True Soul Gut

Location Shattered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests Removing the parasite

True Soul Gut is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. True Soul Gut can be found at Shattered Sanctum. True Soul Gut is an old goblin woman and the high priestess of The Absolute.


True Soul Gut Information:


Where to find True Soul Gut

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True Soul Gut Quests


True Soul Gut Dialogue Options

When first approached True Soul Gut notices you have something special about you and demands to mark your flesh with the sign of The Absolute.

  • Ask her why you should let her brand you.
  • Tell her you assume said mark has a purpose. She tells you that it shows your devotion to The Absolute. you can:
    • Hold out your hand.
    • Decided to not do it. She says that maybe you don't need it and you realize she has a tadpole too. You can:
      • Push deeper into her mind. Doing so, True Soul Gut tells you she also has seen into your mind and offers her help.
        • Ask her if she can fix what's causing the shadows she has seen on your mind.
        • Ask her if she can help with the creature inside your head. She asks to take a closer look because it's the first time she sees something like this.
          • Tell her you are pretty sure she's also infected. She denies that, saying that you are the one who is sick. She suggests you that you follow her to her chapel.
          • Let her do what she can.
          • Tell her you'll never see anything like it again and threaten her.
          • Leave.
        • Ask for any help, claiming you need a healer.
        • Leave.
      • Sever the connection.
  • Tell her you won't let her burn you for life on a whim.
  • Tell her you are here to spill her guts across the floor.

 After following True Soul Gut to her chapel, she tells you if you are ready.

  • Yes. I'm ready.
  • What exactly are you going to do?. After choosing this option, True Soul Gut tells that she'd do whatever The Absolute tells her. Regardless, she tells you not to worry and asks the rest of your party to leave. True Soul Gut attempts to intrude your mind.
    • Seal your mind against the intrusion.
    • Allow her to rummage through your memories. She sees the memory of the tadpole being introduced through your eye. She then tells you need to remove ir urgently. You can tell her the following:
      • Then get it out of me.
        • I'm Ready. She gives you a potion and ask you to drink it. You do it and fall unconscious.
          • Drink the potion.
          • I'm not drinking that.
          • What's the potion for?
          • I don't think so. You are finished.
        • Give me a little time to prepare.
        • What exactly does your plan involve?. Tells you to trust The Absolute.
      • I still have my senses. I'll find another way to deal with it.
      • One of those things is inside you too, you know.
    • Attack her.
  • Leave.

After falling unconscious you appear chained in a dungeon. True Soul Gut demands to know about the tadpole.

  • I was abducted...a mind flayer infected me with this thing. She tells you she knows this part because she has seen it in your memories.
    • Then stop this! Heal me.
    • No, I'm not going to let that happen.
    • You're infected. The same thing will happen to you. She denies it and The Absolute protects her.
    • You won't live to see it, trust me.
  • You're out of luck. I don't know any more about it than you do.
  • I'll make you pay for this, goblin.


True Soul Gut Notes and Tips

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