Steal the Sacred Idol

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Druid Grove

Steal the Sacred Idol is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Steal the Sacred Idol can be acquired during Act 1. 


Steal the Sacred Idol Objectives

  • Steal the Idol


Steal the Sacred Idol Walkthrough

  • If you get caught by the druids, it will start a war between druid and outsiders.
  • You can use SHADOW OF MENZOBERRANZAN's special ability to remained cloaked while stealing. (Acquired at Myconid colony). Or, you can simply put a chest next to the idol, put the idol in that chest, then add it to your inventory.


 How to unlock Steal the Sacred Idol

  • Mol (Save the Tiefling from Investigate the Beach, then Doni will reveal the entrance to Tiefling Hideout.)


Steal the Sacred Idol Rewards

  • Rewards


Steal the Sacred Idol Notes & Tips

  • The idol provides an aura of +1 animal handling +1 nature
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      If you carry the idol in your inventory it gives a passive aura with +1 animal handling +1 nature as bonus iirc

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