Dror Ragzlin

Location Shattered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests Raid the Grove

Dror Ragzlin is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Dror Ragzlin can be found at Shattered Sanctum. Dror Ragzlin is a red-skinned hobgoblin and acts as the Warlord of the Goblin Camp operation.


Dror Ragzlin Information:

  • When first encounter, Dror Ragzlin is performing a necromantic ritual to speak to a dead Mind Flayer in front of a few goblins.  He tells you they found this Mind Flayer near the crash site of the Nautiloid and you realize is the same Injured Mind Flayer you encountered once you landed on Ravaged Beach.


Where to find Dror Ragzlin

Can be found at:


Dror Ragzlin Quests


Dror Ragzlin Dialogue Options

When first approached, Dror Ragzlin is trying to communicate with a dead mind flayer with little success. He turns to you and recognizes you as a True Soul. He tells you that this is your chance to talk to a dead Mind Flayer. You can:

  • Study the corpse. Was it the mind flayer that tortured you?. Selecting this, Dror Ragzlin tells you that the mind flayer was found near the crash site of the ship and the Absolute wants to know who killed it. You can:
    • Then let the ceremony proceed. Dror Ragzlin successfully performs the ritual and the Mind Flayer stands up. You fear that under questioning, the Mind Flayer may recognize you as its killer.
      • Allow the hobgoblin to speak freely.
      • Attempt a Wisdom check, to dig into Ragzlin's mind and control the interrogation. If you fail, you can't enter Ragzlin's mind and he asks 'who killed you?' to the mind flayer. The creature reveals a vision that is of little use to Dror Ragzlin. 
        • Let the hobgoblin continue the questioning.
        • Attempt another Wisdom check, to take control of the interrogation. If you fail, he continues the interrogation oblivious to your attempts to sway him. The mind flayer shows another vision, this time it reveals your face. The hobgoblin acusses you of not being a True Soul.
          • You can attempt a Persuasion check, telling him that both of you connected and that proves you are a True Soul. Passing the check, convinces Dror Ragzlin that you are a True Soul. Meanwhile, the Mind Flayer's corpse collapses ending the necromantic ritual. The hobgoblin tells you to report to Minthara about joining the attack on the Druid Grove.
          • Thrust yourself into his mind.
          • Drop the ruse and attack.
    • Attack the hobgoblin.
    • Leave, before the mind flayer can identify you.
  • I haven't made a habit of it.
  • What kind of ceremony is this?
  • Settle in to watch the proceedings.
  • Move in for the kill.
  • Turn away from the rite.


Dror Ragzlin Notes and Tips

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      28 Oct 2020 18:16  

      Killing him aggros all goblins in the goblin camp even when killed stealthily. Fix please? This makes killing the other two leaders stealthily pointless since the quest will end in combat no matter what you do.

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