Hunt the Devil

Type Quest
Act 1
Location The Risen Road
Reward 200xp or 75 xp

Hunt the Devil is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Hunt the Devil can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Hunt the Devil will progress the story forward.


Hunt the Devil Objectives

  • Kill Karlach's Hunters
  • (Optional) Kill Karlach
  • (Optional) Kill Anders


Hunt the Devil Walkthrough

Travel towards the Southeast until you discover a Toll Collector's Key Item on the ground at (X:98 Y:523). After obtaining the item, proceed towards the North West until you reach a fresh waypoint. From there, turn left to encounter a small village with lifeless bodies. Inside a house, you'll meet a person named Anders. Have a conversation with him and select the subsequent choices:

  1. Who - or what - attacked you?
  2. What is this place?
  3. Rest easy. I'll only stay a short time.

impostor paladins bg3 wiki guide min

After choosing the first option, Anders will tell you about the attack, and more dialogue options will appear:

  1. Where is this devil?
  2. It isn't like a devil to use their brawn instead of their brains.
  3. Let me help. I can hunt down this monster.
  4. I wish you and yours well, but I must be on my way soon.
  5. Now that she softened you up, I'll finish you off.

Select the second option, and Anders will agree with you. Then, choose the first option again, and he will give you the location of the Monster. He'll also reward you with the Sword of Justice if you defeat the Monster, but you can choose to reject the mission. The dialogue options for this are:

  1. Very Well, I'll bring you her head.
  2. I'll think about it.
  3. I have other things to deal with.
  4. The only head that will roll is yours.

This will activate another quest called "Hunt the Devil." Proceed to the next room and talk to Cyrel, selecting the first three options to trade with her. Outside the room, speak to Trynn, who will mention a cellar. Choose the second option to inquire about it, and Trynn will explain that it used to be a Tollhouse and there might be gold inside. Ask her about Tollhouses, and she'll mention a locked door in the cellar that no one has been able to open yet.

Once you've spoken to all the NPCs, head Southeast down the river until you reach (X:114 Y:507). There, you'll meet Karlach, the devil you need to hunt down, as the Paladins warned you about. This will update the "Hunt the Devil" quest. Speak with Karlach and choose from the following options:

  1. Are you all right?
  2. Devil! Face Me!
  3. Try to Douse the flames.
  4. She looks dangerous - watch her carefully
  5. These are no natural flames - prepare to fight.
  6. I know you - you're the monster the blade of frontiers is hunting.

karlach first sighting bg3 wiki guide min

Select the first option, and she'll mention that she's okay. Karlach will recognize you and ask about the Paladins of Tyr. Choose the first option to inquire about how she controlled the flames. As Karlach talks, you'll both experience a vision. Select the first option to explain that the tadpole in your heads connects you. Karlach will briefly comment on the visions and introduce herself. Reply with:

  1. I'm (name)
  2. Karlach. I met someone named Wyll who was hunting you. He said you were a devil.
  3. I'm your key to curing that tadpole - eventually.
  4. I'm not interested in making friends.
  5. Here to take your head.

Choose the second option, and she'll reason with you that Wyll was wrong about her. She wants to prove it and reveals how she excelled at slaying demons during the Blood War. Karlach also explains that a group of evil beings is posing as Paladins of Tyr, and she wants to take them down. Choose the following:

  1. Let's send them back to where they came from.
  2. So you want me to kill the people hunting you?
  3. Why should I do your dirty work?
  4. I'm here to kill you, not send you back to Zariel.
  5. I have my own problems. I don't need yours.

Select the second option, and Karlach will reassure you that she'll lead, but she needs your help. Astarion will sarcastically agree. Respond to Karlach with:

  1. Let's do it.
  2. Why should I do your dirty work?
  3. I don't think so - you'll have to go it alone.

You can ask why she wants you to do the dirty work, but eventually, just select option 1. After this interaction, three new journal entries will be available, and a new quest called "Our Old Fiery Friend" will trigger, while "The Blade of Frontiers" and "Hunt the Devil" quests will update.

talk with karlach bg3 wiki guide min

You can have another conversation with Karlach before you set out to find the Paladin impostors. Karlach will mention that she can use a Soul coin. You can choose from these dialogue options as a response:

  1. Do you have a coin slot in your heart or something?
  2. Soul Coins hold people's souls. Maybe it's not safe for you to use them.
  3. Let's see. Try using one now.

She'll suggest waiting until you face another enemy if you want to see what happens with a Soul coin. You can reply with these dialogue options:

  1. Interesting. We'll make sure you get one in the next battle.
  2. Use a coin now - I want to see it in action.
  3. I'm not sure about this. A Soul coin belongs to whoever's soul made it.

