Save Arabella

Type Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Location Druid Grove
Reward Cherished Locket

Save Arabella is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Save Arabella can be acquired during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Save Arabella will progress the story forward.


Save Arabella Objectives

  • We learned that a child named Arabella is being held by Druids on charges of theft. We should check on her.
  • We found Arabella in the druids' lair. She's being judged by Kagha, leader of the druids, and is clearly in trouble.
  • Kagha's snake killed Arabella. Her parents should be informed.
  • We told Arabella's parents what happened. They were devastated.


Save Arabella Walkthrough

  • Simply talk to Kagha and talk her out of the idea of punishing Arabella. (Nature 19, or Persuasion 16)
  • You will be rewarded with an uncommon amulet if you saved Arabella.
  • Alternatively, you can investigate Kagha, and confront her later.
  • enclave2-bg3-wiki-guide
    In the enclave, you can find Kagha's Chest. There's a letter that proves she is working with shadow druid.
  • Travel to the southeast corner of Sunlit Wetlands. There are some Wood Woad and Ancient Mud Mephit.
    If you passed a hidden perception check, you will notice a crevice on the tree. Inside it, you find proof that Kagha is working with Shadow druids. 
  • Return to Kagha and confront her, the three rats in Emerald Grove will transform into shadow druids. if you passed persuasion checks (15 and 5) or Religion checks, she will help you fight the shadow druids.
  • Either way, once you defeat the shadow druids, the problem is solved.


 How to unlock Save Arabella

  • Druid Grove


Save Arabella Rewards


Save Arabella Related Backgrounds

The following Backgrounds are related to this Quest:

  • If you Save Arabella from Kagha and her serpent you will complete one of objective for the Urchin background called Not on My Watch.


Save Arabella Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here



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    • Anonymous

      So, what if you don't do anything (as in, not go and talk to Kagha) and just free Halsin? Will the girl be dead by the time you come back?

      • Anonymous

        If you have the speak with animals spell cast before the conversation starts, you'll have an option to talk to the snake and convince her to relent. You don't even have to do a dice roll when doing that.

        • There's another way to resolve this quest I believe... which is rather an obvious one. and that is to attack Kagha when she's sentencing the child. normally when you attempt to attack Kagha using the conversation system, one of your followers jumps in to say something, to maybe change your mind, I had Wyll with me and he -unlike the rest of them- encouraged me to kill Kagha. so I engaged in battle. note that if you take this route the child dies, and the battle commences.
          When you start the battle this way, some of the rabble in the druid chamber would just run off, including Rath (the druid who was insisting on letting the child go). To the right of the entrance door there's some vine patches you could use to access a higher platform to gain high ground. Also remember to dispose of Nettie first if she joins the battle, that little sh*t would heal everyone up :P
          I haven't taken the other routes to progress the refugees story arc to know what actually happens yet, but what I do know is that if you actually manage to kill the druids of the circle inside the chamber, there'll be a bloodbath outside. corpses of druids and tieflings alike all over the place (refugees revolted perhaps?). Apparently tieflings won though, and they regard you as someone who stood with them.

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