Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers

Type Quest
Chapter Act I
Location Grymforge
Reward ???

Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers can be acquired during Act I. Completing  Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers will progress the story forward.


Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers Objectives

  • We free the deep gnomes in Grymforge, but more of their kin were taken to Moonrise Towers - including their leader Wulbren. We need to find and rescue them.


Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers Walkthrough

  • ???


 How to unlock Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers


Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers Rewards

  • ???


Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      This prison break quest line have mind of it own. Here's how I did it:
      I start to talking to to Tiefiling's, then the Gnome's, Gnome's have plan you see: Bust through wall with blunt weapon (you can choose which one you give em, well.. THROW at em.) and while they are at it you need to distract or keep guard busy (busy as fight with em) while they escape.
      How I started was I made Shadowheart a Bard and went to where Zeolot Navi is (west corner of map) and waited patrolling guard Adept Keris come to there.
      Then I started playing sick tunes, now that Keris is distracted, then I started hunting down two patroling Scrying Eye's with our dandy Rogue Astarion, when they were out of picture our plan begin:
      Speak to the gnome and he start to hammer down wall, then they move to Tieflings cage (However... Some odd reason they just stand there... Lazy a****les) so I needed to give em helping hand:
      By blowing the wall down with my Magic Missiles (but this was not nearly enough) so I went west corner (place where Shadowheart is playing her serenade) and used "Flight" spell on Karlach our lovable foulmouthed barbarian to get up and navigated to location where gnomes are SUPPOSE to free Tieflings, and start hammering down wall.
      Then AI decided to work and they flee to boat and start striking chains down (this is going to take awhile) when they are done,
      you have options to go with em or just let em go and go back to where Shadowheart playing her tunes.
      I stop to playing ofc and guards then return to their routine. Soon they see that prisoners have been escaped and try to chase after em (Poor fools can't catch em now! :D)

      (Do not go inside cages, this will engage combat if they see you.)
      But this most pacifistic way to do this guest. (Except those Scrying Eyes But hey! Who cares about em am I right? **Posted this same "Guide" at Tieflings section too**)

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