Bosses in Baldur's Gate 3 features a lineup of a special, unique, and powerful type of enemy. Bosses are encountered throughout the game, they have increased health, a unique set of attacks, its own behavior, and stats. Usually, bosses are encountered at the end of a chapter of the main campaign, or encountered in various locations or areas that require to be defeated in order to proceed further or to unlock more areas. In this section, players can find different guides and strategies on how to defeat a certain boss, as well as information regarding its location, statistics, rewards, lore, and many more. This page covers a list of all the bosses encountered in the game.

 Given the nature of Baldur's Gate 3, many of the Bosses you encounter are optional and most of the time are determined by the path or decisions you have taken previously. This means that Bosses like Minthara for example, can be faced following certain path and can become an ally if you decide to take the complete opposite direction.

Baldur's Gate 3 Bosses






Act 2




Act 3






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      Is this wiki dead or what? The game is super popular, and yet no useful info whatsoever, beyond the act one

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        Its fast, its skin is invulnerable to blades, attacks with surprise and downs several characters with a single blow. It is in effect a stealthy dragon of death inclusing a breath attack! Its not entirely unkillable, but does require spreading out your characters so as to keep TPKs in a single round from occuring. How to kill something like this??

        It is arguably the single toughest opponent the early access offers. But you can have help. A good deal of help. Like Glut the former myconoid king with meaty hits and speed spores. And animated minotaurs and other such help. With all that including psychic magic missiles (2 wizards can share it) it will still require multiple lethal engagements. As far as i can tell the only place the bullette stays and fights without merely killing half your party and running away is the graveyard.

        Go ahead an animate the bullette too, then animate all the hook horrors... and wiping the myconoid town should be doable. Besides going up against a myconoid sovereign, a bullette and 3 hook hoorors and 2 minotaurs along with animated duergar isnt good for anyones health.

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          Auntie Ethel
          At her weakest in her hut. If you can deliver a hit that makes her afraid, she will be practically defenceless. Redcaps will show up if still alive, but you can probarbly finish the battle in a few rounds anyway with 4 characters plus help pounding away before they show up. Notably the redcaps do not follow into the fireplace. Interestingly being scared keeps her from teleporting away or turning invisible and running away.
          If you instead encounter her in her underground lair along with her mirror selfs, a early magic missile with a single missile on each mirror image gets them to pop out along with their actions every round and the battle again is relatively easy. If you dont care for her loot (set up trade when she is friendly to see what she has!), push her into the central pit by eldritch blast, mele attack or other.

          Note the well outdoors. It strengthens you, but if you turn on her it weakens you. When she is dead it again strengthens, but causes a hangover.
          As with all traders she can be milked of coin that otherwise vanishes before killing her by unloading all kinds of useless stuff like gems and taking the coin. When she dies she carrioes those gems you traded to her.

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