Protect the Myconid Circle

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Underdark
Reward EXP, Valuable Items

Protect the Myconid Circle is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Protect the Myconid Circle can be acquired during the chapter 1. Completing  Protect the Myconid Circle will progress the story forward.


Protect the Myconid Circle Objectives

  • Talk to Sovereign Spaw at Myconid Colony
  • kill the Duergars at Underdark beach, then report to Spaw


Protect the Myconid Circle Walkthrough

underdark map bg3 wiki guide min

  • You can find the Myconid Colony at the north of Underdark. Speak with the sovereign to get this quest. 
  • After you've defeated the Duergars at Underdark beach and near the Sassur tree. Return to the  Myconid Colony, the Sovereign will tell you to follow a mushroom fella who’ll lead you to a hidden room. (has Shadow of Menzoberranzan, a very rare helmet)
  • You may recruit Glut to assist you in killing the Duergars. His skills and abilities to resurrect the dead help make this quest a lot easier. Afterwards, he will request that you kill Spew as there can be only one Sovereign. You can either betray Spaw or elect to kill Glut instead.
    • Killing Glut will be the end of him and you can then collect your reward from Spew. (the creatures Glut resurrected will turn hostile as well. If you do this in the Myconid conoly, the other NPCs will attack as well.)
    • For killing Spaw, and all of the inhabitants of the Myconid Colony (Except Blurg, who will fight for three rounds when you attack the colony, then teleport away), Glut will give you the title: King Bringer.




 How to unlock Protect the Myconid Circle

  • Myconid Colony, Sovereign Spaw


Protect the Myconid Circle Rewards


Protect the Myconid Circle Notes & Tips

  • You can use Glut to resurrect the Minotaurs, they carry Greatclub (2d12 Bludgeoning)




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    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, I played myself lol

      In previous battle I used Shadowheart's illithid ability to prevent glut dying. Before end of battle I resurrected someone with glut.
      Cue glut battle, Shadowheart nails him with a Guiding Bolt, only to have the illithid ability proc and now he has more health than the battle started with.

      Oh, and he has the high ground. Neat.

      • Anonymous

        Also if you decide to kill Glut any creatures that he has raised from the dead will also attack you along with him. I had to fight one of the minotaurs twice because of this.

        • Anonymous

          For killing Spaw, and all of the inhabitants of the Myconid Colony, Glut will give you the title: King Bringer.

          If you choose to kill Glut (or speak to Spaw first) you will be given the title of: Peace Bringer.

          I know of no items you receive for eradicating the Myconid Colony.

          Interesting Note:

          Blurg (the Hobgoblin Wizard) will fight for three rounds when you attack the colony, then teleport/invis away while saying something.

          Fell like he's going to play a part in Act 2.

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