Karlach will be intrigued, and you'll gain approval from her. Now head North East until you reach the house where you spotted the paladins (X:95 Y:558). Inside, talk to Anders, who will be surprised that you brought Karlach. After some words exchanged between Anders and Karlach, you'll need to choose from these dialogue options:

  1. Convince me you're not who she says.
  2. Karlach, these people don't seem dangerous.
  3. Drop the act. You're servants of Zariel.
  4. [Insight] Check his posture, his eyes - is he honest?
  5. [Detect Thoughts] Probe his mind.

confronting the wannabe paladins bg3 wiki guide min

Pick the third option, and Anders will be shocked, clarifying that they serve Tyr. He'll explain that they mistook Karlach for a devil due to her flames, as they were sent to kill a devil. He'll offer to leave you in peace if you leave them in peace. Choose from these dialogue options:

  1. Enough pretending. I know your real purpose.
  2. Karlach, stand down, or I'll step in.
  3. Let them be.

Select the first option, and Anders will admit to the pretense. He'll threaten Karlach, and she'll become angry. This triggers a battle between your companions, Karlach, and the pretend paladins. After defeating them, converse with Karlach. She'll still be frustrated and express her determination to avoid Zariel. Respond with these options:

  1. Calm down, Karlach. Your flames are intense.
  2. Zariel won't get to you again. We'll ensure that.
  3. Take your anger out on this place.

Choose the second option, and Karlach's response will be unusual. This completes the "Hunt the Devil" quest, which updates in your journal. The "Our Fiery Friend" quest will also update, as Karlach joins you in searching for a cure in the "Find a Cure" quest.


How to unlock Hunt the Devil


Hunt the Devil Rewards

  • Rewards


Hunt the Devil Notes & Tips

  • Killing Anders alone is not sufficient to side with Karlach. All 4 members of Anders' party need to be killed for her side of the quest to continue.
  • If Karlach is already in your party before you get to the toll house, you can leave her outside and go in without her to use their vendor and sell all of the stuff you want to get rid of. Alternatively, you can then attempt to pickpocket the vendor. (Then go in with a full party and wipe them out.)
  • You found a wounded Tiefling at The Risen Road, you agree to help her deal with the hunters. (Persuasion check needed)
  • hunt the devil key bg3 wiki guide
    The key to Toll house basement can be found near Karlach, below the dead toll collector.
  • The hunters mentioned by Karlach appears to be a group of Tyr's paladins, you can find them in the toll house on the north. If you cast the Speak with Dead spell on the dead or choose special dialogue option for cleric of Tyr, you will learn that they are actually servants of Zariel.
  • Kill Anders and report to Karlach. (You may place your character on high grounds and use sneak attacks to gain some advantage. Anders has a Rare Two-handed sword on him. Side with Karlach gives you 200xp, if you side with Hunters you get 75xp with no additional loot)
  • In the basement of Tollhouse, you found the body of a dead tax-collector, along with traps and valuables. Place some object on the vents or disarm these traps, and let two of your teammates to sit on the stone chairs will unlock the hidden room. You can find a +1 Greataxe inside.
  • Karlach warns you that Zariel, the Archduchess of Avernus will send more hunters for you.
  • NOTE: If you try and recruit Karlach after the attack on the Grove, and if you side with the goblins, she will not be recruitable regardless of what you say to the fake paladins.


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    • Anonymous

      Quest is heavily tilted towards helping Karlach (and for good reason), but I wonder what Mizora does for Wyll if we actually kill her.

      • Anonymous

        I killed Anders before talking to him and I can't progress the quest, and moreover there was only 2 people including Anders in the tavern. Exploring everything in the tavern does nothing, I can't speak with dead neither of the dead guys

        • Anonymous

          If you've turned on the Druid's Grove and killed all tieflings and druids you cannot befriend Karlach anymore, even if you persuade/intimidate her and/or kill the imposing knights

          • Anonymous

            The Quest can be somewhat bugged.
            If you just kill Anders, or kill him as his goons before finding Karlach, you cannot complete this quest anymore.

            When ending Act1 Karlach will then leave you.

            • Anonymous

              There is another way to learn who is good, Karlach has a knockout passive active, if she's so bad why would she have it on? xD

              • Anonymous

                I may have missed it int the dialogue banter but who actually killed the people in the caravan, Karlach or Anders' Devil? Since there are 2 possible female devils here I'm getting confused on who's actually done the crime.

                • Anonymous

                  Btw, using the Disarming Attack of Lae’zel you can make Anders drop the sword, which you can pick during battle. And surprise surprise, once he’s dead you can loot Again the sword from his body. Two rare swords of justice. I’m actually surprised it worked.

                  • Anonymous

                    using speak with dead on a refugee corpse reveals that the paladins are actually posing, and are in fact servants of zariel

                    • Anonymous

                      kinda weird you couldnt confront karlach about the claims anders made. an insight check should exist. (and karlach has 2, horns not 1)

                      • So basically kill the hunters for 200 exp + loot (including rare sword that you can give to Gale) and report to Karlach for 75 more exp. Alternatively, kill Karlach (note that killing her grants no exp and she doesn't really have any loot) and bring her head to Anders for 75 exp and that same sword. That's it, I think.

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