Baldur's Gate 3 Interactive Map: Find and track all Items, Bosses, Weapons, Armor, and NPCs in the game with the help of our Interactive Map. The BG3 Interactive Map is regularly updated with detailed information for all Quests, Equipment, Bosses, and Locations. Everything you need to find in Faerun can be found on this Interactive Baldur's Gate 3 Map.


Baldur's Gate 3 Map



Baldur's Gate 3 Interactive Map Introduction

Welcome to Faerun, travelers! Your experience may have not started in the best way while exploring the Nautiloid…but Baldur's Gate 3 is filled with opportunity. Please, take a second to learn this guide to help you navigate through the magical and vast world of BG3.  There will be threatening dangers to face, charismatic NPCs to meet, and most important, decisions to be made!

Baldur's Gate 3 Map Size is enormous, and gives players the chance to surround themselves with everything a D&D aficionado has ever dreamt of. Players will get a full, complete view of every accessible area of the whole playable world in BG3. From dark dungeons filled with monsters and secrets, to wide open cities, bustling with NPCsMerchants, and Quests

Players can get ready to submerge in the world of Faerun and spend countless hours diving into its secrets, mesmerizing with the scope of a magical world. Everything about Baldur's Gate 3 interactive map: all the regions, points of interest and landmarks available. Our Baldur's Gate 3 Interactive Map helps you keep track of everything you've picked up, with a full list of Quests, and more.

Note that decisions while completing Quests may alter your vision of the world, turning some NPCs into Enemies or even Enemies into allies, or even locking you out into certain events or Quests

Baldur's Gate 3 Map Checklist

VIP Members will also be able to see their completion rates and keep track of all items per category by marking them on the map. This feature is the best options for players that want to keep track of their progress while exploring the vast lands of Faerun.

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All Content Available in Baldur's 3 Map

Thanks to this powerful tools, you will be able to navigate Faerun with ease, uncovering powerful loot, solving intricate puzzles, and facing powerful challenges. Explore every region and area's atmosphere, cities, small towns, castles, and dank dungeons to learn its lurking secrets. 

All BG3 Map Merchants and NPCS

Navigate the Baldur's Gate 3 Interactive Map to discover a range of Merchants and NPCs, populating all around the world of Faerun. You can find a lot of significant items while trading with Merchants. Armor, Weapons, Accessories, or Items will be available for you to find.

NPCs, on the other hand, can be as diverse as possible. Coming from different Races, Backgrounds, or even with particular points of view regarding the events unfolding or their own reality. There are a countless amount of NPCs to find in BG3, and they can give you Quests, expand the Lore of the game, or even small activities to perform. 

Finding Powerful Loot on the BG3 Map

Loot is one of the defining aspects of your characters in BG3. Alongside the massive amount of customization available, finding that piece of equipment your Build is missing can go a long way. Learn about the location of all Weapons, Armor, and Accessories such as Rings or Amulets

All Quests and Sidequests in Baldur's Gate 3 Map

One of the most important games in a game like BG3 is Quests. The Main quest, regarding the tadpole and your ceremorphosis, is not the only thing available to players. There is a huge amount of side quests at your disposal, and you can even resolve them in the most imaginative ways possible. This grants BG3 with an unmatched amount of replayability, favoring experimentation 

All Bosses in BG3 Interactive Map

Given the nature of the game, Bosses are also indispensable. They provide a massive challenge for players, putting their skills to the test. Learn about their locations, their weaknesses, tips and tricks on how to fight them, their loot, and even be able to befriend them depending on your choices during the game.

How to use the Baldur's Gate 3 Interactive Map

  • The search bar matches partial words so you can try to put "weapon" or "quest" and see what comes up.
  • You can filter by category using the checkmark layers on the right side of the map.
  • Please see our Walkthrough and Game Progress Route to figure out where to go!
  • VIP USERS: PROGRESS TRACKER: Now live for ALL DEVICES! Click on any item and "mark as complete" to save your progress to your account and view it on ANY of your logged in devices.
  • VIP USERS: Progress Reset, Multiple Character Slots and PERSONAL CHECKLIST now available! Use the links to select slots and reach your checklist. We will add "mark as complete" from the checklist soon.
  • VIP USERS: SIDEBAR REMOVAL. If you're on a laptop or your resolution is under 1500px, the sidebar will disappear. You can also use this feature on a large desktop if you simply make your tab a bit smaller and reload. You can then full screen your tab without sidebar and without having to enter "full screen"
  • VIP USERS: You can put the map FULL SCREEN by clicking the expand screen icon (desktop and android only):



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