Save Mayrina

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Sunlit Wetland
Reward 50 exp

Save Mayrina is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Save Mayrina can be acquired during ACT 1. Completing  Save Mayrina will progress the story forward.


Save Mayrina Objectives

  • Question Auntie Ethel
  • Pursue Ethel


Save Mayrina Walkthrough

  • At the entrance of Sunlit Wetland, you saw two brothers accusing an old woman of kidnapping their sister. You may decide to intervene, or just step aside.
  • The Sunlit Wetlands is a creepy place; at first glance, it's peaceful and full of sunshine. But once you talk to a sheep, and succeed in Animal Handling Check, you will realize that everything around you is an illusion. The real Sunlit Wetlands are rotten and decaying, and the sheep are actually bloodthirsty red caps. If you have Potion of Animal Speaking (can find one in hag's teahouse), you can talk to Addled Frog, and learn some info about Auntie Ethel. Return to her when you killed the hag for her present.
  • At Riverside Teahouse, Auntie Ethel will pull you into a cutscene with another guest, Mayrina. Before Auntie Ethel notices you, she’s demanding Mayrina finishes eating a pie since she's pregnant and eating for two. Then, she’ll draw her attention to you where you can introduce yourself. She then offers to help you remove the parasite in exchange for one of your eyes. (Your companions will disapprove that.) However, if you really agree to do so, she will fail, Due to it been tainted by strange Netherese magic.
  • Once you have talked to Ethel in her house, she will teleport Mayrina away. If you search the house and figured out the fireplace is an illusion, Ethel will reveal her true form and stop you from finding Mayrina. 
  • save_mayriam-bg3-wiki-guide
    You may place your character on the second level of the house and sneak attack the hag (Also, try put some chests and other objects to block the staircase, that won't trigger the fight. You can even build yourself a bunker and shoot enemies safely.). Once the fight started, all the red caps will also rush here to protect their mistress. Use pushing attacks and Grease spell to make sure no one can reach you.
  • The old Hag will escape when she lost more than half the health. You can either follow her through the fireplace, or lockpick the back door and use the portal on the beach to infiltrate her workshop.  (Theoretically, you can prevent auntie Ethel from escaping if you cast silence and block her movement with your party.)
  • In the old hag's basement, there are multiple people down here trapped. You can cast the Speak with Dead spell to learn some of the stories of Ethel's past. To open the Gnarled Door, persuasion won't help, you need to pick up the Whispering masks on the ground and put them on. (Remember to take it off afterward, or you will be controlled by the hag.) Or, if you succeed in a hidden Arcane check, you will notice that the door is not real, and can simply be walked through
  • You can Cast Protection from Evil and Good before, or shortly after equipping the Mask(s), to prevent the hag from take control over your party Member(s). With this, you can avoid fighting the 4 of Ethel's pawns (next step). Also, you will be able to see, that the Poison-clouds in the next room behind the Waterfall is an illusion, which makes it disappear as soon as you get close (2nd next step). Be careful with the hidden flowers on the Ground. If you step on these, you will get damage, which can break the Protection from Evil and Good spell (Concentration), if the caster gets damage.
    A good option would be to cast the Spell on one or two of your party members and leave the casters behind until you reached the Ancient Abode, then cast the Spell again on the members which were left behind (don't forget to unequip the Mask before changing the protected party members) and get these also down there without any fight or poison.
    If you have only one party member that can cast the spell, you can sneak down, with only one, steal The Ever-seeing Eye  and equip it with another Party member. Now you have a second party member able to cast this spell.
    • If you are not wearing the Mask anymore, behind the Gnarled door, you need to fight 4 of Ethel's pawns first (They keep rolling for wisdom checks to prevent fighting you, but the masks compel them to fight). If you keep wearing the Mask, they will be friendly and you can talk to, and pickpocket them. Then jump over the waterfall.
    • The tunnel is filled with poison and explosive plants. The poison is an illusion, which you will be able to see, if you are still wearing the Mask. If you can spot gas pits cover them with something heavy. This makes it easier for left behind party members, which have no protection Spell. Or run through this area, or burn the poison then put out the fire with water. (Shadowheart has a spell to create water) You may cast Feather Fall on Lae'zel and use her special jump skill to pass most of the poison clouds. There are two exits in this Area. One (at a higher point, where you need to jump on a ledge, which leads to a Room with an Illusion-Rock (You will be able to see through the illusion while wearing the Mask) which leads to the Underdark area. The other exit at the bottom leads to the Ancient Abode where you need to go next.
  • Ethel is waiting at the Ancient Abode. Although she now restored full health, it's actually very easy to kill her. Just  sneak behind her and push her over the cliff:
  • If you want to fight Auntie Ethel fair and square, be careful that she will clone herself three times making it difficult to know which one is real. Dealing a little bit of damage to a clone will destroy it. (Only the real one has debuffs on.)
  • Shortly after Ethel's first cloning, she'll pull Mayrina from the cage and clone herself as Mayrina. The real Mayrina will say that she's not Ethel.
  • The last time Ethel clones herself, she may turn invisible. You can see her dash to one spot where no clone appears. This is how you know that’s where she is invisible. She’ll likely stay in this spot until her invisibility buff is over. You can take advantage of this or use an AoE skill or arrow to reveal her. 
  • If you manage to kill Ethel with enough damage, she won't have an opportunity to beg for her life. This will lead to a disappointed Mayrina because of a deal she had with Ethel. However, if you get Auntie Ethel to around 10 health and then end your turn, she’ll try to convince you to let her go. She promises you any kind of power you'd like in exchange for Mayrina and letting her go. (Succeed in persuasion or intimation and you can have both.)
  • Taking the power option will give you an item called Auntie Ethel's Hair that you can eat. 
  • Loot the hag's workshop, there are plenty of valuables (including an Uncommon amulet - The Ever-seeing Eye, and a rare staff - Staff of Crones). Among these treasures, there's a wand called Bitter Divorce that can raise the undead.
  • Use the portal in hag's workshop to leave the tunnel. Talk to Mayrina again and use the wand. Her husband will be raised as a zombie. You can either keep the wand, put it down again, or give the wand to Mayrina. She will travel to Baldur's Gate to find a way to bring her husband back. If you destroy the wand, Mayrina will be angry at you. 
  • And lastly, you can not tell her about the wand, and pick some miscellaneous choices to make her feel better. Avoiding the issue of the wand will not end the quest, which will direct you to "Bring the wand to Mayrina."
  • After dealing with the hag, you can come back to the Overgrown tunnel and check the trapped people. Some of them have had recovered their sanity. 


