Finish the Masterwork weapon

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Blighted Village
Reward One Rare Weapon

Finish the Masterwork weapon is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Finish the Masterwork weapon can be acquired during Act 1. 


Finish the Masterwork weapon Objectives

  • Find the blueprints for the masterwork weapons.
  • Locate a source of Sussur Bark.
  • Forge a masterwork weapon.


Finish the Masterwork weapon Walkthrough

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    In one of the house, pick up and read Highcliff's Journal to acquire the quest Finish the Masterwork weapon.

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    The blueprint can be found in a chest in the basement.
  • finish_the_masterwork_weapon3-bg3-wiki-guide-min
    The Sussur tree bark can be found at Underdark.
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    Use the furnace to create a weapon of your choosing. You need to use common weapons (only 1d4 sickle can be added, the 2d4 ones you got from Red Caps won't do.) as ingredients. (Rewards:  Sussur Dagger, Sussur Sickle, or Sussur Greatsword)
  • To start the furnace you must first click on the furnace to light it, then on the bellows to strengthen the flame. After that you need to combine the sussur bark with the furnace; then combine the furnace with your weapon of choice as the final step.
  • Note: you can find a sickle at Druid Grove, near an enchanting druid. However, the 2d4 sickle dropped by Red Hats won't do it. (in early access)


 How to unlock Finish the Masterwork weapon

  • Highcliff's Journal


Finish the Masterwork weapon Rewards

One rare weapon from the following:


Finish the Masterwork weapon Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here




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    • It does not appear to mention it on the weapon itself (although I believe one of the ingame notes may have mentioned it) but in addition to the +1 magical enchantment it apparently also has a chance to silence your opponent on hit! I made the Sussur Greatsword and gave it to Lae'zel. During combat I saw "Silenced" pop up after she hit her opponent.

      Not too shabby; a magical +1 weapon that can silence opponents on hit. Sounds like these weapons could be great against enemy spellcasters. :D

      • Anonymous

        I got the quest from the blueprints, got the sussur bark and trying the greatsword but the combination fails every time. I even went and read highcliffe's journal

        • Anonymous

          It does not update for me either, I put the bark in the stove, then I try to insert the sickle and it does not want to combine.

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