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Racial Features


Half-Elf is a Race in Baldur's Gate 3Half-Elves Charisma +2 and +2 Ability score points to spend as the player sees fit in any of the other five Abilities. While creating your Character in Baldur's Gate 3, you can choose between 8 different types of Races. Each of them has their special characteristics.




Half-Elf Traits:

  • Ability Score Increase: +2 Charisma, and two other ability scores of your choice each increase by 1.
  • Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on saving throws against being Charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
  • darkvision spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 150px 2Darkvision: Can see in the dark up to 12 m.


Half-Elf Subraces:

High Half-Elf

Wood Half-Elf

Drow Half-Elf


Races and Subraces
Asmodeus Tiefling  ♦  Deep Gnome  ♦  Drow  ♦  Drow Half-Elf  ♦  Dwarf  ♦  Elf  ♦  Forest Gnome  ♦  Githyanki  ♦  Gnome  ♦  Gold Dwarf  ♦  Half-Drow  ♦  Halfling  ♦  High Elf  ♦  High Half-Elf  ♦  Human  ♦  Lightfoot Halfling  ♦  Lolth-Sworn Drow  ♦  Mephistopheles Tiefling  ♦  Rock Gnome  ♦  Seldarine Drow  ♦  Shield Dwarf  ♦  Strongheart Halfling  ♦  Tiefling  ♦  Wood Elf  ♦  Wood Half-Elf  ♦  Zariel Tiefling


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    • Anonymous

      This race really needs an overhaul to be more like Pen and Paper, seriously why High Half-elves only have the Wizard Cantrip and nothing else? where is the Elf Weapon Training? or Skill Versatility?, why Drow Half-elves don't have the free uses of Faerie Fire and Darkness (well of the later i understand since there is no 5th level yet, but they should have Faerie Fire at least) and why Wood Half-Elves get both of their subrace traits while the other 2 get only of one?.

      • Anonymous

        Little heads up, could you show the "basic stats" for each "races" on the wiki, cause a hafl elf wizard only has 8 hp and 9 armor that doesn't scale well and you realize it when it's too late, thx.

        • Anonymous

          No Skill Versatility? No Skill Monkey for Bards and Rogues?

          High Elves and Wood Elves get Keen Senses and Longbow Proficiency.

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