 How to unlock Save Mayrina

  • Quest Giver / Location


Save Mayrina Rewards

  • Rewards


Save Mayrina Notes & Tips

  • When confronting the Gnarled Door, there is a hidden Arcana check that on success will reveal that the door is transparent and can simply be walked through. After exiting the conversation, regardless of passing the check, you can simply rotate the camera behind the door and instruct your party to go there by clicking on the empty space behind it. They will just walk right through it to the other side, without needing to wear the mask or pass the other checks to open it.
  • overgrown_tunnel-bg3-wiki-guide
    (Inside Overgrown Tunnel, there's a hidden portal that can teleport you to Underdark.)
  • arrow_of_teleportation-bg3-wiki-guide
    Above the door, there's Arrow of Teleportation.

Fun / Trivia:

  • After defeating the hag, you can go back through the fireplace, where you can talk to:
    • Efrin (Dwarf) with some different results
    • Lorin (Elf) to learn a bit more about your Parasite
    • You can talk to the 4 of Ethel's pawns (while wearing the Mask)
      • The Halfling-Woman (Mask of Regret) will talk to you as soon as you get close by. You can learn something more about the hag here and she has some more dialogue options.
      • The Deepling (Mask of Slavery) does not believes that she is wearing a mask, or that the hag is dead.
      • The Human (Mask of Dread) tells you, that the hag can not Die, after you tell him she is dead.
      • The Drow-Half-Elf (Mask of Revenge) will attack you, as soon as you chose any dialogue option. The other three will join the fight, so best not to talk to her.
  • You can take the Head from Magron (Drow) to "Kill" her. There is some loot after taking the Head.
  • You can destroy the Mirror (Calim).
  • You can use a Basilisk Potion on Efrin (Dwarf) before killing the hag wich leads to a dialogue and then kills him from his Bite.
  • You can shoot the Cage where Mayrina is trapped in to make her fly... kind of.
  • You can cast "talk to the dead" on the hag after defeating her.



