Rescue Volo

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Goblin Camp
Reward __reward__

Rescue Volo is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Rescue Volo can be acquired during chapter 1. Completing  Rescue Volo will progress the story forward.


Rescue Volo Objectives

  • Rescue Volo


Rescue Volo Walkthrough

  • When you entered the goblin camp, you will see Volo was taken prisoner by the goblins and forced to perform.
  • rescue_volo-bg3-wiki-guide
    Volo can be found in Shattered Sanctum, you can use the psionic power the convince the goblin to release him. Or pass the deception (10)/intimidation check to do so.
  • You can meet Volo in the Camp after you saved him.
  • If you let him examine you, he'll confirm that there is indeed a parasite in your head. Volo will ask for some time to refresh his memory and then work on the parasite the following day. The next time you return to Volo after sleeping at the camp, he'll be prepared to try and remove the parasite. If you really let Volo try his method, he will knock out one of your eyes and give you a permanent debuff.


 How to unlock Rescue Volo

  • Quest Giver / Location


Rescue Volo Rewards

  • Rewards


Rescue Volo Notes & Tips

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