pxTrue Strike: Divine a character's defences to give you advantage on attack rolls against it.

BG3 Elf Traits

High Elf Tips & Notes

  • During Early Access, the Elf race used to feature +2 Dexterity and +1 Intelligence. This has been changed in the full launch of BG3 and the Ability Score points are now associated with the Class that players will choose.
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    • Anonymous

      Why did it have to be intelligence and not your highest stat. Really kills the usefulness of it. Really wanted it for my tempest cleric who also stupidly does not get shocking grasp. Guess I have to waste one of my two feat slots on magic initiate but both slots are already in use.

      • Anonymous

        Best cantrip for half elves? (assuming you aren't a wizard so your int is low).
        I'm assuming mage hand (because it doesn't scale with int).
        Maybe blade ward in case you get surrounded and need defense more than offense?

        • Anonymous

          I keep reading on the internet that High Elves/ Half High Elves are the best race for Wizards because of that extra cantrip. However, wizards can learn cantrips with scrolls so i think that subrace is useless for them and i ended making a wood elf wizard. Am i missing something?

          • Anonymous

            Imagine choosing high elf for dancing lights to find out drow gets it for free plus a bunch of other features :p

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