Steal the Sacred Idol

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Druid Grove
Reward  Ring of Protection

Steal the Sacred Idol is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Steal the Sacred Idol can be acquired during Act 1. 


Steal the Sacred Idol Objectives

  • Steal the Idol


Steal the Sacred Idol Walkthrough

  • If you get caught by the druids, it will start a war between druid and outsiders.
  • You can use SHADOW OF MENZOBERRANZAN's special ability to remained cloaked while stealing. (Acquired at Myconid colony). Or, you can simply put a chest next to the idol, put the idol in that chest, then add it to your inventory.
  • If you wait after you solve the ritual issue with Kagha, it will become much easier to steal the idol. You can just walk up to the idol while hiding with a Dex character. Then move the idol out of the altar and enable turn base mode to pick it up then walk away.
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 How to unlock Steal the Sacred Idol

  • Mol (Save the Tiefling from Investigate the Beach, then Doni will reveal the entrance to Tiefling Hideout.)


Steal the Sacred Idol Rewards


Steal the Sacred Idol Notes & Tips

  • The idol provides an aura of +1 animal handling +1 nature
  • NOTE: In order to get the ring, you have to give the idol to Mol before you kill 3 goblin leaders. Otherwise, he won't give you the ring anymore.
  • After you give Mol the idol, you can buy or steal it back from him.
  • Ring of Protection can only be acquired by completing this quest.

  • If you steal the idol during Kagha’s Ritual of Thorns, it will trigger a civil war event in the grove

  • Killing the Goblin Camp leaders seems to cancel the quest. Mol will strangely still accept a stolen idol but no reward is given (feels like a bug).

  •  Completing the Investigate Kagha quest will end the Ritual of Thorns early, defusing tensions and allowing the idol to be stolen with regular NPC theft reactions


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    • Anonymous

      Can swipe the idol in darkness in turn based mode, go invis (not 100% sure if necessary), and fast travel before the cutscene triggers. it's possible to get back to mol without triggering the cutscene if you take the long way around the grove (or leave someone in the hideout)

      • Anonymous

        Extremely difficult to pull off with the ritual still occurring. Afterwards however, it's pretty easy to use darkness on the spot, have a stealthy character swipe it while in the darkness, and then immediately travel to your camp followed by fast traveling to the waypoint outside the grove. If they don't say anything when you walk back in, you're clear.

        • Anonymous

          as of september 01, 2023, patch 2, you cannot get the quest after you stop kagha with druid ritual. Mol will simply say "I don't need help at the moment"
          To prevent this, make sure you get the quest from mol BEFORE you confront Kagha or kill any goblin leader.

          • Anonymous

            If you buy, or steal the idol off of Mol via the trade function, Mol treats it as if someone stole the Idol from them. Additionally, Mol is impressed by this, wanting that individual for their guild. Mol has their priorities straight when it comes to being a leader, protect and nurture your own, and recruit talent, not inferior yes men, or fools. Mol is frankly speaking... a seriously dangerous potential thieves guild leader in the story of Faerun. I, am ALL for it. I purchased the Idol off of Mol and placed it back in the Druid's Grove on its pedestal quietly. Thus triggering the state where the idol was "technically", not stolen, while completing this quest for Mol. Additionally, and it's well worth noting, despite the fact the statue gives off an Aura with skill proficiency in Nature and Survival, taking it theoretically dooms the Druid's Grove, while is also massively annoying, in that it can slow your game by constantly giving/removing NPC's en masse the buff as you move. So, it's probably a good idea to buy/steal the idol OFF Mol, and return it.

            • Anonymous

              reward is
              it gives you +1 ac and saving throws
              so broken

              • Anonymous

                The quest didn't appear in my game but i stole it anyway. If i sell it to her will it continue the questline without the ring reward?

                • Anonymous

                  바드클래스 1명과 알피라 보상을 통해 악기숙련1명을 추가하여 2명이 양쪽에서 악기연주로 주의를 끌고 아스타리온으로 편하게 숨어서 훔칠수 있습니다.
                  100골드가 아깝다면 바드로 시작하십시오
                  파란색 등급의 방어의 반지가 보상으로 주어집니다.

                  • Anonymous

                    stealing the idol with the shadow druid still trying to cast the "lockout" spell will cause war, no matter what. Not like they don't make this abundantly clear through overhead dialogue. WAIT until you have dealt with her first.

                    • Anonymous

                      You actually don't need anything special at all if you wait after you solve the ritual issue with Kagha, it will become much easier to steal the idol.

                      You can just walk up to the idol while hiding with your Dex character. Then move the idol out of the altar and enable turn base mode to pick it up then walk away.

                      • Anonymous

                        post-kagha shadow druid exposure i had gale cast fog on it and just walked right out. guard asked but deception(15) and intimidation(?) checks allow you to walk freely

                        • Anonymous

                          Stealing with the chest doesn't work anymore. You can steal it with no problem but Mol won't recognize that and won't give the chance to hand it to her

                          • Anonymous

                            If you carry the idol in your inventory it gives a passive aura with +1 animal handling +1 nature as bonus iirc

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