Rescue the gnome

Type Quest
Chapter Chapter One
Location Blighted Village
Reward 50 exp

Rescue the gnome is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Rescue the gnome can be acquired during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Rescue the gnome will progress the story forward.


Rescue the gnome Objectives

  • We spotted a deep gnome tied to the blades of a windmill. He's being tormented by a group of goblins.
  • The goblins attacked us.
  • We've defeated the goblins. If we want to help the gnome, we'll have to stop the windmill.
  • Now that that the windmill has stopped spinning, we should be able to untie the gnome.
  • After rescuing Barcus Wroot, we parted ways with him. I


Rescue the gnome Walkthrough

  • At the windmill of Blighted Village, there is a deep gnome tied to the blades of a windmill. He's being tormented by a group of goblins.
  • You can defeat the Goblins by force (carefully place your characters on the roof helps a lot. If you focused on goblin leader, after severally injured him, he will surrender and flee.), or persuade them to leave. (Persuasion checks, Or you can use the tadpole)
  • rescue_the_gnome-bg3-wiki-guide
    (Pull the brake lever to stop the windmill, release means throw him away in goblin language.)
  • Talk to the gnome and learn why is he here. (There's a hatch door on the opposite side of the entrance into the windmill that has his backpack on one of the crates.)
  • If managed to save Barcus Wroot, you will later meet him again at the Grymforge, in the quest Save the Grymforge Gnomes.


 How to unlock Rescue the gnome


Rescue the gnome Rewards

  • 50 exp


Rescue the gnome Notes & Tips

  • Note: You can cast Feather Fall on him, but unfortunately it won't have an effect if you choose to release brakes.
  • There's explosive in gnome's backpack, you can use it in combat, or keep it for Find the Explosives.



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    • Anonymous

      You don't actually have to fight this whole group. If you focus attack only the Goblin Boss, he will surrender. I didn't kill any of them.

      • i took me a while but im proud of way to made this fight a lot easier bye using the skills and smarts lol-- i went over to stone wall to right of the wind mill and one character at i time i waiting for npcs warg to turn around and jumped over the wall and sneaked behind the wind mill ..i repeated this one character at time once ii had all 4 toons there i got them one at time to top of it -then trigger fight they never had a chance -- they could not get to me and often missed nearly every time where as i had the advantage and shot them down with ranged one toon ata time towards the end i had to come down because the npcs that where not ranged started to come to me in back of the wind will bye then there where only 2 left. they died badly lol -- and i did this with out the ogres help ..that's the other best way to deal with them but i choose to save them for later also to kill them and get my gold back that that intel circlet the leader had on him . this take longer but ist smart and safer :)

        • Anonymous

          When you stop the windmill to get him down, you can either:
          1. "release brakes" which will increase windmill speed and throw the gnome into the village where you can loot his corpse for a compass and journal labeled as quest items. No idea what they're for, though.
          2. "pull brake lever" which will stop the windmill and you can talk to him. He's kind of a douche. he assumes you're going to want to extort him since you rescued him.

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