Save the Goblin Sazza

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Druid Grove
Reward Assassin's Touch

Save the Goblin Sazza is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Save the Goblin Sazza can be acquired during ACT 1. Completing  Save the Goblin Sazza will progress the story forward.


Save the Goblin Sazza Objectives

  • Free Sazza
  • Escort Sazza out of Grove
  • Reach the Goblin camp


Save the Goblin Sazza Walkthrough

  • Stop the Tiefling Arka from killing Sazza at the makeshift prison of Druid Grove. (Persuasion or Intimidation checks) Allowing Arka to kill the caged goblin Sazza will break the paladin's oath of devotion.
  • Talk to Sazza, and learn the information of a Priestess. Sazza agrees to lead you to that priestess if you managed to free her from the prison.
  • Now you need to escort Sazza out of Grove.
  • druid grove2 bg3 wiki guide
    Near the makeshift prison, there's a platform you can jump on. Succeed in perception check will reveal a hidden door, which leads to Underground Passage. This passage can take you to the forest, the safest way to leave Grove without been caught.
  • The goblin camp is at the north of Blighted Villiage, inside the Shattered Sanctum you will meet the leaders of the goblin camp. The priestess agrees to help, if you manage to open the gate of Grove and help her slaughter the refugees.


 How to unlock Save the Goblin Sazza

  • Quest Giver / Location


Save the Goblin Sazza Rewards


Save the Goblin Sazza Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      She dies in the cage if you prevent Arkka from killing her but leave her in the cage then kill the goblin leaders

      • Anonymous

        disclaimer: this is second hand knowledge, imparted to me by a goblin-loving friend

        if you bring Sazza before the Cleric (haven't tried the Warlord) of the Absolute inside the Shattered Sanctum, Sazza will insert herself into the conversation and try to throw you under the bus. She offers to lead the goblins to the grove (since she's been there, as has the PC as she reveals) and suggests to kill the PC ("poke this one full of holes").
        The Cleric at least will have none of this since they recognize you as a true soul and condemns Sazza to death. You have the option to intercede on her behalf (persuasion check). Sazza is not grateful if she is saved.
        After she is dealt with in one way or another, the Cleric turns to you and you have two options:
        -don't give up the Grove, this leads to a fight against the Cleric and nearby goblins
        -there might be another option which my goblin-loving friend has failed to mention
        -give up the Grove, this essentially locks you into betraying the Tieflings and Druids. The next time you enter the grove, the Cleric spawns outside at the head of an army that is friendly towards the PC and the Tieflings immediately recognize your betrayal, Zevlor shows up, berates you a little and then starts a fight. The goblin army does NOT assist you against the Tieflings at the time of this posting (contrary to the dialogue, simply entering the grove is enough, no need to open the gate manually)

        tl;dr taking Sazza all the way locks you into the "most evil" resolution to the refugee crisis and destroys the grove unless you are prepared to fight the goblin leaders before agreeing to the raid

        • It helps if you deal with the goblin scouting party ahead of time, but I show you how to disarm the trap andthat you can just kill them the search aprty becasue they want to kill Sazza. Here is how to rescue sazza:

          • Anonymous

            after saving her and talking to the camp leader i hit a wall where you cant talk to the goblin to finish the quest, is that a bug?

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