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    • Anonymous

      06 Oct 2021 15:39  

      Currently, this encounter seems glitchy as hell.

      I've managed to shove the hag to the bridge under Mayrina's cage with a Thunderwave spell while the rest of my party was waiting there, and my caster joined them with a jump spell, and we then ruined her with everything, and indeed, at 10 HP left, she begged for her life.

      Upon refusing the hag's last offer, somehow, Mayrina got teleported below her cage, on the bridge, and she was stuck asking for help as if she was still in her cage, and the control device wasn't working anymore. So I did what I read in the guide above, I shoved Mayrina up the bridge a bit, which indeed triggered her dialogue, but also placed my party in combat with her and the 4 adds, even upon completion of the dialogue.

      • Anonymous

        06 Oct 2021 15:07  

        It seems you can't throw the hag in the pit anymore. You can push her to the small bridge below Mayrina's cage, but the line representing where the target will land is now red if aiming at the pit and blue if aiming at somewhere she can land.

        Also, I guess now if you attack her too fast (like, shove her from where she starts the fight and throw a ton of stuff at her face), she throws a fire bottle at Mayrina which (in my experience) can either put fire to her cage or straight-up kill Mayrina...

        • Anonymous

          15 Aug 2021 13:30  

          Played as a warlock and after getting ethel to low hp I could intimidate her to give me both
          1. free Mayrina (Mayrina becomes hostle because her deal with the hag is over and she can't resurrect her husband)
          2. Give me a permanent ability boost. I got her scalpel which gives a permanent increase of 1 strength to 1 character.

          • Anonymous

            24 Jun 2021 22:05  

            Fyi, If you happen to kill her too quickly and Mayrina is "stuck" in the cage you can leap into the cage after a few tries on positioning and uh... shove her out of it onto the boards below. don't' destroy the cage it insta kills her but she survives the shove. I know... shoving a preggo woman wasn't my best thought either but it got her out? and I had no way of teleporting her out lol.

            • Anonymous

              01 Jun 2021 15:15  

              i killed ethel in 1 round of turns in the basement , with bless and truestrike, magic missile shadowheart , astarion , lazel. mayrina appears to be stuck in the cage. ethel never
              cloned or went invisible she died to quickly i guess.

              • Anonymous

                09 Apr 2021 12:05  

                Don't forget that if you take the hag's deal and give her your eye it'll permanently give you disadvantage on Perception checks, with a penalty called Paid the Price (I think). She'll also give you this bone trinket thing which does nothing as far as I could tell and you can break it which makes it disappear from your inventory.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Mar 2021 17:29  

                  I didn't need to do any animal handling checks to see it was a nasty bog. As soon as I stepped foot in I got narration that something didn't feel right. I had an option for a Perception or Nature (due to being a ranger) skill check.
                  Succeeded at the Nature check and saw through the illusion.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Mar 2021 03:11  

                    In the final room where you confront her playing as a Druid I snuck around to where the vine lightbulb thing is, and used Vine Whip to yank her off into the pit. Killed her instantly for the 250exp. Obviously no follow up or power ups though... Also, I must have missed something because there is no Mayrina at all in this room.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Dec 2020 22:26  

                      On my current playthrough I was rushing through with a drow dual wielding fighter. I spoke with her and traded with her ( i think I haven't talked to her in the groove as a trader beforehand) After the trading was done i swarmed her with my party particularly basic stuff me playing drow dual wielding battlemaster fighter, shadowheart , gale and astarion as thief rogue dual wielding a +1 shortsword and a dagger. I popped bless on all and a potion of strength i bought from the hag herself and attacked her in her granny form which iniated a fight. She got feared from the battlemaster attack, I popped a haste potion and focused all my attacks on her, including guiding bolt and magic missiles level 2 spam on her. Through fear CC i killed her on the spot and then proceeded to kill the red caps.
                      Interesting things happen once she has died this way.
                      1. The lair effects such as poison clouds dissapeared.
                      2. The people with the masks I could talk to (maybe you could save them. I 'd have to replay to confirm)
                      3. A 2nd body of the hag appeared in the proper boss room area with the cage.
                      To which I could cast speak with dead and she reveals additional dialogue about her plans with the unborn child.
                      4. A new option popped up after getting Mayrina out of the cage. ( The plans the Hag had for the baby)
                      5. She gave me a necklace as a reward.
                      6. A new dialogue option occurred in the end area with the coffin of her husband.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Dec 2020 09:19  

