Find the Nightsong

Type Quest
Act Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Location Druid Grove
Reward __reward__

Find the Nightsong is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Find the Nightsong can be acquired during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Find the Nightsong will progress the story forward.


Find the Nightsong Objectives

  • A Wizard in Baldur's Gate is offering a huge sum of money to anyone who brings him the 'Nightsong'.
  • The Nightsong is in some kind of temple. It must be in the goblin camp.
  • One of the adventurers, the dwarf Brian, has a map leading to the Nighsong. However, he was killed by goblins at the temple.
  • Complete the Gauntlet of Shar.


Find the Nightsong Walkthrough

  • Go to the The Defiled Temple. It is located inside the Shattered Sanctum in the Goblin Camp. The entrance is in Priestess True Soul Gut's chamber. Pick the lock or loot the key off her. 
  • Inside, beware the bodyguard ogre. A fight can be avoided with a DC 22 persuasion check. 
  • Proceed down the hall until you find the room with the Stone Discs inset in the floor.
  • Your goal is to have the light and dark dots match the moon phases that can be seen on certain walls around the shattered sanctum. See image below.
  • To solve the puzzle in Defiled Temple, facing towards the broken statue on the ground, then interact with the panels in the following order: top, top, right, top, top, top, left, left, left, bottom, bottom, bottom, left, left. (See the embedded video if you need further help) You can also lock pick the "Lever" on the NE side of the room above the bench to open the door.
  • Explore the Underdark, however, the clue went cold. (End of Early Access)
  • You can find clues of Nightsong once you reached Gauntlet of Shar.
  • You can reach the Gauntlet of Shar from Grand Mausoleum (Thorm Mausoleum). In order to reveal the passage , you need to press the buttons under the 3 paintings in the following order: Moonrise Towers, Grief, General. (You can find the clue in a book in that region.)
    grand mausoleum final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • shar gauntlet map final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • In the initial chamber of Gauntlet of Shar, there is a small statue holding an orb. You'll get pushed back if you attempt to approach it. In order to solve this puzzle, you need to explore the side rooms and pull the levers to lower all the lanterns. Then interact with them to extinguish the light. When the room is completely shrouded in darkness, you'll see the pattern on the floor. Use only one character to crouch-walk and avoid the glowing lines. This lets you touch the orb to unlock the doorway.
    gauntlet of shar entrance final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • In order to complete the Gauntlet of Shar, you need to collect 4 Umbral Gems and reach the inner Sanctum. 
  • One Umbral Gem can be acquired by defeating Yurgir (Quest Kill Raphael's Old Enemy). He can be found in the east part of the temple. You can ask him to recite his contract and find the loophole in it, and deceive him into killing his own minions, even himself.
  • The Other 3 Umbral Gems can be Acquired by completing Sharran trials:
    • Soft-step Trial: You need to skulk to the end of the maze without being spotted by the shadows. Using an invisibility spell and turn base mode works well. But be careful of the traps. You need to find Soft-Step Key (on the table of a hidden room) or use lockpick to open the final gate. Alternatively, you can use Dimension Door to bypass this trial.
    • Self-Same Trial: This trial forces you to fight a clone of your parties. To make the battle a lot easier, get naked before you offer blood to the ritual bowl, and reequip your team before the battle starts. The clone team has the ability to dip in and out of the shadows. And each time you hit a clone of a party member, that member will suffer a debuff reducing the ability scores. Kill the clone to remove that debuff. After the fight, you can pick Killer's Sweetheart ring on the floor.
    • Faith-Step trial: The room will be plunged into darkness after you offered the blood, and you need to remember the location of platforms to reach the Umbral Gem. However, you can use the Daylight spell to light the entire room, or use Fly or Dimension Door spell to reach the final platform.
      shar gauntlet 3rd trial final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • After you complete all 3 trials, keep venturing until you reached the Silent Library. After defeating the enemies, press the buttons to unlock the gate to Treasure Room. Interact with the plinth and put the book Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger on it. That book is the answer to "What can silence the Nightsong?”
    what can silence the nightsong2 final release bg3 wiki guide min 
    (Disarm the trap before taking the book.)
    what can silence the nightsong final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • Once you Placed the right book, the door to Treasure Room will be open. Inside there are Dark Justiciar HelmetDark Justiciar Half-Plate, and the weapon to kill the Nightsong -- Spear of Night.
  • Once you collect all 4 Umbral Gems, use the floating platform to reach Inner Sanctum. 
  • Enter the Shadowfell and confront Nightsong.
  • If you spare Nightsong, visit Sorcerous Sundries in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate. 
  • Lorroakan, the owner of Sorcerous Sundries requires you to hand over Nightsong to him. Refusing him leads to a fight.
  • If tiefling Rolan is still alive, he will be the next owner after Lorroakan's death.


 How to unlock Find the Nightsong

  • Liam, at Druid Grove


Find the Nightsong Rewards

  • Rewards


Find the Nightsong Notes & Tips

For the puzzle, it seems that all moons on the lower plate must be black. That's all. Then you can move forward and activate the button situated on the right wall after the steps. You have to pick the lock before.

Defiled Temple Puzzle Guide:




  • Clue and Location 
    moon puzzle clue and location
  • There are multiple ways to reach Underdark. Either through the Defiled Temple (use the ladder), or jump from the phase spiders' tunnel using Feather Fall, or use the Portal in Overgrown Tunnel, or the elevator in Zantarim hideout.
  • Killing Nightsong results in the destruction of Last Light Inn


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      In the Self same trial when my duplicate died it dropped a duplicate of my adamantine longsword now I have 2

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        I saved her before she started declaring her love for some other chick I rekt. I can't kill her now, in act 2. Is there any way I can remove her?

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          The quest tracker/this quest line annoys me to no end.

          What IS the NIghtsong?!?

          Both the game, the lore, and any and all comments refer to it as BOTH Dayme Aylin AND a tangible relic.
          The quest tracker I suddenly see says I haven't gotten the Nightsong, still "caged" in the Shadowlands but I just defeated Ketheric with the help of Nightsong?!?
          I don't get it??? Do I need to reload DAYS back in time because I missed picking up something that is ALSO called the Nightsong???

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            (act 2 spoiler) turns out you can't actually kill Nightsong if you're not Shadowheart (or if you don't have her in your party ofc) - you can keep killing her even with the night spear thingy but she'll just keep reviving (she'll be very mad tho lol), so you have no choice but to free her if you want to continue with the main quest

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              When doing the floor puzzle, turn the discs to get the four black circles on the southern most disc (in the beam of light) then the door opens.

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                You say I can get to underdark thru the defiled temple, I found the room in your I jump in? If so how do I do it and live? With or without feather fall I die. Is there a trick to the spell im unaware of?.......

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                  top, top, right, top, top, top, left, left, left, bottom, bottom, bottom, left, left is actually much faster.

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