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Noble is a Background in Baldur's Gate 3. Backgrounds are special traits or expertises that affect the starting Proficiencies the player has and also add two bonus background features. Backgrounds may also decide how your character be treated by certain NPCs, and how can they handle certain situations.


Noble Information

  • You were raised in a family among the social elite, accustomed to power and privilege. Accumulating renown, power, and loyalty will raise your status.


Noble Proficiencies


Noble Background Features.


Acolyte Background Goals

When a character performs an action that's true to their Background, they will be Inspired. Earning +1 Inspiration Point and +25 Exp. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Not only your character can become Inspired, but also your Companions.

You may hold up to 4 Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.


Chaper One
Chapter Two


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Protector of the Duke

Rescue Counsellor Florrick from the burning in



Lest Ye Be Judged

Learn Astarion's history as a magistrate



Noblesse Oblige

Dismiss a Companion for interrupting a conversation



Soul for Sale

Acquire a Soul Coin for your personal collection


Blueblood Solidarity

Learn Wyll's family history



Bodyguards for Hire

Recruit the ogres to protect you



Eldritch Authotiry

Become a True Soul



Fine By Me

Use your wealth to bribe a guard


Dragon's Horde

Have at least 2000 gold among the party



A Man of Many Talents

Expand your retinue by bringing Volo to camp



Penchant for Diplomacy

Reach a High level of approval with a Companion





Noble Tips & Notes

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Acolyte  ♦  Charlatan  ♦  Criminal  ♦  Entertainer  ♦  Folk Hero  ♦  Guild Artisan  ♦  Hermit  ♦  Outlander  ♦  Sage  ♦  Sailor  ♦  Soldier  ♦  Urchin

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