Rescue the Trapped Man

Type Quest
Act 1
Location The Risen Road
Reward 20 exp

Rescue the Trapped Man is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Rescue the Trapped Man can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Rescue the Trapped Man will progress the story forward.


Rescue the Trapped Man Objectives

  • Free the Trapped Man
  • Get Benryn to safety
  • Find Miri
  • Tell Benryn where Miri is
  • Find the dowry


Rescue the Trapped Man Walkthrough

  • First, you need to rescue Benryn from the burning inn. You can use melee attacks to break doors, and jump to safety. (If he's hurt, cast some heal spells on him)
  • Talk to Benryn after he is safe, agree to help him find Miri.
  • trapped man bg3 wiki guide
    (Miri is in the bottom left building of the inn. You can jump inside from the window, Miri's body is at second floor)
  • Cast Speak with Dead spell on Miri and learn what happened. She will ask you to find her sister's dowry.
  • trapped man2 bg3 wiki guide
    The dowry ring is hidden in the barn.
  • Return to Benryn. (In early access, to make him believe Miri is really dead, you may need to throw her body right in front of him.)
    trapped man3 bg3 wiki guide


 How to unlock Rescue the Trapped Man

  • Benryn


Rescue the Trapped Man Rewards

  • Rewards


Rescue the Trapped Man Notes & Tips

  • waukeens rest treasure bg3 wiki guide
    Outside Waukeen's rest, there's another hidden treasure.
  • Astarion disapproves if you give the guy the dowry
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    • Anonymous

      I pulled the wooden beam off of Benryn and then told him to follow me (outside). He follows me out the door to the next hallway and then won't move any further. There is a clear path to the next room and door the stairs and out the front door with little to no chance of him getting burned. Very little fire this way and yet he will not follow me out no matter what I do. I think it's bugged.

      • Anonymous

        You are here probably because you are stuck with him saying; "Please it cant be true"
        To sort the problem, just go near Miri's corpse, right click on it and throw it where Benryn can see it.
        (You need adequate strength to do so, Lae'zel's 17 str will do the trick, Shadowheart's 14 str wasn't enough)

        - You can cast "Speak of the Dead" on Miri beforehand (if you don't have the spell there should be an amulet you find before that casts it), to learn about the dowry, which can be found on the Barn behind the inn inside some hay (needs Perception check)

        • Anonymous

          If you don't have speak with dead, you can callously throw her body out of the building so that Benryn can see it. I laughed, not going to lie.

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