Raid the Grove

Type Quest
Chapter 1
Location Defiled Temple

Raid the Grove is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Raid the Grove can be acquired during Chapter XX. Completing  Raid the Grove will progress the story forward.


Raid the Grove Objectives

  • Raid the Druid Grove with goblins


Raid the Grove Walkthrough

  • You can get this quest by siding with goblins.
  • Talk to Minthara, and reveal the location of Druid Grove. (Even if you reveal the Grove's location, you can still side with Tierflings and defeat her.)
  • You can start a civil war in Druid Grove by stealing the Sacred Idol. (Quest Steal the Sacred Idol). 
  • Once you clear the grove, report to Minthara.
  • In the celebration afterwards, you caninvite Minthara to spend a night with you.


 How to unlock Raid the Grove


Raid the Grove Rewards

  • Rewards


Raid the Grove Notes & Tips

  • It is possible to backstab Minthara and the goblin horde, you can place some oil barrels and explosives outside the Grove gate. And Once the goblins arrived, set fire on those explosives, it can wipe out the entire army with one shot.




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    • Anonymous

      Also the quest breaks if you killed zevlor (or probably any other npc that participates in the scene at the gates) beforehand. There is a lot of broken paths like this in the game, i do hope Larian is gonna fix them before release.

      • Anonymous

        Minthara keeps teling me there are more to kill, but the quest log tells me I killed everyone and I'm done. The quest seems to be broken but I don't know at which point it went wrong.

        • Anonymous

          After siding with the goblins breaks the dialog with your group. They told me they were impressed by how many goblins I killed instead saying anything about killing all the tieflings.

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