Free the artist

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Zhentarim Hideout
Reward 50 exp

Free the artist is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Free the artist can be acquired during Act 1. 


Free the artist Objectives

Look for Oskar in Baldur's Gate.

  • Oskar left for Baldur's Gate. Who knows, maybe we'll see him there.

Help Oskar escape.

  • Oskar told us his story. Caught up in a romantic scandal with a patriar of Baldur's Gate, he'd fled his engagement to her.
  • We bought Oskar from the Zhentarim. We should tell him the good news.
  • It took some convincing, but we got Brem to lower the price.
  • Brem agreed to sell us Oskar for a hefty sum of gold.
  • We met Oskar, an artist captured by the Zhentarim. He begged us to help him escape, promising that his patron will reward us handsomely.


Free the artist Walkthrough

  • You can reach the Zhentarim Hideout by complete the quest Find the Missing Shipment. (The entrace is behind the wardrobe)
  • Talk to Brem before talking to Oskar, and pick "You have a 'pet artist?", then "'Protection.' It sounds a bit more like kidnapping." You can then try to persuade Brem to free the artist. If you failed, you can still free Oskar by pay to Brem.
  • Talk to Oskar and his owner Brem, he will ask 1000 gold for releasing Oskar. Pass a persuasion check of 15 can lower the price (600).
  • After releasing Oskar talk to him to learn more about his story. You can pay an extra 200 for his trip to Baldur's Gate.


 How to unlock Free the artist


Free the artist Rewards

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Free the artist Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous


      As of May 1st, there's a way to get Oskar released without having to kill anyone or to pay anything, however, it requires a very high Charisma check. You must speak to Brem before you speak to Oskar (so the idea of buying him never even comes up) and then choose, in this order: "You have a 'pet artist?'", "'Protection.' It sounds a bit more like kidnapping.", then pick the Persuasion option. My character had a +3 to persuasion and the check was 17, so I'm assuming it's 20 without modifiers. If you do manage to pass it, Brem realizes he's probably putting the Zhent at risk by keeping Oskar there and will tell you to take the "moany bastard." If you go about it this way you still receive and complete the quest.
      Failing the persuasion check doesn't lock you out of finishing the quest because you can still offer to buy him afterwards. So, as long as you don't have a negative persuasion modifier, it's worth a shot (especially if you have inspiration to burn). In addition, you get approval from all your companions from this dialogue option regardless of whether or not you succeed.

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