                        I'm genuinely disappointed that even if I knock the puppets out instead of killing them it won't let me take their masks off to save them.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Nov 2020 09:25  

                          Is there a way to choose not to kill the hag and interact with the 4 masked individuals after the fact without them being hostile towards you? It seems like if I approach them even while wearing the masks they'll attack me on sight

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Nov 2020 23:07  

                            Early Access - You can no longer block her or silence. I had her completely surrounded with boxes and my party and she would still teleport away. I tried to silence cone her, still got away. I couldn't use hold person or get her health low enough to put her to sleep. I used those void orb grenades from the naut ship to drag her as far away from the fireplace as possible, which ended up being the front door, and she still could use her teleport to get away. The only thing i didn't test was a Halt spell and not sure what else would work. I managed to get her health in the mid 40's in the 1st round but after that, she's def designed to flee. Maybe someone else will have better luck? or in the full release, come back higher than level 4 and out damage her.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Oct 2020 08:30  

                              So during the combat with Vettel she used shove on one of my characters to knock them of the edge but the game refuses to do it so it's stuck on Vettel's turn using shove this have happened twice to me so far

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Oct 2020 20:37  

                                You can knock Ethel off the platform in the fight with her to kill her instantly. No chance to loot her, don't know what she might have had on her.

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Oct 2020 20:34  

                                  If you can't see the hag in the final room where mayrina is hanging in her cage she is invisible on the second bridge next to the control orb

                                  • Anonymous

                                    18 Oct 2020 05:16  

                                    Has anyone tried freeing the pawns by knocking them unconscious and see if you can take their masks off? I tried pickpocketing and it didn't work.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      17 Oct 2020 13:32  

                                      You can also just throw something on the poison gas pits, I tried the throwable item "heavy rock" and "ribcage" and "bone" and all stop the poison from coming out. My issue is if I accept the hag's defeat and try and use the auntie ethel's hair nothing happens.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        16 Oct 2020 01:25  

                                        The wand appears to be bugged in a rather exploitative way: I kept the wand after raising Connor's corpse (and he didn't follow me around, so meh), but I went to the corpses of the redcaps from the previous encounter and I was able to get a near limitless number of zombies from just one corpse - they do appear to run on an invisible timer though, as they die out after a little while.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          14 Oct 2020 21:04  

                                          it is bugged to where you can't complete if you decide to do the sneaky route and skip the dialog all together where you meet the hag in her teahouse while mayrina is eating a pie. I decided to sneak my way around the side part of the house by jumping to it, sneaking on the ladder behind mayrina, discovering the hidden enterance with the fireplace, and then going threw the rest you normally would do, even killed the damn hag, even saw mayrina outside near the coffin... the problem, her dialog box was ****ed, and the quest log for saving her still pointed at the teahouse that i skipped, and now they really are missing from that room, and not invisible.... rather dead now, while mayrina is stuck outside and i cant choose to give her the wand..... now im stuck looking this quest up, to find out i bugged it out hard, and now having to reload to the start of the teahouse again.... RIP... at least now this **** should be somewhat quicker.. anyways i wanted to post this

                                          • Anonymous

                                            14 Oct 2020 00:55  

                                            you can actually just bug this out by walking down the right side of the room mayrina's cage is in (instead of towards the left). i did this accidentally by attempting to talk to mayrina while hugging the right side of the screen. it causes the hag to speak and then just stand there and never fight back. weird bug, but you can literally walk up to her and punch her to death, never entering combat at all.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              13 Oct 2020 14:19  

                                              You can prevent auntie Ethel from escaping the first time you fight her if you cast silence and block her movement with your party.
                                              Mayrina will be up in the cage when you get down there, and Ethel's body will also appear. You don't get to loot it twice though.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                12 Oct 2020 13:09  

                                                Hag is invisible, on the small wooden bridge leading down to Mayrina, just need to use an Aoe spell to break it, attack her and if she won't die switch character and it should kill her, but after that, I bough her husband back, had to kill it as I went into combat, and NO closure, she just told me to F off.

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