True Soul of the Absolute

Location Shattered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests Raid the Grove

Minthara is an NPC and potential Boss in Baldur's Gate 3Minthara can be found at Shattered SanctumMinthara is a ruthless Drow that is preparing an assault on Druid Grove. Bosses in BG3 are powerful enemies that have increased health and pose a bigger challenge for players.


Where to Find Minthara


Minthara Quests


Minthara Dialogue Options

You find Minthara at the Shattered Sanctum, discussing with a Goblin about what measures take in order to find the Druid Grove. When you interact with her, she immediately recognizes you as a True Soul. 

If you already met Torturer Spike and successfully tortured the prisoner, you can tell her where the Druid Grove is, or if you have already been there, tell her yourself.

If you tell her the location of the Druid Grove, once there, you can decide to betray her and defend the Grove alongside Zevlor and the Tieflings, or betray Zevlor and help Minthara and the goblin army to raze the Druid Grove.

Minthara Boss Fight Guide

Minthara Boss Tips

Minthara can be fought either inside Shatttered Sanctum, or at the Druid Grove. Note that the fight at the Druid Grove, Minthara brings along a powerful army to enter the grove.

Minthara General Information

race_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideRace: Lloth-Sworn Drow
hp_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideHealth: 57
armorp_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideAC: 15
movement_speed_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideBase speed: 9m
size_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideSize: Medium
weight_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideWeight: 50kg

Minthara Passive Features

Xyanyde's Fire:

  • Chance to encase its target in a sinister Faerie Fire, granting advantage on Attack Rolls against the target.

attack_of_opportunity_reaction_bg3_wiki_guide_45pxAttack of Opportunity:

  • Automatically attack an enemy moving out of your reach. This uses a Reaction. 

Fey Ancestry:

  • The Feywild casts a veil over your mind. You have advantage on saving throws against being Charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.

Sunlight Sensitivity:

  • While in sunlight, this creature has disadvantage on Attack Rolls and Perception checks that rely on sight.


Minthara Abilities

strength_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxStrength: 15
dexterity_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxDexterity: 12
constitution_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxConstitution: 15
intelligence_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxIntelligence: 12
wisdom_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxWisdom: 18
charisma_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxCharisma: 16

  • Proficiency Bonus: +3
  • Initiative: +6

Attacks & Spells


Experience: 50 Xp.





  • Upon entering the Shattered Sanctum without initiating combat (friendly terms with the Goblins), you can choose to speak to Minthara and agree to join her hunt (Attack Druid Grove).
  • Back at the Druids Grove gain Minthara's trust by betraying the Tieflings (Betray Zevlor) during the ensuing confrontation. Opening the gate for Minthara's hunting party (Blow the warhorn - Betray Zevlor) will lead to a battle with the grove's inhabitants. After slaying every Tiefling and wiping out the druids, return to Minthara.
  • Minthara will offer to join you at your camp. End the day to camp and speak to Minthara. She will join you once you head to your bed.
    • During the following cutscene you have to choose to:
      - Search for her desires: this will result in the possibility to persuade [Persuasion 8]her in the following conversation.
      - [Wisdom Check 16]: Search her fears: this will result in having to intimidate her [Intimidation 16] or initiate combat
               - failing to persuade / intimidate her will result in being attacked by her inside your camp.

      In order to gain her trust and keep her approval it is advised not to search through her fears in order to gain access to the overland route to the moonrise towers without being affected by the "curse".



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Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips go here
  • Following her questline and gaining her loyalty will enable the player to traverse the overland route to moonrise towers without being affected by the curse.



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