The Adamantine Forge

Type Quest
Chapter One
Location Grymforge
Reward __reward__

The Adamantine Forge is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. The Adamantine Forge can be acquired during Chapter One. Completing  The Adamantine Forge will progress the story forward.


The Adamantine Forge Objectives

  • Find the Adamantine Forge. The Duergar are looking for an adamantine forge hidden in Grymforge. We should find it first.
  • Clear the rubble. We found a passage buried in rubble that leads to the adamantine forge. We should clear it.
  • Activate the Adamantine Forge: We found the Adamantine Forge. Now we need to figure out how to activate it.
  • Defeat the Forge Protector: The protector of the forge appeared. We need to defeat it.
  • Pick up the Forged Item: The protector has been defeated. Time to enjoy the fruits of out labour.


The Adamantine Forge Walkthrough

After finding the Rubble at X: -672 Y: 443, you may talk to the Duergar and convince them to tell you what they are looking for. They will reveal that they are looking for the Adamantine Forge, which will unlock this quest, but you have to clear the Rubble to go on.


Clear the Rubble

During the Free True Soul Nere quest you will have to also clear another path to free Nere which is also blocked by stone debris. You will have to make your way until you find Philomeen (X: -527 Y: 464), you will have to convince her not to blow everyone up. You can then convince her to give you a Runepowder Vial, or you can confront her and defeat her to also collect the entire Runepowder Barrel.

Go back to the Rubble, throw the Vial on the Rubble and ignite it from a distance. This will open the path for your party on your quest to find the Adamantine Forge.

As soon as you pass through the cleared rubble, you will find some Adamantine Slag while looting the area.


Reach the Adamantine Forge

You must reach the upper area, cross the hanging bridges above pulling the levers. If one of your characters has the ability to teleport far enough, you may use that character to pull the levers. This character will be able to cross to the next area with this ability. The path may seem complicated, but there aren't any wrong ways, your characters should be able to gather again before the next battle. On your way to the forge, you should be on the look out for Moulds, they are easily noticeable when they are laying on the ground, but you should also loot every skeletons. There will be surprise attacks, so it is recommended to save your game and be prepared. The Forge can be found at [X: -569 Y: 252].


Activate The Adamantine Forge

Follow the instructions of how to use the Forge down below.


Defeat the Forge Protector

The Grym will become present at the moment you pull the Lava Valve. The Grym has resistances and immunities to almost every type of damage except Bludgeoning (And can only be damaged when superheated). The best strategy to defeat the Grym, is to use the Forge itself: one of your characters (or two in case you don't want to wait many turns) should be positioned next to the lever that hammers the crucible when pulled. And the rest of your crew should work as bait, specially the one party member that pulls the lava valve, to make the Grym walk into the center, once the Grym is there, pull the lever and hammer them down. 


 How to unlock The Adamantine Forge

  • You will find a group of mad Duergar around Grymforge (X: -669 Y: 443), one of them, called Herdmaster Skarjall, will rudely ask you to cane the beasts to clear the path. If you convince him to tell you what are they looking for, he will tell you that they found Adamantine which cannot be mined, it's made, so they are trying to find the Adamantine Forge. This will unlock the quest.
  • You can earn this quest even before setting foot on Grymforge. There are three drows that were seeking the forge. When you complete Protect the Myconid Circle, Spaw will let you enter a secret part of the circle, in which you can interact with a dead drow. If you cast Speak With Dead on his body, you can learn about this quest. The second one, can be found near the Sussur tree, among a group of Hook Horrors, and the third one, can be found petrified, where you fight the Spectator, near the fort entrance to the Underdark.


How to use the Forge to create Items

The Adamantine Forge can move between two different levels: High Level and Low Level. You'll need to move the Forge into the Lower level to be able to pour magma. To do so, place a mould into the chamber and a Mithral Ore into the Crucible. Interact with the Forge Lever and the anvil will hit, taking the Forge to the lower leve. Once you are in the lower level follow these steps to forge an item

  1. Interact with the Crucible and insert a Mithral Ore. This will allow you to use the Forge Lever to lower the Forge and start crafting. The Mithral Ore will be consumed when the process is complete.
  2. Interact with the Mould Chamber, and insert one of the Moulds you have: Scimitar MouldShield MouldMace MouldSplint MouldLongsword Mould, and Scale Mail Mould. The mold won't be consumed when you craft the item. You can extract the mold by interacting with the lever located next to the Mould Chamber, this will allow you insert a new mold.
  3. Pull the Lava Valve. This will cause the Forge to be surrounded by lava. Evade at all costs being caught up by the lava. Try to position your characters on the big surrounding circles to avoid suffering an immense amount of damage. Also notice that the first time you do this, you will summon a Construct called Grym
  4. Pull the Forge Lever, this will make a giant column to impact the mould chamber, forging the item you have put into the Mould Chamber in the process.
  5. Once the item is created, use the button located next to the Forge Lever, this will take the Forge back to the High Level area.
  6. You can repeat the process from step 1 by inserting a new Mithral Ore. Remember to swap the Mould if you want to create a different Item.
  7. See Forged Items for more information.


The Adamantine Forge Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Hoping they throw in sneaky one with the Forge, the amount of Mithril might increase when EA is over.
      But in the Lava Pools you Is an Adamantine Chest, would be cool if you could put it into the forge and get another Adamantine Weapon/Armor.

      • Anonymous

        Can someone explain why u put in mithral ore to make adamantine armour. Then what the adamantine ore is used for?

        Is this just an EA thing?

        • Anonymous

          Open the box, open inventory, place mound in box, the forge has a door that’s the circle in the center, once items are loaded in pull the level to the upper right lowering the forge . Once lowered turn the wheel causing lava to heat it up, then pull the lever smashing the circle, the craft will then open and you can get the item. After you defeat the protector this process can be repeated if you have mithril ores. I’ve only found two and crafted scale and splint which are both armors. I hope there is an ore for each mold

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